Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Revolution (Part II)

Please see these links regarding ETOTHEIPI's prior post, "Revolution"...

1. Grunt Doc with a revealing graph.
2. Scalpel with a kick-ass analogy.
3. The inevitable.
4. An economist's view (a real asshole conservative type, typical!).
5. Monkey Girl sums it up.

Personally I can not live without a 60" plasma screen TV so I'm all for the government paying for it.


  1. When the chick with the humongo hot pink fake nails and the matching hot pink Razr signed in last night with abd pain and asked for a work note before even being triaged, I thought of you.

    When she left her "State Funded Medical Insurance" paperwork at the bedside after telling the registration clerk that she couldn't afford to put even 25 bucks down as a deposit for her care, I twitched a bit.

    When she threw a fit when we wouldn't "find her a ride home" because she didn't want to call babydaddy and wake him up, and said "what kind of a hospital is this that you don't care about the patients?", I almost stabbed her in the neck.

    Our system sucks.

    I wonder if she fills her cart up at Wal-Mart and then throws a fit if they expect her to pay?

  2. It's too bad we don't all live in Cuba so that we could be taken care of by our Father Fidel, be healthy and live in harmony with the world. It's like Eden!

    Don't you get it??? If you give away everything for free to everyone, then everyone gets free stuff and no one suffers. End of problem. Who doesn't get this? Hello?

    I'm starting a utopian society based on this. Who is with me? Our motto will be: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his work." I think it could work!

  3. Good Tuesday morning 911 Doc !

    I must not be working the system correctly. I worked for my 50" and paid for it. sigh... :)

  4. Nice links to some good stuff...

    I think all of this is blantantly obvious and I haven't heard a rational argument against these ideas. Please, someone out there in the ether tell me why this is wrong!!! Probably will have to wait a while for that (read: forever).

    Monkeygirl - I'm digging the violent vibe.

  5. BTW, I used the 60 inch plasma TV as an example because that is about the same price as an ER visit for chest or abdominal pain.

    I like to try to keep things in perspective.

  6. But etotheipi--Health care is a RIGHT! Barack Obama said so, and he is handsome, wears nice suits, and went to Harvard Law, so it must be true.

    You're not out to deny people their RIGHTS are you? It's only your right to make minimum wage, and it's their right to never-ending free care, so you're going to have to suck it up and take it like that poor soul with the jackrabbit up his hinder until it hurts. We frankly don't care about your "needs" to be "compensated." And, by the way, compensation above minimum wage is a need and not a right.

    HEALTH CARE, on the other hand, is a right.

    Because Barack Obama said so.

  7. I liked Walter Williams column on Health Care in Last Sunday's paper.
    Walter Williams on Health Care

  8. dear marlaquack,
    thanks for the link. it is now part of the original post.

  9. nurse k: thank you for clarifying. I feel much better. And Barack is soooo cute!