Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Earth Has a Fever or Something

So Al Gore won the Nobel Prize. The earth has a 'fever'. Now there are lots of things to worry about but I'm not worried about this for many reasons which are detailed here.

Here's what worries me... college football. When the season starts with Michigan losing at the big house to Appalaichan State and South Florida is a top five team and Kentucky beats L.S.U. and Stanford beats U.S.C. and Nebraska sucks ass then the earth is spinning out of control. Something needs to be done quickly! Al Gore, please help.


  1. Mike Hart's gonna win the Heisman.

    And Georgia almost lost to Vandy. *snicker*

    And as long as ND is losing, it's ALL good. (It'd be even better if USC would lose to another unranked Pac-10 powerhouse.)

    And I agree with you, as usual. Guess the world is out of control.

  2. hey, whaddya got against vandy? in any other conference they would go to a bowl every year- especially if they played in Notre Dame's conference... oh wait... they play in the "we go to a bowl no matter what our record is" conference.

  3. College football is scaring me as well...although I'm glad to see USC making a comeback :)

    Additionally, hope you guys don't mind if I link you on my blog.

  4. Might be the most entertaining year in College FB in years!! Let's see the College "presidents" find a reason not to change to a real playoff system of 8 or 16 teams after this year!
    You know they will, after all THEY all believe in global warming!!

  5. further mind-blowers...
    * the best rapper is white (not mine)
    * the best golfer is black or an approximation thereof (not mine)
    * OJ might actually go to jail
    * some public schools are now acknowledging that little boys and girls are different and might learn better in separate classes (south carolina)
    * nurse k is dead but still leaves comments on my blog
    * evidently i used proper capitalization in a post... SoRRy

  6. You're funny! My friends and I were just talking about Nebraska sucking today actually, it's so odd for them to suck. What's even weirder, Texas Tech beat A&M...oh wait, nevermind. That's tradition.

    You've been placed on my blog roll.

  7. "The earth has a fever, and we have to treat the fever." What a lying windbag. When Arafat and Gore both win a Nobel prize, there really is something wrong in the world. Re college football, I almost placed some bets last week in Vegas. By am I glad I saved my money.

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  9. If no one has been paying attention: the Nobel "peace" prize (how global warming = peace is a bit of a stretch BTW) is awarded by a bunch of drunken, cross-country skiing, fjord-dwelling communists. When Carter won, one of the committee's members actually said that it was awarded as a kick in the leg to GWB; in one stroke diminishing both Carter's achievements and the Nobel committee's credibility. Oh yeah, and ARAFAT has won one of these! (I'm shocked too, cat).

    When well-educated people come up to me and say: "It was one of the warmest days on record last week! Ahhhgghhh Global Warming! It's Cheney and the Multinationals!", I want to self-immolate. Gore has managed to parlay this specious reasoning into a new career. Now he has a Nobel awarded by Bush haters. What an achievement.

  10. And college football sucks. Yeah, I know I'm in the minority here, so fuck off.

    For you fans, I have an idea: Let's take the BEST college football players and have THEM play each other. It would be even better! Oh, wait, that's the NFL. Sorry, I forgot. Fuck you.

  11. I'm with you on Stanford beating USC. We wore black armbands for a week and spoke in hushed tones. The only thing that made our lives palatable was that they squeaked out the win against Arizona.

  12. emm: You're right Tech beating A&M is tradition much to my irritation. If Tech had a Midnight Yell competition, they'd somehow find a way to win that too. It's a jinx. It pains me to admit it, but A&M didn't deserve to win.

    Al Gore amazes me. Etotheipi is right on about Nobel. I bet Al took a private jet to receive his award...while the rest of us are supposed to ride bicycles to work. What a d-bag!

    If our planet has "a fever" let's coat Al with a Costco sized bottle of Tylenol and shove him into the Marianas Trench. It'll be the biggest suppository in the history of geology and medicine.

  13. erdoc85, just be glad the Aggies keep dodging the Frogs..They'd really get a beatin'!
    Stanford beats USC, we beat Stanford..And ND keeps on losing!! There is much to thankful for!

  14. erdoc: Oh goodness, you're an Aggie aren't you? That makes me sad, you seem so smart in your posts...Haha, I'm of course just kidding. Did you watch the game on Saturday? A&M actually had 12 men on the field at one point...hehe.

    Oldfart: TCU?

  15. emergencyemm: proud Aggie! I am smart...I got honors in the "helpin' the sheep over the fence" class. All three times!

    Ever since I was an undergrad (early 1980's) it's been the same mantra...."just wait 'til next year". We should have bumper stickers with that on it!

    After this season, maybe we can rid ourselves of the POS coach and restore some respectability and maybe some winning to our football program.

    oldfart: I'm glad we don't play TCU. I know you'd never let me hear the end of it if/when we lost. This year, the Ags might lose to my son's Pop Warner team.

  16. Haha I like the bumper sticker idea!

    "This year, the Ags might lose to my son's Pop Warner team." Haha, very nice!

  17. oh shit,