Sunday, October 14, 2007

It Just Warmed My Heart the Other Day...

I was working at my new BCH (Big County Hospital) when a dirt bag came up to the nurses station and started bitching because he wasn't getting his pain medicine fast enough and it wasn't Demerol and he just couldn't be ignored anymore, blah, blah..At that time we had, oh, 120 something pts in the dept...

One of my now favorite new nurses just looked up and said "Sir this isn't MacDonalds, you don't get to have it your way. We'll get to you as soon as we take care of the really sick people here. Please feel free to leave anytime you wish"

Lord, I thought I'd died and gone to Heaven!! Or at least had been transported back a couple of decades in time... Just thought I'd share.


  1. Warning! Common sense and medcine have been disconnected by the federal government and trial lawyers. Do not repeat! Danger!!!

  2. Oh my god.

    911 just used capital letters in a comment.

    And they weren't ALL TOGETHER.

    The world really is going to end.

  3. 911 just used capital letters in a comment.


    First I die, THE SPEAKER comes back, and now 911's sentences are starting with capital letters. Someone get me some smelling salts.

    Oh, and if I did the "you don't get to have it your way" bit, I'd be promptly hauled into HR by my earlobe and beaten with a ruler. *sigh*

    By the way, dying sucks. My skin keeps sloughing off, and I'm feeling bloated.

  4. I knew u guys would like it..
    My Weirnecke-Korsakoff(sp?) scores just went off the board! Maybe my "KMA" scores suffered, but I don't have to care anymore!!!.

  5. Great quote. I believe I said earlier this year that I had a girl come to the nurses station while all hell was breaking loose, say " If someone doesn't get my friend some ativan, she is going to have a full blown panic attack" (she was drinking a coke and looked perfectly calm)

  6. Please give that lady a raise and her own parking spot with her name on it.

  7. You should make a tape recording and just play that clip on a loop in the ER.

  8. I like it!

    My general comment is: "Emergency isn't defined by the fact that you happen to be here".

    This w/e I had a 1 year old in hepatic failure (cystic fibrosis) with a GI bleed. HGB was 3.0 and the kid was green (bili was 16 INR was 3.3).

    While trying to transfuse this kid and infuse FFP and fly this kid to Dallas, I had a chronic back pain patient who "needed" Demerol. He was on the call button every 3 minutes.

    I wanted so badly to wheel him into the room with the critical child and say "this is why we're here....not to treat your f**king back pain". But HIPAA prevents that.

    He finally left without being seen....I was crushed.

  9. very funny stuff! lol great blog bring on some more!