Monday, November 19, 2007


Comments have been made here that the apocalypse is nigh. They have had to do with the college football season. This morning, while innocently watching ESPN SC Rundown, I saw, what I count, as the third clear sign of the apocalypse.

Brad Daugherty, formerly of UNC Tarheel basketball fame (and some who-cares NBA pro fame), was waxing poetic today about Jimmy Johnson's (apparently) unprecedented NASCAR 'season'. Johnson is the 'Nextel Cup' champion this year and is, I guess, a sort of athlete or something. See below to understand the sport that is NASCAR.

I would insert a *yawn* here but WHAT THE HELL?!?! Daugherty is a 6' 10'' cager for goodness' sake. We've got women commentators on the football sidelines (and thank goodness they are mostly hotties), we've got a male in the Michigan flag corps, we've got U of La- Monroe beating the Tide in Tuscaloosa, we've got Notre Dame versus Duke FOOTBALL as a nationally televised treat with many believeing Duke would win, we've got hoopsters talking about NASCAR.... the day of the Lord cometh like a thief in the night. Be prepared.

NASCAR Coach Reveals Winning Strategy: 'Drive Fast'


  1. Did you watch the Tech-OU game? Freaking crazy, our sucky defense finally got their heads out of their asses and played some damn football. Of course, they sucked it up at the end and let OU score a few times, but it was still a great upset! Even Graham Harrel, the biggest lightweight I've ever seen in my life did good. He didn't roll around on the field crying like a little girl after every time he got hit....


  2. isn't this a medical blog???
    thanks for wasting my time. next time I want to read crap I'll buy a USA Today.

  3. humble apologies to you anonymous, and since you wish this to remain only medical i hereby diagnsose you, after 15 years in the study and practice of medicine, as suffering from anal-craniocephaly. good luck in your treatment.

  4. Why do all the anonymous people have to be annoying?

    Anyhoo, the only good thing about my suck-ass football game on Saturday was the sign that said:

    "You Can’t Spell C_ck_ _cker without O S U"

    Thank god for EDSBS.

  5. I'm the nice anonymous...
    not to be confused with the asshole above...

  6. I knew the day would come when I would actually agree with you on something!! If Nascar drivers are athletes then why not include video games, jacks, and bouncing a quarter into a shotglass of whiskey? I'll let shooting pool and ping pong slide for now, but they're suspect.

  7. hey monkeygirl...

    As much as Ann Arbor S*cked, I hope she got paid well... goodness knows all the buckeyes were pleased...

    Doc H USN, Class of 2011 OSU.

  8. Doc H:

    You may go here for my witty comeback to the above comment.

    Go Blue!


  9. Anonymous #1, I was going to reply to you and say something about you being a douche, even though it's none of my business, but then I remember something I read on Monkeygirl's blog, 911doc said it in a comment: "Never wrestle with a pig. You will only succeed in getting dirty, and the pig will enjoy it."

  10. ,suffering from anal-craniocephaly

    Wow, and here I thought Anon's underwear was simply too tight. Now I know.

    Only thing to add is, Go USC Trojans!

  11. If only Duke had won! I didn't get to see the game being in Australia for a semester, but it would have been nice. Duke's football team sucks so much...

    Oh well Basketball season is here!