Thursday, March 13, 2008


National Proletariat Radio (NPR) mentioned M.D.O.D in a kinda neutral way today online and on air. Thanks for nothing you freaking douchebag socialists. Just for the record, we all practice slightly over the border in Mexico.

Another douchebag mentioned in the article is Dr. Debra Peel, a psychiatrist and founder of the group Patient Privacy Rights. She says, in a whopper of circular reasoning mental masturbation, "If you are unhappy with the people that you're supposed to be serving and taking care of, you probably need therapy," she says. "You don't need to be venting your frustrations in a public manner like that. That's very inappropriate and unprofessional."

Look "Doctor", you, evidently, have a nice job behind a desk. Just about the only doctors that have managed to escape obligation to see patients in the ER are psychiatrists. How 'bout you come on down here and pull a few shifts with me and my lovely patients. If you want to see who they are check out the video on the post two prior on Dr. Woodcock.

Dr. Peele, you seem unhappy with me and, besides being a doctor, I am also a patient, don't you think that it's inappropriate and unprofessional for you to be "venting your frustrations in a public manner like [this]"? Go get therapy.... freakin' douchebag.


  1. National Populist Radio of the People --wow. I personally never listen, although my hard earned tax dollars pay for the douche bag oponions--hard left to say the least. They fear open discussions about health care, because people will realize what their socialist agenda will do to the country we love and the country they hate.


  2. NPR!?!? This is the network that refused to believe the Russians(NPR said "Soviets")shot down a South Korean airliner intentionally. Even their weekend Auto repair show is broadcast from Boston and has a liberal slant. A few years ago they did a segment on how great Germanys healthcare system was (House calls, preventive care etc)but was being ruined by the European Union allowing physicians to practice wherever they wanted. Why the federal government supports a radio network is beyond me. Want
    classical music and liberal news, buy it yourself.

  3. Congratulations on the publicity. You should have some new angry commenters headed this way, I hope.

  4. P.S. Don't fear the thought "privacy police". No names are mentioned in any fictional accounts on this site. These NPR elitist narcissists are in bed with the ACLU and will try to silence anyone with differing opinions. One shift in a busy ED on a Friday night is all we would ask them to do,and then see what they say. And most of the people that she "believes need therapy" would be better served venting with a friend,a lap top, and a cold Bud Light, and they would save $148.50 per hour.

  5. In the CCCP Doctor Shrink would either be in charge of a gulag or in it.

  6. no no no...

    Silly doctors! NPR are for kids!

    NPR is not a public corporation! It is a private non-profit corporation that is funded through private donations.

    They do receive some government grants (as many cultural institutions do). However these "tax-dollar" are only 2% of their budget.

    So...Your tax dollars don't support this liberal slanted radio station, liberals do....

    I think it was a shitty article, and I am always entertained by the drivel written here.


    You can sleep easy knowing that you hard earned money is not being spent on as much liberal crap as you fear!

  7. I think it's unprofessional to declare an entire group of people in need of therapy when you're, ya know, a psychiatrist.

    "Gee, you're horrible people and the only thing you can do to repair your horribleness is pay me or other psychiatrists a whole bunch of money to "fix" you. Finding your own way to vent your frustrations is inappropriate. The only proper way to vent is to pay us."

  8. nurse k. on the nose.

    ladyk73. seems to me that if all NPR gets is 2% from the government in the form of grants etc.. that they could do just fine without the 2% and make it on their own. so let them do it without any money from me. glad you like our "drivel", but, according to this article, you may need therapy.

  9. Wow, why so much hatred toward NPR? Like Ladyk73 mentioned, its fund mostly (like 55%-60%) comes from private donations. I love NPR and PBS and all they do is try to provide well-informed news to the public. Anyways...

    I listened to the radio when they talked about this website, and that is why I checked out this website today. Dr. Peel, I thought, was a bit too harsh on doctors blogging about their experiences too though. Docs are human beings and of course they can rant on about their patients--especially the crazy or the stupid ones--I know they are everywhere.

  10. Howard Sterns old show had a more balanced news report than NPR, and he didn't beg for money all the time. I bought his book of my own free will. He would have been a great governor too.

  11. dear anonymous,
    the furor is that with public funds NPR is a shill for the left and there's research to back that up and it's not subtle.

    i do like their human interest stuff but i think that they should live or die without me paying anything for it, just like any other radio station. i know there are many who love NPR, fine, let THEM pay for it. any publicity is good publicity though so thanks NPR, you guys rock, or you do something that sounds like 'rock'.

    anonymous,thanks for visiting, we yell and scream a lot here but mostly it's in good fun. if i took care of you as a patient you would not guess that i write this, really, you wouldn't. the blog is my only outlet and i'm sure you would be a great patient like the one described below, but, unless you work in an ER or hang out in one, it is hard to believe our current situation. read on if you like and come back anytime.

    thanks for your understanding that we are, indeed, very human. much of our current distress comes from the fact that WE are the subject matter experts and WE know what to do for patients, BUT, our power is almost nothing and being type A people who work to see and fix problems, often ones that are life threatening, it is beyond words how frustrating modern medicine has become. it is fixable, but we have no power to fix it.

    the people with the power are beaurocrats, and most of them never have to come to a packed ER and wait 8 hours to be seen.
    a good example of the beaurocratic madness can be seen here.

  12. Lady and friends,

    Just the facts, maam. When NPR was founded in the 70's as a 501(c)3, nearly all its funding came from gov't grants via the CPB. Yes, over the years that DIRECT funding has decreased, but only because of the shell game. CPB funnels millions into the 700 or so member stations, who then BUY back the programming from NPR. So yes, my tax dollars, along with millions from Joan Kroc and other liberal hacks, do fund these socialist airways.

  13. I am a big fan of NPR and I listen everyday and I was very unhappy with today's little random spot about medical blogs. Having a dad who is an optometrist, I understand the need to vent sometimes. EVERYBODY vents about their job at some point. I think that it is healthy and not necessarily and indication that someone needs therapy. The psychiatrist was just ridiculous. Anyway, glad to find the blog and you should be happy, free publicity!!

  14. yes, i do appreciate the free publicity. we have made exactly $64 from this blog since inception, so, help a brother out and click on those google ads! in a million years i will be able to retire.

  15. I'm jealous.

    How do I get denounced by the thought police?


  16. I suppose I'd have to get a degree in medicine to grok how NPR represents "socialism", unless you've simply redefined the term in a media context to mean, "anything not commercially-driven and aggressively intent on plumbing the depths of taste and quality in order to boost ratings, sell ads, and further stuff the bulging pockets of Rupert Murdock and his ilk." Close? Thought so. I do hope you'll continue with a similarly nuanced discussion of the "liberal media elite" and their hegemonic control of the media we all consume. Among conservative fairy tales, that's one of my favorites!

    Whatever. I have to get back to my NPR program stream and tacking up this cool Che Guevara poster. Back to work and fanatsyland with you, doc.

  17. I've been against Public Radio/TV since Burt and Ernie came out of the closet. I'm not a bigot, I loved Cesar Romero in Batman, and Miss Hathaway in Beverly Hillbillies, but at least they exercised some discretion.

  18. dear anonymous,

    i'm typing this slowly because i know you can't read fast. seriously, i do actually care about people and when i signed on the dotted line with rupert murdoch and dick cheney (as their willing thrall) i TOLD them i would do their bidding, but only by using my admittedly meager (and 'nuanced' thank you very much!) writing skills to forward their agenda. i WILL NOT be party to anything more and mr. murdoch just called me to see if i could get your IP address. i can't but he probably can.

    i don't know what he's got planned but you DEFINITELY appreciate his power and have a remarkably good handle on the way it really is. i would call in all your favors now from the democratic underground and daily kos and jim anchower and just disappear for a while man.

    rupert gets really mad (i've been called in to fix a few of the 'mistakes' he made with his cricket bat), but the madness does tend to pass after the 'problem' is taken care of (or he gets mad at someone else). this might help you, i don't know, i've got patients like you who swear by it. i hope $35 is within your budget and, if not, maybe you can pay for it with carbon credits and just put a cork in your ass for a few weeks (after your payback in repressed flatulence you may need this kind of help).

    however you can get the money, and gaia willing, one day no one will have a need or use for money, it it will be WELL WORTH IT my friend... for your safety. power to the people, from each according to his ability, to each according to his need, and especially to NPR, which lacks in ability but excells in need.

  19. Word up, Cat and 911!

    Anyone who quotes the "2%" figure for public funding of NPR is either uneducated or intentionaly being dishonest. NPR's own website admits the 2% figure PLUS a 13% CPB contribution PLUS a 6% state and local tax contribution (don't believe me, go to NPR.ORG and look at their audited financial statement online.) Oh yeah, let's not forget they have a TAX EXEMPT status!!! Add another 20+%...

    On top of this, NPR's own Ombudsman has admitted a liberal bias. Again, don't believe me, look it up.

    So the folks who claim that NPR is some independently financed, journalistically balanced media outlet are full of doo-doo. And if you STILL don't believe me, turn on the radio and listen for, oh, two minutes, and then you will get it.


  20. Congrats on the publicity!

    I think this quote kinda applies to Dr. Peele:

    Last time I saw a mouth like that, it had a hook in it.

  21. EE,
    you rock as always...

    ..."you're a lot of woman... bet you were something before electricity."


  22. I've been against Public Radio/TV since Burt and Ernie came out of the closet.

    This reminds me when my kids were little and loved to watch Sesame Street. I've always detested NPR's raking in on my tax dollars, but the kids reeeally loved Burt and Ernie. "Ok, you can watch it," I groused. "BUT YOU CAN'T ENJOY IT!"

  23. I really like NPR. I just think you're being a bit of a pissant bitch about the whole thing. Condemn a great news source because some random douchebag doctor had some harsh comments about it?

    Self esteem issues? Really. Get over it. You're taking a piss on this for no reason.

    Go back to the Wild Turkey and cleaning the guns I guess.

    Do you understand how the news works? Find issue. Find point on one side of issue. Find another person on other side of issue. Present issue.

    That's it. It unfortunately puts both sides of an argument on equal footing when, in most cases, one side is flat retarded.

    But you need to grow the fuck up. It was a story on NPR.

  24. dear anonymous douchebag,

    no! i did not know that that was 'how the news works'.

    i always thought it was, 'see a story, report on story, just the facts'.

    only in the last forty years has it become a masturbatory excercise in presenting, 'both sides' so that, say, when some camel-jockeys fly some airliners into some buildings in new york you must here from the grieving families and the supporters of the murderers right in the same 'news' broadcast.

    at other, more sensible times in our history, this has been called 'propaganda'.

    you are a douchebag, i prefer maker's mark, and since i have not had occasion to fire my guns in anger yet i have not had to clean them that much. come on over and visit though... i might get to practice .

  25. Because everyone knows that psychiatrists aren't themselves probably in need of therapy. Any MD can hang out his shingle and call himself a psychiatrist. And no one knows what horrible mistakes he makes because he makes them alone in a room with a patient.

    Let's not talk about the docs that see you for fifteen minutes at a shot and charge you money, and prescribe you meds, without having a clue about what's really going on. Med checks, anyone?

    Of course they don't have to blog. All they have to do is stop taking insurance and then half the people who piss you folks off can't even afford to see them!

  26. Oh, and, love your response to the guy who thinks that both sides of any issue have equal validity.

    Be careful not to draw any of the wrong cartoons -- NPR will call you insensitive.