Tuesday, March 11, 2008

M.D.O.D.'s Official Mascot and Model Patient

M.D.O.D. started as a rant of sorts and we labored in obscurity until... well, I guess we still labor in obscurity. No matter!

One of our first visitors to add a comment was 'radgirl' and we were immediately smitten. Radgirl chose her moniker after having undergone the rigors of thyroid cancer surgery and radiation-therapy (they selectively fried her thyroid with intense doses of radiation over many weeks). She's "radgirl" because some docs irradiated her, nice funny twist on a bad situation. I read more.

Radgirl is a wife and a mom and a triathlete and an all around super gal. I have never met her but in the very small internet world we live in we have discovered that we have a friend in common.

All of us at MDOD spend a lot of time railing against our system, and our patients. A patient who skewers themselves with a barbecue tine while drunk and using gasoline to start the grill is, let's face it, a lot more interesting than the nice patient who has a cold.

So here you are readers, a post about a great patient: a post about the kind of patient we would all treat for free, a post about a patient that makes us happy to be doctors, and happy to help to the extent we can, a post about the kind of attitude that it takes to beat cancer and wake up every morning with a smile. Whether the smile is genuine every day or not that's who radgirl is and, in this respect, she is exactly like my lovely wife.

There's a lot of hard science to what we do, but radgirl exemplifies the intangibles that I believe make ALL the difference when faced with adversity or illness. Radgirl read-up on her disease, found herself some excellent physicians, did the hard stuff with a smile, and a few years later, is in remission with a recent clean bill of health.

Obviously there's a lot more to beating cancer than a positive attitude, but a negative attitude will kill you. An 'external locus of control' attitude, a 'woe is me attitude', an 'ain't no one never done nothin' for me' attitude (really, i do hear that all the time, usually after there has, in fact, been a whole lot done for them) is a ticket to the abyss.

So, Radgirl, all of us here at MDOD are great fans of yours. You are now our official mascot (if you will accept) and number one patient. For those of you in dire circumstances and in need of a 'how to' guide to disease or life in general, go read Radgirl's blog. A fine cocktail to you and yours, ma'am.


  1. I can't emphasize how appropriate I think your accolades of radgirl are my friend. After receiving several supportive posts from her during my time in Iraq, it decided to take the time to "read her story." I stayed up until 4:30 am that night, unable to put off reading the rest for the next day. I couldn't believe the courage I read in her words, and it struck me that despite all she had been through, she took the time to write to me to thank me for my service. I was truly honored.
    Radgirl, you epitomized the spirit our great nation was built upon and sadly so often lacks these days. You don't look to pass blame or take the time to indulge in self pity, you just look to improve your life and the lives of those that surround you.
    There is a quote that I can't properly attribute, but it goes like this, "You'd better get busy living, or get busy dying." She got busy living with such an indomidible zeal for life, that the cancer didn't stand a chance. I am glad to say that I am the friend that Radgirl and 911doc have in common!!!

  2. Great idea! She deserves it... and I don't know where she gets all that energy!
    I remember seeing a picture of her atop a refrigerator painting a ceiling or such. :-)

  3. Upon further investigation, she's basically awesome. Thanks for never steering us wrong, docs of M.D.O.D.!

  4. You guys are so sweet. What a great thing to wake up to this morning! Thanks, and you know I feel the same way about you all too! I am sitting here blushing. This was so thoughtful and awesome.

    Also, did you know moniker is one of my favorite words? I actually have a paper list of the words I love and that is on there.

  5. A fresh Twinkie raised to you in your honor, Radgirl. You sound a lot like a dear friend of mine who had lung cancer. Her doc's loved her great attitude and ever-present smile that was plastered on her face. Knowing her, she's probably smiling down at you from some gilded cloud that's playing Twisted Sister and tossing a fist in the air saying, "You go, Radgirl! You made it!"

  6. Let's reveal the real reason we like her: she looks hot in her tri-suit and we are a bunch of pervs.

  7. etotheipi-that is so funny because that picture was taken not even 5 months after I had my 4th baby. I always think it shows me at my worst and when someone says something like you said, it astounds me that anyone could see that and think I looked hot. But thanks. It is nice to hear, pervy coment or not.

  8. tommy said:
    "You'd better get busy living, or get busy dying."

    Andy Dufresne: The Shawshank Redemption

    Not to get back on movie quotes. Congrats radgirl, you are most deserving!

  9. Radgirl, you are hot...and I ain't talking radioactively. Keep getting after it! I love seeing people overcome disease and continuing the set the pace in life. Lofty

  10. I think you are awesome, radgirl - and so cute! My very best to you :)

  11. Radgirl rocks!

    Since she's my official "mascot", how do I begin some petting? Or "heavy petting"?

    All joking aside, congrats darlin'