Saturday, May 20, 2006

Meet the Country's Next Serial Killer

One of the red flags for anti social behavior including murder, mayhem, basically anything bad you can think of is animal abuse. Also, a history of sexual abuse is a red flag. I think I just met Lucifer.

Brought to me by the local police tonight was a young man who has been bounced around from family to foster care. Recently he threatened to kill his current caregivers. Also, he was caught in the act of beastiality and no further details are necessary.

He had the eerily calm demeanor of someone who had absolutely nothing wrong with them and had absolutely no shame. I put him on a mental health hold and sent him for inpatient psychiatric evaluation. The kid did not even have the decency to be a drug addict or boozer... at least then one might rationalize the behavior as substance abuse related. Very scary. Very evil. Unfortunately for us, he will probably not be held very long as he is definitely not psychotic or schizophrenic. Scary.

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  1. Wow. I hope you have lockable doors at your ED. Most people don't realize what a dangerous place the ED is. Some ED docs are now packing heat either in the office or in a bag.