Tuesday, October 17, 2006

CSI: Small Town USA

A new one on me. Delivered the bad news to a wife that her husband had died of an apparent heart attack. She didn't cry. She told me that she could handle it and that they had, in fact, just redone their wills three days ago. She then asked me if I knew which mortuary in town to contact regarding cremating her husband as that was what he wished. She then told me she would probably move to Florida and that she and her husband had no family in the area and therefore no one to contact.

I asked the charge nurse who accompanied me to the meeting if she had any weird feelings about the interview and she nodded yes. After conferring we decided to call the police.

I find it hard to believe that this woman offed her husband (he definitely was a set up for a heart attack), but then she told me that she had been in the medical field and I surmised that if she had the desire she certainly had the knowledge to kill him with the medicines he was already taking.

Just another day at the office. An autopsy will be performed.

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