Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Emergency or Not an Emergency?

Great idea for a new Hollywood game show. Prime time. It's called "Emergency, or Not an Emergency?"

The moderator would be someone of great fame, talent, and class. Wait, let's make it a no-talent, weird, washed-up dude... Louie Anderson perhaps. Members of the audience would choose a suitcase held by a beautiful model. Inside the chosen suitcase would be a scenario commonly encountered in the Emergency Department. Here's one from the other night... "My baby cried more than usual last night and her color is just not right."

The audience member would then get to choose whether this was a true emergency or not (it's not). If they got the first scenario correct then they could proceed to other scenarios, banking ten grand at a time and having the option to stop with their winnings.

About 10% of the cases would be true emergencies... that would approximate our experience in the ED. Nevertheless, I think most people would lose early when they guessed that "I've had back pain for eight years but it's worse today" was a true emergency.

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