Saturday, February 17, 2007

The People Who Don't Care About the First Story but Avidly Read the Second are My Patients.

FIRST STORY: (heard about it but had to google to find it).

Three killed when Benefis Mercy Flight goes down
By PAULA WILMOT Tribune Staff Writer
Grief spread across Great Falls and Montana Wednesday after Tuesday night's crash of a twin-engine Mercy Flight airplane that killed the pilot and a two-person medical team from Benefis Healthcare. Vince Kirol, 58, a Mercy Flight pilot for 12 years; Darcy Dengel, 27, a registered nurse employed by Benefis since 2001, and Paul Erickson, 33, a Benefis paramedic and firefighter for the city of Great Falls were killed. Full story here: MERCY FLIGHT

SECOND STORY: Front page of the DRUDGEREPORT 2/16/07 linked to ABC story.

"Britney's New Look Is Bald". Evidently Britney Spears is on an alcohol and drug fueled descent. Full link here: BRITNEY

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  1. That's really sad. My brother (who knows I don't usually watch the news because it makes me sad about what seems important to the media) actually emailed me the first story, and the second one I didn't see until just now. Yikes! What does that say about us as a country that the story about Britney is easier to find out about? A story about someone shaving her head is going to be something everyone is talking about, and the people losing their lives people won't even be aware of. It makes me sick to my stomach (and now I sound like I am very old with all my talking about "people these days").