Friday, June 01, 2007

Welcome Dr X

We at M.D.O.D. would like to welcome to the fold a physician who calls himself "Dr. X". He hails from mother Russia and has come to the United States by a rather circuitous route that he refuses to divulge to us. He certainly appears, after speaking with him over a secure phone connection, to be a physician. Not surprisingly, he has some very strong ideas about medicine and other things. We have agreed to allow him to post here on a trial basis and are hoping that his unique perspective will add to the fun. Welcome to you sir.


  1. jesus. dr x may be the only one left soon. trenchdoc's gone now, too.

  2. Quick story: When I worked up on the floor, we got a new nurse who was Ukrainian. He was modest and unusually knowledgeale and referred to himself as a "physician's assistant" in the Ukraine. He came over here not knowing a drop of English and started work as a janitor and studied his ass off, became a nurse, and is now studying for the American medical boards 'n stuff.

    Come to find out 2 YEARS LATER that he called himself a physician's assistant because "i didn't want to call myself a doctor because our training isn't equivalent". He'd been a neurologist in the Ukraine. Dude came over here and started as a JANITOR because the Ukraine sucked so bad.

    He rarely talked about the Ukraine, but every once in awhile, he'd tell a story about a guy who disappeared from his apartment complex aftet not paying the mafia or someone he knew who'd been killed by the mafia.

  3. Amazing story, nurse k. Congrats! to him for working so hard here.