Monday, June 04, 2007

You Americans!

Apologies up front my dear American friends. I know it is unkind of a guest to criticize his host but I just must be heard. Having an expert knowledge of a particular form of ''medicine''... well, I just wonder about you. I see here that some American soldiers who were recently captured were killed by Al Qaeda. Come to think of it I have not heard of any American prisoners of war... I wonder why that is?

I'm sure these unlucky soldiers were brought to the brink of death by torture many times before they died as that's just what crazy jihadists do. Then I read about the first-class medical and humanitarian care given to the Al Qaeda prisoners taken by the Americans. I must laugh! I know that with certain medicines (and certain techniques that I learned back in 1985) that I could extract much useful information from these swine, but hey, it's a different world today right?

I am anxious to see if this 'enlightened' American strategy works to deter future terrorists and if it garners useful intelligence. I know that your various human rights groups are somewhat appeased by the kind treatment of the fanatical islamists, but in my country, well, we don't have human rights groups (at least not for long). HA! I jest. I do miss the old days though (sigh). Good luck with your new approach at war, but if you need my assistance I am always ready to lend a syringe, some pavulon, and some hemostats.


  1. Wow, doc. Brace yourself and pop a few shots of stoli. I smell a shitstorm coming.

  2. I'm not sure that medical torture would be any more uncomfortable or effective than old-fashioned sledgehammer/pliers/sharp object/electric shock/etc torture.

    But I'd rather not find out, thank you.

  3. Secretive Natasha9:41 AM, June 05, 2007

    Boris, you sure learned a lot from the Chechens. Good American doctors are always nice to their patients.


  4. 911DOC:
    You and your shitstorms. I think you have some residual poo in your nose from the last staff meeting you attended. You're always smelling the shitstorms. And you say I should have gotten my money back from charm school!

    DR X: Forget the Succs! You, me, some Stoli, a terrorist, and a pair of pruning shears. Ever see "Bound"? I bet we could get some answers... Call me!

  5. Yikes!

    Perhaps I don't have a medical emergency after all. Maybe I should just make an apointment for the family doc instead of going to the ER.

  6. This new guy detracts greatly from this blog.
    Come on guys...

  7. courageous. very courageous anonymous. i am sorry i have disappointed you. if you would simply list your name and address i would like to send you something by way of an apology.

    я жду в тенях

  8. I like the way this Russian thinks. We will need to keep a footprint in the middle east for generations to come. It is kind of like the exterminator that comes to my house. He will come and kill the vermin (rats, mice, roaches), but we still have to keep an eye out for more, and he comes back 4 times or more a year. Thats the way it is with the vermin in the middle east, and we are the exterminator.

  9. DRX,

    DARPA has examined your resume carefully. We invite you to a meeting at your local sushi bar to discuss matters of mutual interest.

    P.S. Please bring along your syringe, any spare Po-210 you happen to still have, and a description of how you keep the citizens from Mother Russia in the Middle East from being kidnapped by those jihadis. We're always willing to learn.

    "A Friend"

  10. This is as stupid as it can get. Is this Kindergarten or what? Solving problems by violating Geneva contract is very civilized. No wonder "Mother" Russia is down for ages.

    Russia itself is responsible for many of the problems in the middle east. Russia build Reactors in Egypt, brought the necessary technology to the middle east. It supported regimes. It attacked Afghanistan for reasons everybody knows were false.
    When I think of the Russian Gulags and Torture Camps all over the USSR I doubt this medieval behavior would do any good to the reputation or success of the US and A.

    Besides who says the US respect the rights of their captives? Look at the CIA Black Jets flying to Lybia, Syria and Egypt. Look at Gitmo, look at Iraq, look at Afghanistan. Were violating Human Rights left and right.

    So dont import that attitude from Russia. They failed miserably. So would we.

    And throw that stupid Communist out of the blog. He really sucks in comparison to your entries. Just my 0.02$.

    Hats of to the original Docs of M.D.O.D.!

  11. dear two dudes,
    with all due respect, can you tell me what countries are signatories to the geneva convention? can you tell me if iran or al qaeda have signed. just wondering.

  12. oh, and second point, do you know what generally happens to non-uniformed combatants, or, as they are commonly called, spies or guerillas? well, when the germans dressed in american uniforms towards the end of WWII they were shot. Hmmm. As far as I'm concerned terrorists do not even have the rights of prisoners of war so go sell your tree-hugging crap somewhere else. I've got friends over there right now who tell me stories about what the militants to do women and children and you want them to have rights? I'd rather win and get the hell out of there.

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  14. dear "two dudes",
    allow me to quote an old russian expression...

    "do not wrestle with a pig, you will simply become filthy and the pig will enjoy it."

    perhaps you might agree to host one to the guantanamo detainees in your home and provide him with his rights? just a suggestion.

  15. Two Dudes @ some bar2:20 PM, June 07, 2007

    Id agree any time to host one of them in my home. Not because I want to support them, but just to show you wrong. Violence aint a solution it aint even the same road as a solution.

    And Id never wrestle with a russian so dont worry about me getting filthy.

  16. HAHA! you got me good! i thought you were merely a fool but i was hasty. for a while there i thought you were seirous. hosting a gitmo detainee no less! congratulations on pulling my leg.

  17. Two Dudes looking for booze7:55 AM, June 09, 2007

    Just because we regard them as criminals today, doesnt mean they really are.
    My grandfather was a detainee in a comparable institution form 1942 to 1945. Id host him any time. As well as any mistreated miserable creature in gitmo.
    So dont tell me what to think just because I dont align with that rats ass of a russian who portrays torture as rightful method to solve problems.

    If you really consider torture and unjustified detention as the right way to deal with the problems of terrorism you are dumb.
    Terrorism is not a product of simple maliciousness its a product of the circumstances those people live in.
    There are no rich people blowing up in Jerusalem or Baghdad. Its the poorest who die for the ideas of some wackos. You would adhere to such ideas as well if you were as desperate as they are.
    So dont judge them just because you believe what youre government tells you if you dont know the details. And one thing about religion: I am a Jew and I dont detest anybody for his religion or citizenship.
    Dont be a fool. Try to think for yourself. You have never been to Palestine. You havent seen anything. Believe me when I say you know nothing.

    And one last remark: The Russians failed in Afghanistan. If you do as they did you will fail as well. They know nothing about solving conflicts. They cause them...

    Keep this a medblog. You dont seem to have deeper knowledge about the middle east. I am sorry.

  18. What I can't understand is how the Middle Easterners, with their love of inflicting pain, are such total pussies when it comes to experiencing a little discomfort of their own.

    Case in point, we received a transfer, a man with a stab wound, and everything we did was as if we were killing him. The only English he seemed to know was "it hurts, it hurts", the blood draws were like we were pulling his eyeballs out, and when the blood pressure cuff inflated he started jabbering excitedly at us nonstop. How great is it that a simple blood pressure cuff can get someone to spill his soul?

    I'm not saying dude was a Jihadist, but it's all the same culture and they have absolutely no tolerance for pain or grief but they also have no inhibitions about inflicting it on others.

    Oh, and I'll stay anonymous for this one. Call me a pussy if you will...

  19. look, "two dudes", you truly are a fool, i don't say this to be pejorative, i'm saying it because it's true and now you have written your foolishness down for all to see. i gave you a nice way out and you missed it. clue in. the russian is a foil. he doesn't exists.

    also, you may want to use spell check next time you post.

    additionally, while the suicide bombers are usually poor and have no education, Bin Laden, the architects of 911 AND the current form of the jihad, are EXTREMELY RICH and well-educated and motivated by PURE HATRED of freedom, america, and by a love of death. this is not me saying this, you simply need to read what THEY SAY and WATCH WHAT THEY DO.

    and, from my friends who are FIGHTING IN IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN RIGHT NOW i know that 80% of the so-called militants have emmigrated from other muslim countries to 'get their jihad on' and 'kill americans'. mostly from the horn of africa, iran, and syria/jordan.

    the money behind the madness is motivated by a fanatical hatred for freedome and for YOU, you idiot! they would hesitate exactly NOT AT ALL to kill you and your family if YOU ARE NOT A KORAN THUMPING MUSLIM and if they knew they would be killing a jew then they might orgasm too. Geez.

    lastly, if you really believe what you are saying here, and you are a Jew, then you must really hate yourself. Go read Victor Davis Hansen ( or something, and pray, my friend, pray that you never come face to face with a death-worshipping jihadist. pray that our guys kill them first and, if you want to keep posting about the poor detainees in gitmo try over at the daly kos... they would love you there.

  20. My Dear 911doc,

    You do not need to come to my defense like that! And subterfuge, I must think, is certainly not needed. Believe me, I am quite able to defend myself. I must confess that this discussion scares me though as it is exactly the kind of thing that my former masters would frown upon and investigate. The "marketplace of ideas" is something I just can't get used to... call it habit.

    'Two Dudes'. I am surprised that you are Jewish. I guess the difference between us is that I have seen the boot of government- sponsored oppresion of the Jews and do not wish to see it again. But with that maniac in Iran announcing progress in thier nuclear program and timetables to the destruction of Israel with increasing regularity how do you live with yourself? Do you smoke lots of marijauna?

    Allow me to suggest two things: First, read "This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen" by Tadeusz Borowski.

    Secondly, try this mental excercise. 'Two Dudes', imagine the person you love the most in this world, it can be you if you like, and imagine this person being placed in a locked room for two days with a randomly selected 'detainee' (like you volunteereed to take into your home). You will both be provided with food and beverages and a place to sleep and keep clean. The only rule is that you have to tell the truth to each other. In other words you can not deny being Jewish, or American (if you are American).

    The difference between you and I is that you, no doubt, believe you could find common ground and walk out after 48 hours as friends. I believe he would kill you.

    добро сна

  21. Two Dudes boozed8:38 AM, June 10, 2007

    Dude really its not as if I hadn't known he didn't exist. Looking at his profile, his age of "70", his russian and all of what he is saying I didnt think he did exist.
    Do you believe I am a Jew? Do you believe my father was detained in a concentration camp? Do you believe I am American?

    You are the fool. You are the one who tries to tell me what to think and to believe although you have never been yourself to Iraq, Afghanistan or Israel.

    Go on believe what your Government tells you. Believe in what ever you want to, but dont try to tell me what to think. I know better. I have lived in the Middle East for most of my life. I know the people. Jihadists or not.

    You may call me a fool, but at least I have an opinion based on my own experiences and not on what some stupid soldier "friend" in Iraq tells me who has nothing better to do than kill people for a living. What a high standard of civilization you Americans bring to the world. I am so fucking not impressed.

    But as soon as anybody claims to have nuclear weapons you become pussies.
    Iraq was so easy to deal with and still you are failing miserably. All the high-tech weapons and tactics you are said to have fail miserably. You just cant win wars. You vote for a president who is too dumb to bring out the trash or eat a pretzel.

    And as I said those who blow themselves up are poor bastards. Bin Laden is a manipulator, but he doesnt represent the people. They only look for a scapegoat for their misery. And the USA happen to be pretty good at being a scapegoat

    And maybe you might want to read what I write not how I write. I guess you're not as skilled in other languages as in youre native language.

  22. this ends it. YOU came to MY blog, 'two dudes'. YOU are a troll. YOU continue to pull the classic 'blame america first' crap that one can find on any leftist website. again, please, go over to daily kos as your emotional 'thinking' is all the rage there.

    claiming some special knowledge about 'how it really is' in the middle east because you have lived there only makes me think you are twice a fool. that's a conversation stopper and towel thrown into the ring from the beaten fighter. in other words, 'stop arguing with me, i have special knowledge that i can't articulate, but i feel i am right." kinda like me saying that you can't have an informed opinion on what it's like to live in alaska becuase you have never been there.

    feel free to come back and post on medical stuff but there will be no more on this. you have succeeded in getting your tiny digs in at the only superpower in the world who, if you were a cizizen, would allow you to speak so freely, and the only superpower in the world trying to prevent the big white light from popping over israel.

    as to whether you are a jew or your parents were in a concentration camp. i have no idea. it seems like something you would make up to garner sypathy for your position but it matters not. you have yet to answer my arguments and drop right into name-calling. it's okay. i meet people like you everyday. everything is filtered from an emotional prism. it's how children think.

    just so you know, though,i served five years in our armed services and two in reserve, have deployed, and have a degree in military history for a top university along with my MD. your contempt is misplaced. and you assume i've never been to israel, afghanistan, or iraq?

    from your final paragraphs i take it you are not an american as you say 'you americans' and that 'you become pussies' when someone has a nuke.

    here's an idea. just go to the virtual moonbat robot already provided on the site. it actually gives a more passionate and reasoned defense of your position.

    and finally, no one can tell you what to think but you may be an exception... YOU came here to read OUR opinion, you disagree, fine. we here at MDOD are all objectivits of a sort and try to bring some humor to the world of medicine and beyond. you appear to be a relativist who will, no doubt, be clinging to your emotional mirage of a philosophy till you are forced to confront the reality of death yourself.

  23. Two Dudes doing it again...6:30 PM, June 10, 2007

    Somebody getting hysterical?

    You seem to have some complexes about your education. Why do you tell me what military education you have? Does it make any kind of difference? It actually doesn't. If you served, deployed, visited or took a leak in Iraq doesn't change anything.

    What changes is my opinion on you. First I thought you had an idea of what you were talking about. But heck all you keep repeating is the usual cliché stuff on America the super power. Really smart.
    Nobody gives a fuck about America the superpower. Some superpower it is. Even North Korea kicks your ass.

    And I really dont know which "arguments" to answer as you only spilled your mental overflow about what you think is wrong in the middle east.
    I agree with you that Bin Laden is rich, and that terror comes from all of the middle east countries. I dont think the jihadists are all rich. And I really dont think that muslims are the root of all evil. Just a few mislead, undereducated, young men and woman who believe what they are told.

    And thank you "big protector" for caring for Israel which fought all of its wars without American Intervention and actually won all of them. Oh yeah and we do have our own little stash of WMDs. Watch out we might use them!

    Maybe were gonna thank you once you actually did something.

    Besides maybe you want to rethink this whole "freedom of speech"-thing as I can say what I want everywhere where I have lived so far. It is not a unique American right.
    And maybe you also want to rethink posting your opinion on the web if you cant take the heat. This is what blogs are for: Exchange of opinions. I only expressed mine. You started insulting me and you tried to force me to align to what you say or not to say anything at all. That is truly American. Man you're a real hypocrite.

  24. To 911Doc, Dr X, Two Dudes (of varying degrees of intoxication) lurkers, et al:

    I am a US Navy Corpsman. I have been to Iraq twice. I have treated Iraqis, insurgents, and US Marines. I have been part of the invasion, rebuilding efforts, and security operations.

    This debate seems to have gone from the morality of torture to Iraq policy and ranting at large. It would seem that there is a large pig wrestling match going on. Perhaps i can intervene.

    War, gentlemen, is hell. Warfare itself has not changed in the history of man, only its tools. Seeking useful intelligence from the other side has always been a priority and the methods used to acquire it are never pleasant. The difference today, is now you hear about the dirty deeds that may or may not be occurring.

    Two dudes, if you are really Jewish, examine your own Mossad. Do you really believe your own hands to be so clean to criticize the United States? Just because your own media doesn't report your own countries secret deeds? Who is ignorant here? That you criticize my country's dirty laundry, while you do not see the filth on your own? The only difference is mine is out in the open.

    It always intrigues me when i hear people debate the war in Iraq. WMD, oil, private agenda.. whatever. Would anyone support an invasion because of the unjust circumstances in Iraq? That we finally toppled a dictator that killed hundreds of thousands of his own citizens? That basic healthcare and education is so inadequate that hospitals reuse needles and people die just as fast in the hospital as they do out of it? They conditions i have seen would shock you. They never make the news. But they are improving under the new government, if we can continue to hold our position.

    In WWII, massive amounts of bombing were the only way to fight a war. Millions of non combatants were killed in the crossfire. Would you rather see that happen again? Back then stray bombs never made the news.. they were too common. Now, its headlines and investigation. Those detainees in gitmo you pity so much have been through repeated military tribunals and found guilty of being part of the insurgency in some way. Gitmo is no Auschwitz. Those detainees have all been investigated, not just herded off the streets.

    I would also like to be face to face with an insurgent. Actually, I would like to meet with each and every one of them. At least then they would stop hiding behind women and children, and we could fight them with less collateral damage.

    Lest I rant, i will end this now. Regards.

  25. "gunner"8:31 PM, August 08, 2007

    "twodudes" buy, beg or borrow a sense of humour, it will make your presently unhappy life much better. you might even make a friend or two.

    911doc and the corpsman, thank you, gentlemen, for your service. semper fi.