Tuesday, July 03, 2007

"Doctors" and UK terror

First things first. If I am in a hurry on my way to a night shift and need a little shot of caffeine, please, oh please, don't be in front of me at Starbucks if you are a MAN and order a grande low fat orange mochachino, with just a TINY amount of cream. Grow some balls and order a cup of COFFEE like your father and any respectable trucker would do. I don't care how thirsty you or your domestic partner are, I am in a hurry and there are LIVES to be saved. It takes a long time to make your "coffee". There, I had to get that off my chest.

Now, on to the Brits. It is amazing that some people were surprised that DOCTORS could be involved in the terror plots. Yes, they may be docs, but they are still Muslims who identify AS Muslims and NOT British or any other nationality, who were indoctrinated from youth in the madrasahs that they are oppressed, and must kill Jews, Christians, and just about everyone else. Not only must they kill, but to die doing so will bring virgins and paradise. So much for primum non nocere or the Hippocratic Oath. But the Brits have themselves to blame as well, for bringing them in to heal the sick in their NHS. You see, there is a shortage of docs in the UK so they bring in docs trained in places where hate for the West is a way of life (over 30% of the docs are foreign trained). It's kind of like bringing a hungry lion in your home to watch your kids, and then being amazed when your kids are eaten. And why is there a shortage of UK docs? Well, you could make more being a plumber (nearly), are burdened with government regulations, deal with decreasing respect from patients, etc. etc. I do admire those that continue to do it however, and met a few when I lived in England for a few months. And oh how I look forward to a National Health Service here in the U.S.

And before you moderate Muslims go on tirade, I know you are out there. And I also know that not all docs trained in the Middle East or SE Asia are going to be suicide bombers. But in recent polls (Dailymail,CBS,etc-just google Muslims and UK polls) a large number of Muslims in England, and not just the youth, either supported or sympathized with suicide bombings. A large number also want sharia law to be the law of the land. So, you moderates raise your voices, because the world can't hear you.

One more thing. I can almost guarantee those burnt krispy kritters in Scotland wouldn't have been taken into custody or to a hospital in the U.S. if some patriotic concealed-carry permit holder had been at the airport picking up his wife. At the sound of the first flaming "Allah Akbar" there would have been one empty snub nose 38. Here come the virgins.


  1. What amazes me is that among 6 doctors, not one knew enough high school chemistry and physics to build a bomb that worked. These incompetent bozos probably killed more people accidentally while playing doctor that their bombs ever would have.

  2. i agree with you 'cat and by agreeing with you i show my insensitivity and lack of compassion BUT i AM emminently compassionate for all lovely ladies that touch me in my sensitive nether-regions, so i don't know what they are talking about. also, i didn't have to take sexual harrassment training in the military because i already knew how to do it.

  3. Screw the .38. Use a .45p--or bust 'em so they go to prison and are the virgins.

  4. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=465570&in_page_id=1770


  5. Great post. You had balls to write it and say it like it is, without sugar coating the facts. Good for you !

  6. As usual, it is more the little things that really get to me than the big things. Big things flow like water past me, but little annoyances cause me unleash my anger upon the world. I guess I am the only one that keyed in on this portion!

    ...if you are a MAN and order a grande low fat orange mochachino, with just a TINY amount of cream...Grow some balls and order a cup of COFFEE like your father and any respectable trucker would do.

  7. Great post. I agree completely - with your views on men ordering coffee. Just give me a medium coffee, OK? If you put a fucking 'pump' of anything in it I will shit in your mouth and shove a cinnamon scone up your ass. Thank you for discussing this important suject.

  8. scutmonkey: don't EVER simul-comment with me! You have stolen my thunder by being the first to pseudoironically highlight the coffee commentary over terrorism. I ban you from ever commenting on a post before me! I am the master of all I survey! HAHAHAHAAAA!

  9. I guess I have the balls of gnat, I hate coffee. I'd rather have my shot of Jack Daniel's as needed.

  10. I hope that since the US requires foreign medical grads to do residency here the vetting is more comprehensive and we won't have a similar situation develop.

    OTOH, after the photos of the nineteen 9-11 perpetrators were published a physician in LA said that it resembled the photo of their recent residency class.

  11. I had docs from Iran, Jordan, Egypt, India, and Pakistan in my residency class. Some were outstanding and seemed trustworthy, some were mediocre and sort of scary.

    Most of them go into interventional Cardiology, it seems.

  12. Thank you for cheering me up with your post. I needed to read something aw-inspiring today before I go into work. I can't wait to take care of the drunks and drug addicts today that don't have anything better to do than come to the er and tell the psych intake worker that they are suicidal. Psych units are a get place to hangout when you owe your drug dealer money.


  13. I'm a UK Registered Nurse and would not want to have to nurse that particular krispy kritter. My sympathies are with the nursing and medical staff that are looking after him.

  14. I guess it is better he is alive so one can get some information on the people behind the attacks. But if you prefer a quick death for terrorists thats very humane.

  15. Best headline of the year:



  16. Isn't this wonderful ... just what the world needs, another racist ignoramus with just enough 'facts' to back up their own biased views.

    I suggest you get to know a 'real' Muslim (one of the millions who practice their faith in peace, just going about their daily lives without a thought of hurting anyone) and quit basing your views on media propoganda.

    Oh yeah, by the way, I am a white Christian female from Australia ... you know, Christians ... the 'faith' that has persecuted nearly every other faith in the name of 'Evangelism' ...


  17. No, cowboy. REAL men reveal their identity to the world, particularly when they issue such a bunch of hate-filled, ill-informed twaddle as you have. I hope you studied medicine (if you really ARE a doctor, how would we know?) better than you studied history, comparative religion, and political science. What are you afraid of?

    Don't like what I said? Drop me a line and tell me so, at willythekorn@yahoo.com. But tell me who you are or don't waste my time.

  18. History eh...
    Well, it seems to me that the pot smoking "professors" have gotten to the last two Chomsky-loving posters.
    Muslims had been spreading their religion of "peace" with the sword long before the crusades, which are sited in history/religion courses as the "beginning" of Christian agression. From the sack and conquest of Jerusalem in 638 (400 years before the first crusade) to the stamping of Christians and Jews in 772 by the caliph al-Mansour with a distintive symbol and forcing them to pay a religious tax, the persecutions of non-Muslims became so severe that by the mid 900s, many had fled to Constantinople, forcing the Byzantines to do something to stop the atrocities. This eventually led to the crusades to recapture previously held Christian land and stop the persecution.
    And if you think practicing your religion, be in Christianty or any other, in a Muslim country is the same as practicing Islam in the U.S. you are gravely mistaken. Elements of dhimmitude remain in all Muslim countries.
    I'm sure all the nurses and techs that shook hands and worked with the Scotland physician bomber at North Staffordshire Hospital thought they knew a "real" Muslim as well.

  19. hey sheila, or 'caghs",

    just a thought. seems like you are mired in the slough of moral relativism. seems like, while Christianity can make no claims to a snowy white past, that blaming "Christianity" for atrocities commited in it's name is kinda like blaming mathematics for the bombs ted kazinski (sp?)sent through the mails. contrariwise, i see that writeen into the palestinian 'constitution' is the desire to exterminate Israel and all jews, and shouted from the top of minarets from tripoli to down-under is the sometimes veiled, sometimes not-veiled call to arms against the infidel. this way for the gas ladies and gentlemen. it wont hurt much.

  20. Hmm, it seems to me that you are missing the point entirely.

    My reference to the Christian persecution of non-Christians was intended to point out that you can't pigeon-hole people ... namely, saying that someone who is a Muslim is automatically anti-everything that is not Muslim.

    I don't deny that practising Christian in Muslim countries is a dangerous thing ... but since we are talking about the London and American bombings, and so forth, it is irrelevant to say what can or cannot be practised in a Muslim country.

    My point is that there is a small (yes, I said SMALL) percentage of Muslim extremists who are carrying out these hate crimes, and people like yourself are painting all Muslims with the same brush.

    And yes, I do know my Christian history (thank you very much for the history lesson), and again, you have missed the point.

    There is such a thing as a 'real' Muslim, and a 'real' Muslim can live in peace amongst 'non-Muslims' just as easily as a Christian can live in peace amongst non-Christians.

    Do you realise that by spreading anti-Muslim propoganda, you are in fact guilty of the exact same thing you are accusing ordinary Muslims of?

  21. P.S.

    In your own words, "that blaming "Christianity" for atrocities commited in it's name is kinda like blaming mathematics for the bombs ted kazinski (sp?)sent through the mails"

    How about we change the word "Christianity" to the word "Islam".

    I think then that you may almost get the point.

  22. I haven't read all this yet... but I have to put in my 1st thought before I read the rest & it "escapes" me... (because I can see the rest is going to make me just as angry as YOUR 1st "rant" has!)

    If you are in THAT MUCH OF A HURRY... then go to McD's for your "regular" cup of coffee!! OR make it at home!!
    Don't go to somewhere like Starbucks - where you know there will be a line AND people ordering their "special" coffee - THAT IS WHY THEY ARE AT STARBUCKS!!!

    DO NOT RUSH us, just because YOU CHOSE Starbucks!

    This is coming from a WHITE FEMALE who likes both "regular" AND "special" coffees!
    And I know NOT to go to Starbucks when I'm in a hurry!!!!!

  23. I suppose now you're going to tell us that all black men are drug dealers. Just don't forget... if you cut a Muslim or a Black person, they'll bleed red just like you!!!

    I know it doesn't take many to make things bad for the rest.

    How would you like it, if everyone said: "All doctors are just in it for the "kickbacks" from the pharmaceutical companies"???

    See, you cant just lump someone in a group just because of their color, race, or religion!
    Get off your high horse & start making this world a better place by lowering your office visit prices & volunteering your time to free clinics!! Or even volunteer at a Sudan camp!

    Now I'll step down off my soap box. so you can get up on it & rant some more in response to me & the others. You know you want to!

    P.S. I appreciate your opinion, just don't expect the rest of us to feel the same!!

  24. This is to the people who have followed the link on my blog: People, thanks for being supportive, but there's no use arguing with people who believe they've got all the truth and are not afraid to boldly judge a great population all by themselves, without giving them the benefit of the doubt. I learned that trying to hold a debate with muslim extremists, ironically.

    Also, if you have to comment, please don't make it anonymous.

  25. Thank you, 911DOC. You've revealed the basic inconsistency of your own arguments, as Caghs pointed out. A terrorist is a terrorist, and all terrorists should be subjected to retroactive abortion. The rationalizations that terrorists use to "justify" their terrorism are rationalizations, be they the Unabomber's, Osama bin Laden's, the KKK or the the JDL. Those rationalizations are no more representative of the religions they invoke than Pat Robertson's ravings about 911 or AIDS (or anything else) are representative of Christianity.

    BTW, 911DOC, the Palestinian issue was, is, and will always be a political issue, not a religious one. And as for railing against infidels, I refer you to His Holiness Pope Benedict the XVI and his most recent pronouncements about who is and who isn't worhty of salvation.

  26. you people are fucking unreal. i do not know of any Christian, Bhuddist, Hindu, Sikh, Wiccan, Mormon, Scientologist, secular-humanist, or God-damned Easter Island Earth-Mother Cult that teaches a significant portion of its young male population that it is a glorious and righteous thing to strap a bomb to yourself and blow up people who are not like you, and that you get lots of extra points for killing jews and a few extra points for killing americans.

    There's so much absolute SHIT here that I don't know where to start. So I'll start backwards and see how far I get.

    As far as Pope Benedict's pronouncements on who and who is not worthy of salvation it is true that Christian's claim that Jesus Christ is the one and only way to salvation. They DO NOT HOWEVER claim that all that do not believe this need to be forcibly converted or KILLED which is exactly what Al Qaeda and Wahaabi Islamists state. Jesus H Christ on a popsicle stick!

    To say that the justifications used for terrorist actions are not representative of the religion wears a bit old when there are no moderate or 'reasonable' Muslim voices in the MSM, only the dreary death-propaganda of Al Jazeera and the never ending plots and schemes hatched by people whose only motivation is hate.

    Anonymous, seriously, I abhor ad hominem attacks but you richly deserve one. Fuck You you fuckstick. You don't know me from Adam and you have no fucking idea how my job bleeds me dry. you have no idea how many stinky, worthless, drud and alcohol addicted scumbags i have saved by jumping into the fray and making a difference. everybody gets the best from me whether they deserve it or not and just when i think i can take a little pride in that fact some shitstick like you comes by and tells me to go volunteer at some clinic? asshole, if an anvil falls on your head outside my hospital i will take care of you, end of story. if you have money i will take care of you. if you don't i will take care of you. get it? everyone gets great care from me.

    And as to 'how i would like it if everyone said (insert insult about doctors here).." if i cared what people said about us i would have quit long ago. only a simpleton makes the michael moore arguments you are making. are you, in fact, michael moore? you haven't even had the nuts to name yourself. so, once again, fuck off and go over to the daily kos or some such relativist liberal shithole and forget about trying to untangle your brain without divine intervention. Here's an idea, and I'm serious, I'll say a prayer for your soul. I just did. now you need to acknowledge Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and ask him for forgiveness of your sins... or someone will come and blow you up (made up that last part).

    I've got three friends in Iraq right now and served 5 years active in our armed forces and have been to three memorial services for folks killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. All of you fuckers are on this blog typing your shitty little relativistic comments because of them and people like them. So again, for my friends taking the fight to the murderers, FUCK YOU ALL.

    i know in your world that our armed forces are evil so again but if you are too blind to see that islamofascism must either be killed or surrenedered to then i just hope you and people who think like you are the victims of the next bombing and not some poor schlubs just trying to get by. at least then it will make our jobs clearer and there will not be all this straining at equating the admittedly distasteful speech of some televangelists with the premeditated homicide bombings that have been de riguer for forty years where islam rules.

    and caghs, you can not substitute "Christianity" for "Islam" as you suggest as you can not find in the New Testament any command from Christ or the apostles that can be interpreted as a command to kill all unbelievers or forcibly convert them. However the Koran is replete with calls to Jihad and can in fact be reasonably interpreted as sanctioning murder of 'the infidel'.

    if you will do even the most elementary research into Islam you will soon find that there is no room in a stricly interpreted Koran for tolerance or diversity.

    and lady regarding the starbucks thing... it's called comedy.

  27. Hmm ... to use your own words again:

    "... which is exactly what Al Qaeda and Wahaabi Islamists state"

    Yes, Twiddle-Dum, that is what AL-QAEDA and WAHAABI states ...

    Neither of which pratice orthodox Islam, preferring instead their own distorted view on Islam.

    "They DO NOT HOWEVER claim that all that do not believe this need to be forcibly converted or KILLED"

    No. They condemn them to hell instead.

    "To say that the justifications used for terrorist actions are not representative of the religion wears a bit old when there are no moderate or 'reasonable' Muslim voices in the MSM"

    Mayhap it's because they are going about their lives, hurting no-one, and not getting involved for fear of being labelled a terrorist? (Hmm, who would label them a terrorist, I wonder?)

    "just when i think i can take a little pride in that fact some shitstick like you comes by and tells me to go volunteer at some clinic?"

    So ... it's not okay to badmouth you, but it's okay to badmouth a Muslim?

    "I've got three friends in Iraq right now and served 5 years active in our armed forces and have been to three memorial services for folks killed in Iraq and Afghanistan."

    Oh, so you are making the assumption that those of us who are against propoganda are automatically against the soldiers?

    Reality check. I am so darn GRATEFUL that the soldiers are over there fighting the TERRORISTS and EXTREMISTS. Job well done, and kudos to them. My issue is not with them in the least. My issue is with fools who lump all Muslims in the terrorist basket.

    Don't you get it? It's the propoganda that is getting you and your friends these comments. Namely 'Muslims are bad, end of story.'

    Sure, have a go at the ACTUAL terrorists all you like. I agree, Bin Laden's cronies deserve what's coming to them ... just don't stereotype all Muslims as terrorists!

    "i know in your world that our armed forces are evil"

    Amazing! Another sentence, another stereotype. Wow. Oh, I'm a Christian, so I guess I am automatically against gay people and Harry Potter too? Hmm, I guess I'd better go reveal this revelation to my gay friends and my friends who like Harry Potter ...

    I speak only for myself, but the point of my argument is NOT who is right or wrong. It's not about whether there should be troops in Iraq or not. It's not even about whether Christians have all the answers or not.

    The point of my argument is that you can't pigeon-hole people.

    This is my last word on the matter, because frankly, I know you're not going to listen anyway. You'll just find more things to argue with me about, and I have better things to do with my life.

    I don't know whether you are a good doctor or not, I don't know whether you do good things in the community or not, and to be honest, I wouldn't know you if I bumped into you in the street.

    One thing I do know about you, though, is that you are as much of a racist extremist as you claim Muslims to be.

    Think on that.

    By the way, I am not anonymous. I'll even leave the link to my blog: http://blog.yahoo.360.com/carrie_phisher

    Why not come on over, get to know who I really am, and my life story and views, and THEN accuse me of whatever you like.

    Or are you too scared to step away from your cronies and stand on your own?

  28. "and caghs, you can not substitute "Christianity" for "Islam" as you suggest as you can not find in the New Testament any command from Christ or the apostles that can be interpreted as a command to kill all unbelievers or forcibly convert them."

    Oh yeah, almost forgot ...

    "Go ye therefore and make disciples of all the nations."

    It's called reading. You should try it.

  29. Well I'm impressed. You do know some history after all. But cherry-picking history to make a debating point is equally as invalid as making wild generalizations. Name me a major religion that HASN'T spread the faith by the sword at one point or another in its history. As for tolerance of other religions, ask the Jews of 15th-century Spain, or the Puritans and Quakers of 17th-century England, or the Mormons (and Catholics) of the 19th- (and 20th-) century America, or the North African Jews living in the Israel of the 21st century about tolerance. I'm sure they'd have some juicy bits of history to add to your collection.

    Come on now. All religions or even sects within religions think they have the one true hotline to God. That's why there are so many of them. And every religion that has the military/political power to spread their religion has succumbed to the temptation to do so.

    911DOC made the argument far better than I could. Blaming a religion because a terrorist claims to be acting according to its precepts is bull, whether the terrorist says he's acting in the name of Allah, Jesus, or mathmeamtics.

    BTW, how does disagreeing with you make me a Chomsky-lover? I don't think anyone loves Chomsky except Chomsky and a few chosen acolytes.

    And 911DOC, how does disagreeing with you make me think that the armed forces are evil? Do you really think you and those who think like you the only people in the world who have friends and reliatves who died serving their country, or who have friends or relatives serving in Iraq or Afghanistan now, or honor and respect the military? That's not only insulting, it doesn't even make sense.

    I don't hate the armed forces at all. I don't even hate you, although I disagree with you. I reserve my hate for the terrorists, and for the geniuses who broke off the pursuit of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan when its leadership was cornered, so they could invade Iraq -- where Al Qaeda WASN'T (but is now) -- to satisfy some pipe-dream of the neoconservatives who planned the Iraq war four years before 911 happened, and cynically used 911 to implement it.

  30. cags, you lie. just because Christ commanded us to make disciples of all nations DOES NOT mean, nor is it ever implied that we do it forcefully. in fact, if you will recall, because Christ was not welcomed or honored in his home town he shook the dust off his sandles and left.

    and no, i'm not lumping all muslims in the whahabbie extremists, i'm just saying that if it were people blowing shit up in the name of Christianity they you WOULD see huge protests of practicing Christians against the perverts. This is precisely what we do not see now with the muslim community, I believe, because they are scared they might be ostracized or even killed.

    and caghs, i was not calling you names, i was reserving the heat of my last post for an anonymous poster who said nasty stuff about me. not you.


  31. Just got off work so I am too tired to debate this. I will end my contribution here. There have been a lot of asinine pie-in-the-sky can't we all just get along liberal college world history hate the white man U.S. is the evil empire comments made. And some people will never "just get along". But the facts are that over the past 40 years, the majority of terrorist bombings, plots etc. have been done by Muslims. Sure there are a few examples to the contrary, but they only serve as a diversion for the apologists for the Islamofascists. They are taught from a young age to hate Jews, and Christians/Hindus/agnostics/atheists/etc. We have become so used to this, that seeing a 12 year old with a bomb strapped to his chest at cafe doesn't even amaze or alarm us anymore. But it should. Moral relativism is dangerous, no matter what your post-60s hippie professor has told you. But I am afraid most people will learn this only as the hand you hold the peace flower in is blown to smithereens by a teenager who couldn't give two shits about you or the peace symbol on the back of your Prius. And I'm not the kind who says I told you so, but when it happens again, I told you so.
    Now, let's get back to medicine blogs.

  32. Fair enough, cowboy.

  33. You make me sick... You generalise, and then you say "well i'm not criticizing all of you BUT!!!" and then continue to say that the world cant hear those people who have nothing to do with it. People like you make for a ver sad world.. how sad....

    before you throw another hissy fit over something you don't know anything about, I'm not muslim.

    I really feel sorry for people like you, who, for all your education - still know nothing.

  34. dear anonymous,
    i never thought you were a muslim. just an idiot. but since you seem to have everything figured out perhaps you could write it down for all us over-educated know-nothings. that would help.