Saturday, September 01, 2007

Lights Out

This is from my Xray archives and I found it on an old disc. This person put a gun in their mouth and pulled the trigger. The small and large opacities are bullet fragments inside the skull. Also noted is a large skull fracture on the top right of the film which probably extends anteriorly and across the midline (left parietal portion of the skull). The concussion of the bullet entering the skull literally blew skull open. Dead.


  1. So, first we get a post about how 911Doc is depressed in his current situation. The blown-out skull post is a propos...

  2. an injudicious post.

    i am in no way shape or form considering this "option", nor would i ever. i would, however, open a hot dog stand outside the home depot. i might also start an escort service... you know, the cars that escort the big rigs down the highway?

    other options inside medicine are also on the table.

    i thank you for your concern nurse k and you are right to make the assocaition (you are a good nurse!), after all, we do not know each other, but just to keep my ass out of hot water i had two reasons to post this...

    1. it is an interesting Xray for folks outside medicine (though a tragic case altogether).

    2. i was trying to get the blog off the subject of ME and my issues with emergency medicine in general.


  3. i might also start an escort service...

    Glad you clarified that.

  4. 911 Doc,

    Rest in Peace....

    It does seem like an efiicnet way to go if you are that miserable, but the clean-up must be ugly.

    So glad you clarified the escort service thing... My size C cup big rig needed something :)

    Hope that you have a great Labor Day weekend. I know it'll be better than the guy in the picuture's....

  5. I'm glad you're not having suicidal ideations. Obviously, an ER doctor would probably have a 100% success rate. Failing at such a thing would indicate a profound ignorance with respect to medicine, afterall. It would be embarrassing!

    I'd reconsider the hot dog stand. There was just an article in the local paper saying street vendors of hot dogs around where I live at least must now hold 2 million dollars worth of liability insurance to operate within city limits. Ergo, there are no longer any street hot dog vendors because they'd need to charge something like $20 per hot dog to make up the cost.

  6. really? well then i'll sell only kosher dogs and if they ping o nme i'll file a discrimination claim against the goverment for being anti-semitic, win $1000000 and retire. i'm not jewish but would convert for this purpose.

  7. 911Doc--I'll send you my card. Then we can both retire.

  8. dear counselor (medblogaddict),
    i know that it's hard to find attorney's willing to massage the truth in order to get a win in court, but if you happen to be one of these vanishingly rare legal-eagles then together we might pull it off or something like it. contact me on the batphone and we'll do it!

  9. paging Dr. Freud...

    Yeah, the juxtaposition of posts: "I'm depressed" and "guy who blew his head off" is probably not entirely coincidental at a subconscious level. Dude, please, get the fuck out of that job.

  10. aren't you a pathologist ETOTHEIPI? STFU! i'm working on it for goodness sake! i agree an injudicious post but it was, honestly, an xray i found while clearing files off my computer and i thought it was interesting and that's the extent of it. yeah, i know, it probably IS significant on some subconscious level, but you know me dude, and you KNOW i would never choose THIS. call me. i'll update you.