Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What the scallop is MDOD?

I propose a contest:
Since I have no friggin' idea what "M.D.O.D." stands for, I want some suggestions.

I went back through the very first posts and 911doc does not explain his chosen acronym. I'm guessing one of the 'D's stands for 'doctor' - pretty clever, huh? I figure as a contributor, I have a right to know. If the actual revealed meaning is lame-ass (as I suspect), we need something good. Put on your creative hats and help me out. Try not to suck.


  1. "Try not to suck"

    I'm sorry. My mind is dirty this morning/afternoon, and I can't get past that sentence.

  2. Medical Doctor Overdose (since there are a lot of you). That's what I always thought it meant. I'm surprised there is no actual definition attached to the acronym. That being said, is the antidote some Narcan?

  3. Like kbbo, I think it stands for Medical Doctor Over Dose.

    But I think apples are the traditional antidote for doctors, aren't they?

    Rx: One apple PO, q daily or PRN for doctor infestation.

  4. Sorry, I also thought it was MD over dose. And we are the drug seekers trying for a fix.

  5. So far, I have the lamest definition for sure.

  6. Medical Doctor's Online Delusions?

    it'd cover all the bases.. ; )

  7. I'm with all the above who said MD OverDose. That's what I just always assumed it was.
    If you want to about Ranting Docs

  8. Well, am I the only dumbass that has always read it as "MD-DO?"


  9. I always thought medical dr over dose.

  10. I too thought it was Medical Doctor Overdose, but I have been known to be rather unoriginal!

  11. Since you asked...
    How about Medical Discourse Of Degenerates or Mental Decompensation (or Diarrhea) On Display?

  12. sue is winning... and rad girl but for different reasons.

  13. Shotgun approach...

    "Many Doctors on Drugs"

    "Medical Day of Doom"

    "Mystery Doctor(s) of Death"
    (Which would be much cooler if the you Etotheipi could claim it, or if Dr X had been in since the inception)

    *some sexy latin abbreviation?

    Doc H USN

  14. "if the you" ??

    how about "if you, Etotheipi"

    where the heck is that damn little paperclip punk when i need him?

    Doc H USN

  15. Misanthropic Diatribes on Doctoring

  16. Medical Doctors on Display

    Medical Doctors on Dope

    Mysterious Dickheads of Discontent
    And I mean that with the utmost affection. Wait.... is dickhead one word?

  17. Heh. good one Trauma. Here're a couple more.
    Masterful Diagnosticians Or Douchebags? (you'd have to add the question mark).
    Many Diagnoses Of Drugseeking.

  18. May Disempact Only Dildos

    Medical Doctors On Demand

    Mine's Dry, Only Dirtier (martinis, get it? ok, nevermind)

    Must Defend, Only Doctors (breathy death rattle voice)

    Maybe Drunk, Or Dumb

    Mostly Dirtier, Oilier, Dumber

  19. Medical Doctor Off Duty.

    I previously misread etotheipi as ethiopei, like some sort of Rastafarian reference.

  20. wait...I always thought it meant Medical Doctor On Duty

  21. I thot it meant MD on drugs,

    But after much thot, and reviews all the above attempts at cleverness, I now am clear on what it does mean. It is SPELLED M.D.O.D, but it is PRONOUNCED "Throat Warbler Mangrove" Duh!
    Can you all move on to a better topic than talking about what to call yourselves? Huh? Can you? Huh?

  22. I read somewhere "mad doctors of doom." Can't remember where...

  23. I thought it meant Medical Doctor Over Dose.

    I, too, was misreading etotheipi as ethiopei until a couple of weeks ago.

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  25. At the VA, the MDOD is the Medical Doctor of the Day, or the Medical Doctor on Duty.

    So far, my favorite is "mystery doctor of death". Makes me proud to go to work!

    A few other ideas:

    1) Major Dickheads Only Direct

    2) Massive Dump Odors Dominate (our nurses like to put the stinkers near the doc's desk)

    3) Moderate Dementia Obstructs Departments

    4) Meds, Diapers, Oxygen, Dementia (the nursing home answer)

    5) Medical Directors Often Dictate (policies to score themselves points with administration)

    6) Medical Directors are Often Douchebags (specifically my last current one is a good, he doesn't read this blog)

    On a personal level, I thought of a few others:

    7) My Dick Often Deflates (after a day of seeing skanky, nasty, smelly pussy). Why do some people think of gonorrhea as "natural green lubrication"?

    8) My Domestic partner is Disdainful and Offensive (my wife doesn't read this blog either)

    9) My Dog Often Dookies in the house.

    10) My Daughter OWNS Drama!


  26. Medical Directors are Often Douchebags (specifically my last current one is a good, he doesn't read this blog) speak the truth..

  27. yeah, scallop??
    and the only way I can remember "His" name is with a little rap diddy,
    E to the I P I

    Clueless what it means though. I'm just here to look at the pictures.

  28. 'scallop', for you uneducated masses, is a filmic reference to an Orson Welles directed homage to Jean Renoir (you remember La Règle du Jeu, non?) titled "The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie", duh.

    Etothepi = e^(i*pi), OK?

    I think I like sue's "Masterful Diagnosticians Or Douchebags"; nice assonance... and with a ring of truth. Although Cat's "Misanthropic Diatribes on Doctoring", is probably the most accurate.

    and anonymous, whoever you are, we NEVER get tired of talking about ourselves...

    Anyway, what's the answer 911?? Teach us some history, bitch.

  29. e^(i*pi) = -1. I thought "negative one" was some sort of declaration of an attitude problem. Or were you making a statement about imaginary powers?

  30. ok. i thought about it for two seconds about two years ago and thought ' medical doctor over - dose (MDOD)' was catchy as i was hoping to have a few docs help out on the blog and was hoping they wouldn't all be ER... thanks to you guys by the way... but now i think it stands for ' my dong obviates drought ' . obtw, hey there pop euler! you can't write on this blog without me nailing you and your monty python reference was well appreciated.

  31. Etoh, I knew there was a poetic little boy beneath that gruff exterior. This could well be a bedtime story for your children.

  32. Ooops, wrong story.

    My God! Look how long that word verification is!

  33. How about you change it to whining ass doctors who make way too much money when the nurses do all the work.

  34. uh, ok. that's a great idea 'anonymous' (if that's your real name). here's an idea. go to medical school. in the meantime the 'block anonymous comment' meter is running down fast.

  35. Dear anonymous "nurse"
    You must be an oncology nurse where you just follow protocols written by a doctor who see's the pt every couple of weeks or so..
    Clearly U don't work in the ED where there is NO closer physician-nurse relationship. We depend on our nurses to the utmost to keep us updated on the, oh, 15 or 18n pts at a time we're taking care of while they are taking care of 4 or 5 of those for us. We trust them implicitly and know they will stand up for us as we will for them..I will beat the shit out anyone who mistreats my nurses,be they patients or doctors, as I am sure all of my EM colleagues will..We LOVE and RESPECT our nursing colleagues!!
    You obviously have no clue as to how a busy ED works or the demands on both us and the nurses.
    Do we make more $ than they do? Yes. Do we have ALL the liability? YES They have none! I've been a doctor for 30 years and have never heard of a nurse being sued for anything! It's a fucking myth that nurses even need malpractice insurance, altho my wife, an EM nurse carries 1mil/3mil for about $25/year!!!
    You are clearly destined to be in the upper administrative nursing camp good luck and hope you never reveal who you are to any of us. Especially if you are really sick..We might just call on a "whiney doctor" to take care of you instead of 1 of us, you POS MAGGOT!
    Oh, My bad, Maggots only eat dead flesh. You clearly like to chew on the ass of real doctors taking care of ANYONE who walks in the door without regard to the ability to pay us for our service or even have the ability to ask about it before we save your fucking miserable ass!!
    Go away please and bother some other forum where the doctors don't really care about the nurses
    Got it Fuck Stick??

  36. harrumph or something. oldfart, some valium and scotch, stat.

  37. I'm not even fuckin started, 911..Don't get me riled..I'm one of those who has the opposite reaction to valium, I go OFF!!
    More about OUR nurses..Not only are they the best in any hospital, they are ususally the best lookin and,(E) have the best tits! My wife was routinely asked out while we worked in the same department..She just referred them to me..At 6'7" and 280 the matter was never pursued..But this POS has hit a nerve..
    My young nurses just want to learn from all of us and our young doctors just want to learn from our older nurses...Give me a 40 yr old EM nurse and a "whiney" EM Boarded doc of the same age and we can take care of all the causalities in Iraq!! OK, maybe not, but I wouldn't need more than a couple more ED nurses!!
    There are no better nurses in medicine than dedicated, experienced ED nurses..Sorry if I offend other specialty nurses out there..I love you too, just not as much as ours..

  38. Now we know how to piss off Oldfart... dude, I'm with you: ED nurses, as well as the type who pole dance and don't wear underwear, rule...

  39. That's the second job of many ED nurses!! God Love 'Em

  40. I had some choice comments for the "anonymous" chicken-shit dumbass, but I think oldfart pretty well covered the subject!

    One reason I love EM is that I love EM nurses. They are the best, and we have to work closely and trust each other.

    My respect for ER, ICU, and Flight nurses does not translate to Floor Nurses.

    I suspect anon is a floor nurse. During my days of IM, I was increasingly amazed at how stupid they could be. Yes, there are good ones, but they have to prove it to me first.

    Here's an example of interactions I had with floor nurses:

    At 4am I got paged for "itchy scrotum" on a patient I was covering. I asked how long the patient had been symptomatic and the respone was "two weeks". I asked if his doctor was aware of the problem and she replied that they had been prescribing creams and powders without success. I asked if there was prn medication ordered for itching and discovered that there was. "Have you given it?" I asked. Of course she hadn't. So I gave her a verbal order (that later got me in trouble, but it was well worth it) "When the patient's balls itch, scratch 'em prn" and I slammed the phone down.

    Another night, I got a call because a patient wouldn't leave his albuterol neb mask on his face for the treatment. (he was a demented old guy). "Can you just hold it to his face for 5 minutes until the treatment is done?" I asked. Turns out that she could! So, I gave her a verbal order too (which also got me in trouble the next day and was also totally worth it). I gave her my permission to use her own common sense prn for the remainder of the evening.

    I suspect anon is cut from the ball scratching mask holding cloth! My only addition is that I'll bet anon could swim through Etoh's formalin!


  41. Awesome Oldfart!! Nice to see you riled. Way to stick up for your nurses.
    And their tits.
    I see that you were a wise addition to the MDODs.

    (Just beware of what Etoh has in his trousers.)

  42. The Cat agrees with Oldfart. One thing I do know, is you don't want to get on the bad side of an ED nurse, especially one who has been there a long time. They have little ways of making your life miserable, as experienced by one of my partners (his fault). Passive aggressive doesn't begin to describe it

  43. Well I always thought it stood for : Mad Doctors Of Disease.

    Oh, and the Er nurses are awsome! I get to floor to ER occasionally... and I love it... Actually last time the nurses in ED appreciated that I was able to get the IV's, Ice packs, and various other things (like cleaning the poopy Nurse Home patient) while they did things I have no experience with like applying casts. Worked out for me...but it wasn't a busy day for them....I couldn't do it everyday...The drama! Like the drunk guy who fell through his GLASS coffee table and cut his own throat (not too badly) and wanted FOOD...because he was getting sober. duh.

  44. Old Fart does rock and to erdoc85, it wasn't me! :) And not all floor nurses are as idiotic as your examples. ....but there are some.....I've tried to stop a few, but they just wouldn't listen.

  45. nocturnalrn: I'm sure neither example applied to you. After all, you can turn on a computer, navigate to a web page, and type. That puts you in a different league from the people I'm referring to.....but you know who I'm talking about.
    Sorry for any offense. You can give me a sponge bath anytime (and then I'll return the favor).