Saturday, December 01, 2007

A Stranger in a Strange Land

I just returned from an interview. I am trying to find my way out of of the E.R. buzz saw. There is a place with a preponderance of eerily happy, heterosexual, tall, geeky white people with excellent dentition. It is called Utah.


  1. Hmmmm.... New job in Utah.

    Downside: Funny underwear.

    Upside: Multiple wives.

    Shall we call it a push?

  2. Beware!! Just last night I saw a report on National news....the top five states with the highest depression rates;
    #1 UTAH
    #2 Wyoming (duh)
    #3 Ohio
    #4 Missouri
    #5 Nevada

    I have been to all five of these states, even lived in Wyoming for many, and I must say I certainly agree with the first two. I found Utah, and by Utah, I mean the Salt Lake City area, to be hypocritical, judgemental and cliquish. St. George on the other hand I found to be beautiful, warm and friendly. So I guess I'm talking out of my a*@ again.

    Just don't be fooled by those gleaming white cheshire smiles!

  3. Please, Utah is awesome, especially Salt Lake City. Utah also probably has the lowest rate of alcohol consumption. So they need to medicate with drugs, while the rest of you medicate with the booze.

  4. You misunderstand. I didn't say I didn't like it, much of it was refreshing.

  5. I shall now set forth a plea to move to my state.

    In my state, we have:

    1. Excellent schools (in the burbs)
    2. Many cultural outlets to include gang shootings, opera, and theater...
    3. Highly developed medical system with few shortages of anything as to facilitate a sense of peace
    4. If you want to be in ER still for some reason, 6 patients per physician or so in our facility and no Level 1 traumas.

    And, most of all:


  6. Welcome back, Nurse K! I have just over an hour to go to pass with a "C". I will write more later (probably with improper shift usage) after midnight pacific time. I will attempt to maintain proper shift usage, but it is very difficult for me to do on a regular basis as I am merely a simple car-crash physician.

  7. I am merely a simple car-crash physician.

    If a car-crash nurse can do it, you can do it too. If you can clear a c-spine with your primitive rural hospital technologies (ie your hands), you can put your pinky on the shift key.

  8. Lost both pinkies in bizarre gardening accident. The kind of thing that the police said was better left "unsolved" (movie? anyone?).

  9. Is this a non-ER job, or is it just SSDplace?

  10. Sorry Dude, you "just won't fit". They can deny it all they want, but if you're not Mormon, "U must not quit"
    Lovely people and land, but, and I know many Mormons, they are very honest, hardworking and for the most part nice, but their faith both defines and divides all. To the point of asking if you are a Mormon before they let you take care of them many times. Not saying you couldn't survive, just that, knowing you, I doubt it!!!
    Sorry, if I offend, but, hey it's my Blog!!

  11. As someone who often contemplates other career paths (as you may recall from previous blogs of mine) I'm curious to know what sort of delightful non-ER job you are seeking.

    Interestingly, I've thought of moving to Utah - have a few good friends there and they love it. Beautiful mountains with lots of great skiing/snowboarding just minutes away. And seasons, what I wouldn't give for four seasons!

  12. A friend of mine just relocated to Utah. Yes, there is now one jewish lesbian in Utah. She just wants to ski and save lives (not necessarily in that order). But, she said that there are quite a lot of young blond girls with babies...and that some families look like clones. Michael Valentine may be the perfect man, I may just have to relocate there myself!

  13. What old fart said. That's what I was trying to say without saying it cause I'm a big fat chicken.

    Trust him, he's a doctor.

  14. Utah rocks. Hope you find a way out. today almost sucked every last molecule of soul I have left. It was crazy,needy, ass hole, panic attack day at the ED.


  15. All of you honest ED docs get thee hence to the biggest County Hospital you can ASAP!
    It is saving my mind. These folks just want someone to give themn the 3 minutes we have time to spare and they are gratefull for that much!!!

  16. You can't dust for vomit.

  17. It was David St. Hubbins who said it best, "Dozens of people spontaneously combust each year. It's just not really widely reported." Maybe he was speaking directly about EM physicians?

    Well, it's one louder, isn't it?

  18. BB

    yes it is one louder. don't touch it. don't even look at it. you could hear it if is was playing.


  19. I just started working ED in SLC, UT and I love it here. Less violence injuries than back east, but some pretty raunching ski, wilderness, and burn stuff. Definately put some thought into coming out if you are an outdoorsman. Diversity is lacking, but most of the people in SLC are transplants in and pretty soon it's going to be < =50% LDS. We'd welcome some more fresh blood.

  20. there's a polygamist sect not far from where i work...its rural, not to busy and a great place to raise ur kids...

    just sayin'