Friday, February 01, 2008

Davey, Davey Crockett (on the public purse)

I am, big surprise, a conservative. I am not a Ron Paul supporter but that's where I found this. I do think this is worth a read. It appears to be genuine though if you read to the bottom of the link there is controversy about how accurate this speach is. Nevertheless, the nail has been hit squarely on the head and the conclusion right in line with my view of the purpose of the public purse.


  1. Mr. Crockett was truly a patriot in many ways. Thanks for sharing this.

    Maybe an apocryphal story, but the sentiment and Constitutional interpretation are excellent.

    The public coffers have just become big bank accounts for politicians to buy votes with. "Universal healthcare" is the newest vote buying ploy.

    Of the many differences between Conservatives and Liberals (uh, Progressives): the former believe in private charitable giving...the later believe in Government giving.

    Another identifying difference I heard recently is that Conservatives are "realists" whereas Liberals are "idealists". I'd have to say that I've felt this to be true from all indepth discussions I've had with intelligent committed Libs.

  2. "You found one?"


  3. HAHA!

    Best example is one of the nurses at my old hospital. she was a committed lefty. She is as sweet as they come, and one of the best, hardest working, and dependable ER nurses I've known.

    She only saw good in everyone. She was unable to see or recognize evil.

    I often told her that the gift that made her so endearing was her biggest flaw politically. I said "if everyone was as sweet and good-hearted as you, then liberalism would make sense".

    To this day, she still thinks that the USA should just sit down with North Korea, Iran, Sudan, Jordan, Hamas, Al Queda, and others. We could then get to know them over a few pina coladas. Then, we could just explain why their pursuit of terrorism and/or nuclear weaponry is a bad idea. Being basically good people, they'd certainly cease and desist all such activities.

    Then, Kim Jong Il, Osama Bin Laden, Bush, Bashir, Abdullah, and Ahmadinejad could all sit around a big campfire at Camp David, make s'mores, and sing Kum ba yah.

    Unfortunately, I think this is Hillary and Obama's foreign policy plan too. Scares the hell out of me.


  4. i would be happy to sit down with the aforementioned dictators (and no, bush is not a dictator you putzes) for a drink. then i would pull a 'princess bride' on 'em and they'd all be dead. then i would piss on their graves. i take it your nice friend has never been mugged?

  5. 10-4 good buddy on the take down!

    No, this sweet lady was raised in rural Arkansas and lived with the hill folk and small town people all of her life. In her perception, everyone was kind, honest, and good.

    Even the endless sea of SHPOS's (Sub-Human Pieces of Shit) that we saw in the ER never fazed her.


  6. I love this site, specially when you-all talk dirty (which is how libs see conservative talk). No, Bush is not a dictator; he's kept the country safe without going all lefty-FDR on us. I'm a retired Social Worker and my coworkers were almost invariably very liberal (as the leftists call themselves these days) but seldom was one so kind and big-hearted as the sweet Arkansan nurse you describe. Mostly they were greedy, lazy, contemptuous of our clients and....not too bright. Or knowledgeable. Very good at parroting the Party line, which as we know, historically, can change on a dime! Now, I'll go read that link, sounds interesting!

  7. Well, now I've read Crockett's story, and it doesn't matter whether it is historically true in specifics. It resonates with Americans who love this country and want to preserve the sanctity of the Constitution. If the Crockett story is a myth in whole or in part, well, myths are vital to any nation because they speak to the soul of it. Thanks for the link; I'm sending it on to a lot of other people.

  8. thanks margaret,
    drop by anytime. all welcome here. no censorship but weenies mercilessly teased. can't believe you made it through years of social work with your philosophy and sanity intact. bet you did lot's of good work for lots of folks. thanks, it's one of the toughest jobs i know of.

  9. Margaret said, "Well, now I've read Crockett's story, and it doesn't matter whether it is historically true in specifics."

    That's pretty much the conservative take, isn't it? Doesn't matter if the story has basis in reality, just go with it. No wonder this country's in such a mess!

  10. Dear Anonymous,
    So what you are saying is that if someone didn't say something then there can be no underlying truth? Interesting. Even though there is good evidence that Crockett said this or something very similar our point is that the idea expressed in this piece is true. Do you actually have a point to counter it or are you just throwing stones?

    One more thing, you say, 'basis in reality'. Do me one favor and expand on that so I can determine how anything has a 'basis in reality' and how we may determine what is real and what is not... what is true and what is false etc... I have an answer, let's hear yours. You, in fact, are the reason this country is in 'such a mess'.

  11. Anon: "That's pretty much the conservative take, isn't it? Doesn't matter if the story has basis in reality, just go with it. No wonder this country's in such a mess!"

    My lord how silly! How can anyone miss the point so amazingly far? You should truly be embarrassed by that post.

    If Brenda our dry cleaner wrote that linked tome, it still has merit. You should read it and THINK about what it says (that was the point).

    You chose to focus on whether or not Mr. Crockett wrote if the argument becomes invalid if it was penned by someone else. I personally don't think this country is in "such a mess", but if you can vote, we're in trouble!

    By the way....please remember that the Democrats took control of the entire Congress in 2006. We could argue all day about whether the problem is Democrats, Republicans, or politicians in general...but the point is that whatever issue you heard on TV and chose to believe, there's plenty of blame to go around.

  12. The link is a pretty good distillation of libertarianism. It's too bad every libertarian candidate is personally such a fucking kook - the philisophical underpinings are the reason I would never vote for a Dem. I think where Repub's go wrong is when they stray from the basic tenets of libertarianism. Of course there are libertarian extremists, and like most other extremists, ruin it for the moderates.

    Giving away other people's money and feeling like you have done good and are morally superior is the liberal way. Pathetic.

  13. Great article. Brings a tear to my eye for all that we've become - and this new pathetic breed of Republicans are just as guilty. Rather than remembering the tenants of our constitution, we've bastardized it into whatever feels good to garner the most votes. Our own government has become little more than than green tights-wearing Robin Hoods. They dip their icy fingers into my wallet so "those without" can have more. Is this why I work my ass off?

    Ach, must go find my happy place. Ooohhhmmmmm...who is John Galt?...oooohhhhmmmmm

  14. Couldn't agree more with Etotheipi and Lynn. To answer my own rhetorical question: I think politicians are the problem.

    I usually vote Republican because they're supposedly closer to a Libertarian philosophy than any Democrat, but it just sucks that every Libertarian candidate is a Ron Paul like whack job.

    If the Libertarian party would change it's stance on drug legalization, they might also become more main-stream.

  15. Myths, which are built around solid truths, are much different from the ongoing frantic rewriting of history as it unfolds done by the liberals/lefties. For a really blatant example of that, listen to Bill Clinton on the campaign trail for his wife.