Friday, April 11, 2008

Dr. Calvin

I've had patient encounters like this. The cartoonist left out the part where Suzie demands oxycontin and threatens to sue. I hate feet. It'd be different if it was a Heidi Klum asking for a massage but its always Roseanne Barr with an attitude. After the one anatomy lecture, feet are sort of ignored, everyone knows how they work and theres a whole profession dedicated to them if something goes wrong. For my money nobody beats Navy Corpsmen in taking care of nasty tootsies. I did my first digital block/toenailectomy under the tutelage of a 20 year old corpsman. Of course, putting in the block probably hurts more than just ripping the nail off, but its fun to do.


  1. I only have one autistic child in class this year, last year it was two. One little girl was fascinated by nail polish. She sat in the front row, and I'd feel her gently touching my toes, fascinated by my nail polish. I jumped a mile the first time that happened. When she went to speech therapy she immediately dove under the table to check out the therapist's toes. Kindergartners are touchy, though, they want to feel anything I've got on that is interesting, and I just let them. Have a good day, everybody.

  2. My son likes to pet my prickly legs. So did my little brother when he was 3-4. I just let them.

    My 11 month old likes to dive inside my shirt. I just let him. I suppose I'll have to teach him that it's inappropriate before he's 18.