Wednesday, May 28, 2008

U.S.S. of A

Well I'm back. Had some major computer issues with a damaged hard drive, not to mention meetings, family, school ending, etc. But now I am on a mission. Tomorrow I leave for Washington D.C.. Part vacation, part mission. I am going to petition for a change in the name of our great nation to the United Socialist States of America. With recent comments from Maxine Einstein-Waters "this liberal wants ... socialization, we'll take over the oil industry", to Barack's recent commencement speech at Wesleyan " individual salvation is directly related to the collective salvation.." and " we all can't drive, and eat as much as we would like, or keep our homes at 72 degrees...we need to give a little more".. (look at his tax records to see how much he gave over the years) to the ever-present take-over-healthcare,it has become obvious where we are headed. While there I will do my part to stamp out any last reference in textbooks to the rugged individualism that this nation was founded on, and replace them with glowing references to "achieved" 5 year plans, collective farms, and meeting target steel production, all for the glory of the state. It has become obvious to me that the market economy is an abject failure, and this nation does not care about the rest of the world, statistics on individual giving and U.N. contributions to any and every cause be damned. I envision a cross between France/Cuba/China, taking the best that each of these bastions of collective/socialist thought can offer this once great nation that has lost it's way down the road of individual freedom, market economy, and innovation. It's time for the workers of the world to unite, and take back from those who toiled/ invented/ designed etc. to make this nation great, what is rightfully ours. This is my dream. Change, change, change.

Good day.


  1. yes, comrade 'cat, yes!

    you and i, being of the upper echelon of our society, DESERVE to be members of the central committee. we might also include the others on the blog but there might be less for US then.

    i imagine us both having a "dacha" in branson, mo. perhaps we could even be on dr deborah peel's staff!!! she is small of stature and rather quiet but i have seen her kill people using just her left thumb.

    in the meantime we need to work on getting a lot of land and money redistributed in the name of CHANGE and FAIRNESS. also, there are too many irish in the country and we need to quietly fix that problem.

    i hope we can CHANGE enough to effecct real and meaningful CHANGE since we all want CHANGE and it is the end-all of CHANGE and all.

    from those with too much to those with too little all in the name of CHANGE. that's a catchy little motto no?

  2. Branson, yes. Central location for central control. If you talk to DRX, get some advice on how to ease the transition. We don't want any "free thinkers" throwing monkey wrenches or molitov cocktails.

  3. I remember several years ago, I read a nationwide survey the Library of Congress did where "Atlas Shrugged" was named as the second most influential book ever written...the Bible was the first. Well....where the hell are those people now?!? I know the question was "who is John Galt" but the question now needs to be "where is John Galt"

    There are two simple solutions to this problem. politically incorrect as this is....prohibit those that receive federal assistance from essence it is a bought vote and electoral bribery is illegal. Every entitlement soundbite is just another greasy palm promise to those that would steal from the hardworking and successful.

    Second....everyone must pass a test on the constitution and answer questions like, "how did the framers perceive government" ...." Briefly describe the differences in thought between the Federalists and Anti-Federalist. Identify major players from both parties"......"Please explain the relationship between tyranny and government according to the Founders"

    That ought to weed out the wealth envy wealth redistribution crowd. Now give them a quiz on Das Kapital........... your blog

  4. Atlas is indeed going to shrug. I do believe there will be a time when the realization comes that you don't help the people riding the cart (entitlement receivers) by by punishing the people pulling it (me, others). If it takes Atlas shrugging, so be it. This "tax the rich" demegogery can only be taken so far, and when the 97,000 carpenters, 110,000 police officers, 250,000 nurses, 208,000 post secondary teachers, and 237,000 dentists (according to the Heritage Foundation), start to feel the effects of Obama's tax increases on the "rich", someone will scratch Atlas' back so he doesn't reach around and try to do it himself.

  5. So my pinko kitty, are you really going to be doing some lobbying in DC? I hope so!

    Has anyone heard Rush's little Right Place/Wrong Time song, sang by a guy who sounds incredibly like Obama? Hilarious.

  6. Wow, I was content just to see the dinosaurs in the Smithsonian when I was there.

  7. you and i, being of the upper echelon of our society

    In communist states, construction workers and bellhops make more than physicians. You're crayzee if you think you're upper echelon, 911.

    Have fun moving into your concrete apartment building and hoping the state will pay you your $32/week.

  8. So can we also expect the long lines for toilet paper that the former USSR used to be famous for? What do you think this will do for the wait time in the ER?

  9. You think hospitals give you things like kleenex and TP in communist countries? Think again. You bring your own. Some even require that your family bring you your own food.

  10. You never used the word Gulag. What were you thinking.

    We need to make sure that we have some place to send all of the "crazy" people who do not understand.

  11. I don't understand the reactions I'm seeing to the Obama comment regarding conservation of resources. Every American blog I've read that has posted on it has acted like the comment was a personal affront to their rights as a free individual.

    The part that I find odd is that his comment was valid. No one person can consume all they want without affecting someone else. Our resources are inherently finite. Economy is not independent of environment. No one country has its own air supply, or hydrological cycle. So why do all these blogs burn anyone at the stake who should dare to say otherwise?

    I don't get it.

  12. dear undergrad rn,

    of all the current political bigwigs, the biggest waster of resources is, drum roll please, al gore.

    i take exception to your argument because it's not really an argument. in a market economy one person is limited to what they can afford. to the extent we deviate from this by subsidies or protection of snail darters or spotted owls or impose 'carbon credits' or limit our ability to drill for oil then yes, we will soon see the price of gas go to 4 dollars a gallon. in a market economy this means people will drive less and the price will stabilize and folks will ride busses or bikes. fine.

    but there's more. the best way to ensure proper stewardship of our resources is to make sure that capitalism is the dominant if not only political system.

    think about this for a second. where do people live in their own filth in buildings that are falling down and subject to the whims of cholera and malaria and whatever other plague that we, mercifully, have eradicated here in the evil us of a? answer: the third world.

    why is the third world the third world? if you say because of imperialism i will jump through this computer and slap you (the imperialist states have nearly all been ceded back for local governance and, in many cases, much to the detriment of the populus).

    answer: because countries in africa, the former soviet bloc, the middle east, chad, darfur in sudan, and a host of other hellholes are either run by dictators who live lavishly and keep all the billions we send them or by communist regimes who likewise have a ruling class living in luxury while the populus starves (north korea)... and obama wants to talk to these people?

    the greatest advances in human rights and equality occur in western countries, the conspicuous consumers of resources.

    and no, we are not in a zero-sum game. cut a tree down. grow another one. america is more forrested now than when the pilgrims landed.

    and where is your faith in technology? do you really believe that in thirty years that we will be driving cars that run only on gasoline?

    oil is even now being created deep within the earth. we have vast untapped fields withing the US that we can draw on with next to no environmental impact but the left will not hear of it.

    nuclear power? no way! didn't you see china syndrome? hell, three people died at three mile island! even the french aren't this stupid!

    think of it this way. you just took chemisty. you remember le chatelier's principle? conservation of energy in reactions? it's hard enough to work a simple chemical equation and people like obama claim to understand our planet in the same terms. a vast biochemical equation with an infinite number of variables and obama thinks we can change it. people like you think we have power that we don't have. we could no more destroy the planet than we could get bill clinton to stop chasing skirts.

    the exxon valdez spill was going to ruin the fisheries of prince william sound for three hundred years but they are back already and it's hard to find any trace of the spill.

    then planet is hearty and has undergone far more challenges to its equilibrium than we have thrown at it. one single volcanic eruption puts more CO2 in the air than all the cars in the world driven in a year.

    but the global warming movement is not based on science, it's a religion, and it's thinly disguised communism. kyoto is merely a money grab and plays on western guilt.

    the biggest polluters on the planet right now are china and india. the US air quality has steadily improved since the early 70s but somehow it's still our fault.

    when obama talks about this religion he's telling folks like me to watch our wallets because we are going to get soaked for this nebulous religion.

    when the average yearly temperature is low, like this year, it's due to "climate change", when it's higher than "normal" it's 'global warming' and people get scared shitless.

    having people scared shitless makes them controllable. i'm not scared shitless. i'm going down the street to fill up my big fucking pickup truck to the brim then i'm going for a drive. it's cooler than it should be this time of the year hear and i'm just doing my part.

    ultimately, the environment will do just fine as long as it is NOT tied to the economy. it makes no sense for a corporation to operate on a 'scorched earth' philosohpy because they will fail.

    the only 'scorched earth' perpetrators i can remember in recen't history are hitler (when his 'supermen' retreated from russia) and saddam hussein (when he lit all his oil wells on fire). and remember that? the impact was going to be felt for generations and it was going to snow in midsummer on africa? didn't happen. put the fires out in a few months and the pumps are back up and running except for the people over there sabotaging them so they can impose sharia law over the world and kill americans.

    other than that i completely agree with you.

  13. oh, almost forgot... a gulag! yes, 'cat, i think the gulag for th new USS of A should be all the blue cities. let's face it, even though you and i will escape the gulag as we will be on the inside of the compound in branson, the people we will have to put in the gulag, unfortunately, are the folks who believe in personal responsibility, Christianity, the infinite worth of the individual etc... nice folks and the big producers in our current society but they will need to be punished.

    i think they should be forced to work as barristas at the state run starbucks stores in seattle, denver, boston, san francisco and atlanta. we will need to keep them sedated so they will be required to smoke pot and not bathe. some may even convert.


  14. 911Doc.......

    You just fucking rock! I could not have put it any better myself. Climate change, for many, has become nothing more than a foundation on which to base world wide wealth redistribution....plain and simple.

    As as far as "evil capitalism" I can't think of another system which has created more wealth, brought more opportunities, increased life expectancies, defeated disease, crossed racial divides, ....and too many more wonderful benefits to mention.

    But has also brought us Press-Gainy...oh system is perfect!

  15. Now I can't get the mental image of you jumping through my computer and slapping me out of my head!

  16. Oh goodie...I look really foxy in black leather marching boots and kommandant's coat.

  17. I once worked in a podunk hospital. One of the more colorful Er Doctors paged a surgical resident 4 times before he showed up. Dr. colorful then punched the surgical resident we had nicknamed "weasle boy" We enjoyed that so much that when he used our L&D room for a call room. We left him chocolates on his pillow....911 are you a large black man from podunk hospital?

  18. dear pinky,
    women, without the benefit of good illumination, have supposed that i am black. they were mistaken, but i understand their confusion.

  19. Well, we know she wasn't deaf, as lip readers always conduct their, um, affairs with the benefit of good illumination.

  20. Oh no, another delusional male, or is that what a tautology is?

  21. Amy 65-C: He's probably compensating for not having a sports car.

  22. amy-65c,

    I thought the typical personal ad was "delusional male seeks female willing to feed those delusions. Lack of measuring skills a plus."

  23. Devorrah:
    That is too funny... but you certainly are right! Also, that big pick-up truck syndrome is usually a sign of deficiency...somehere (they say).

    Rogue medic:
    Equally true and funny!

  24. the nurses call me 'tripod' and that's without removing my scrubs. so far i've been unable to find a plastic surgeon to shorten the damned thing.

  25. No plastic surgeon, I just use botox to get rid of the wrinkles and make it look younger, but not to the point of looking childish. :-)

  26. Trouser pickles are like snowflakes, or children in a postindustrial society--all different and special in their own way.

  27. You guys are cracking me up. I'm telling ya' 911, a picture of Hillary Clinton on the ceiling will cause shrinkage and therefore your lengthy little problem will be no more. Her mug could peel the paint off a wall, not to mention I think she scares the shit out of men.

    You so very eloquently descirbed my feelings exactly on global warming, etc. Very nicely written. *Applause*

    Have you read PIG?