Thursday, June 26, 2008

Can I get an AMEN!!!

At least Justice Thomas and the Supremes believe the 2nd Amendment is a CERTIFIED RIGHT!!!(I love Justice Thomas!)
However, friends, it was 5-4 decision. When Hussien Obama is president there will be 3(I think) Justices over 75 years old on the Court. OMG!! I've come to believe over my years that the appointment of federal judges thru out our nation is the most critical job a Pres has. And if that liberal, communist, radical islamist becomes our president, we are in for so much trouble..


  1. i want everyone's guns confiscated... except mine.


  3. I just don't know. You're right OldFart, that appointments are the president's most important job, and there is no calling these things--some justices seem to go on forever. The thing I worry about is depressed teenagers and suicides. My Dad always kept a revolver under his car seat, and I almost killed myself with it when I was 16 and my Dad and brother were killed. Decided it wouldn't be fair to my Mom. And there are so many kids that get into them because parents don't secure them.

  4. dev,
    here's a cause that you and i might be able to fully support together... kind of a 'hands across the aisle' thing.

  5. 911: I agree! Actually, there are probably a few other causes we can agree on:
    *ER abuse (bad)
    *Cryostorage of teenagers (good)
    *Lengthy, zenlike attention spans for kindergarteners (good)
    *Malpractice reform (good)

  6. this post makes me sick. .. you are obviously poorly informed and i will quit reading your blog, and if i knew where you practiced medicine i would encourage all your patients to seek their care from another qualified doctor, one that is not a crazy person. .. ..

  7. Wow--I'm okay with reading stuff I don't agree with, but I've been through high school. I learned somewhere in elementary school that people aren't crazy just because they disagree with me. You would get excellent care from any of these doctors, even if you don't agree with their politics.

  8. Yeah, much better to let the old coot stack the Supreme Court with "conservatives" who will overturn Roe v. Wade. Or who will continue to back the GOP's attempt to subvert habeus corpus. Hell, why don't we just give up ALL of our other freedoms just to ensure that the court will always protect gun rights. Until, of course, the GOP decides to take them away.

    Good plan.

    I'm sure that McCain, the candidate that the NRA referred to as "one of the premier flag carriers for the enemies of the Second Amendment" will be sure to pick pro-2A justices. Have you already forgotten the McCain-Lieberman gun bill?

    Oh, and "Hussien Obama"? Really? Why don't you just stop pretending and just refer to him as SEKRET MOOSLIM NEGRO like I know you want to. Damn. You can hate the man's policies, but why the hell not use his real first name?

  9. anna,
    thanks for your comments. i am sorry you will not read our blog anymore because you are exactly the kind of reader we want... someone who is thoughtful and reserved, someone with a keen grasp of history, not tossing out generalities and hate backed up by self-righteous indignation. in other words, not a typical lefty at all... calm, not one to engage in ad hominem attacks, not one educated far beyone their common sense and intelligence, not one to be a mindless parrot of the left... i could go on. good riddance douchebag and have fun at your encounter group.

  10. david,
    i have an undergraduate degree in american history, served four years in the armed services, have three friends on the police force and two friends in iraq. there is no nice way to put this, you are an idiot douchebag.

  11. "Well, when an Adult Male is chasing a Female with intent to commit rape, I shoot the Bastard, thats my policy"
    "Intent? How did you establish that?"
    "When a naked man is chasing a woman through an alley, with a butcher knife and a Hard-On, I figure he isn't collecting for the Red Cross"
    What Movie?? Character??

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  13. David sez:
    ...if i knew where you practiced medicine i would encourage all your patients to seek their care from another qualified doctor, one that is not a crazy person.
    Methinks David needs an enema. His intestines are tied too tight.

  14. I agree Lynn, and he's totally fucking up the Future Subjunctive Tense.

  15. I SOOOOOOOOOO like reading you guys! Reaffirms my faith in America, that there is at least one medical blog not authored by a bleedin' heart liberal.

    Here's what I told my hardcore Democrat neighbor: The first thing dictators and totalitarian regimes do is take away individual citizen's ability to arm themselves ... they ain't stupid. I doubt I changed her mind (on anything, really), but it made me feel good!

  16. I will likely continue reading MDOD, as I don't see what good comes of me not reading it. (and it is damn funny) However, I completely understand the reaction above. And "communist, radical islamist" in reference to Obama is not funny, instructive, accurate, useful. Please tell me why this phrase was used. For the best, I am hoping it is just an expression of misplaced anger.

  17. UH, because that's my opinion of Hussien..
    And it's my blog, it's not here to be instructive, useful, funny,etc. It's here because we write it to blow off steam, poke fun at Libs, bleeding hearts, politicians, and in general say any fucking thing we want..And we are CONSERVATIVES
    Don't like it, please feel free to leave and don't let the door hit you on the way out..

  18. Now blood will run down the will be...

    the blood of...


    instead of the good guys.

    There will be no increase in gun related crime, mark my words.

    Obama is a "liberal, communist, radical islmaist." I shudder to think about what will happen if he gets into office

  19. Be sure to check out the footage of Chicago Mayor Daley's reaction to the decision. It's beautiful. Someone needs to get him his binky.

    (Wah wah wah individual right to armed self defense is bad, but professional armed self defense for me via Chicago PD 24/7 is good.)

  20. Anon, we don't know who you are, but seems like you might fit in with this crowd, Dude..

  21. Err, Obama's a Christian, guys.

  22. Yes, it certainly is your blog for whatever reason - blow off steam whatever...and so fill 'er up with your opinions --> that's a big reason why I read it. I find your opinions and commentary on liberals, cooks, etc. entertaining. But when I asked about "liberal, communist, radical islamist", you said, dear Old Fart, that it was your "opinion" of Hussien. Are you telling me that your opinion is that Obama is an "islamist"? That kinda statement doesn't sound like an opinion. Please clarify why "islamist" was used.

  23. Seems like I've heard this all before. Anybody remember the sunset of everybody's favorite "Federal ASSAULT WEAPONS Ban?" Glock 33-round mags came down to a reasonable price and after a few days the usual rhetoric died off. It's a wonder we're all still here.

    To anyone still on the fence here, just recall that those who view the recent events as a "loss" are explicitly against, whether they admit it or not,
    the rights of the American individual, the pillars of freedom, and everything Oldfart stands for. Never trade freedom for the illusion of security. Oldfart wouldn't.....keep fightin' the good fight.

  24. If you play with fire you will get burned...

    Remember how your parents told you not to hang out with certain people because they'll make you look bad? Obama doesn't listen to that advice.

    The anonymous comment about blood running in the streets was me. Stupid blogger...

  25. Where do you docs stand on a woman's right to choose? Are you for or against Roe v. Wade? Just curious.

  26. Well, I live in Texas...and we like out guns! I worked in the prison system for 13 years and became very profiencent at shooting targets...never had to shoot at a person. Keep my gun handy still (I'm a nurse) but haven't got my concealed carry yet. My weapons are locked w/gun lock and locked in case when my grandkids visit. I've scared a few dogs off by shooting at the ground (neighbors have pit-bull dogs that are not leashed), oh I live in the country (county) so I'm legal.

  27. dear onery woman,

    i think that you will find us all over the place on this one.

    my stand is to ask 'what is an embryo'? at the moment of conception what is it? is it alive or dead? if you say a live human being, which is what i believe, then i think that an aborted human is a killed human. i am therefore against abortion on demand with the exception made for pregnancies that endanger the life of the mother or pregnancies that are the result of rape.

    i have no sympathy for the argument that the mother can't take care of the kid and that the kids life will be miserable. whatever life the kid has is, on its face, better than death. this kind of thinking is the kind of thinking that leads us to euthanize pets.

    there are tens of thousands couples who can not conceive who would gladly adopt, and then not have to travel to china or russia to do it. they would be the source of funding and could pay for pregnancy care.

    also, since having sex, with the exception of assault/rape, is the result of a choice freely made (this is the woman's right to chose) i believe that the consequences of that choice are what should be endured. i believe that the ability to terminate pregancies when they are not convenient leads to a diminution of the value of human life.

    also, and this is something you will never read in the media, abortions today are little better than ones done in the dark alley with a coathanger.

    i have taken care of two patients post abortion this month who required a second surgery to fix the butchery committed in the first place. the docs who do abortions are NOT contactable after the procedure. they do not do follow up care, or, if they do, they do not do it emergently, so our system absorbs these problems as well and the bill goes to the taxpayer.

  28. Some interesting tid bits about me...And I'm not telling this as some sort of merit badge or confirmation of my beliefs, just that this is my background and shaped a large portion of my being..
    My dad was a Baptist preacher. I grew up a "PK". I doubt he ever made more than 6k/yr
    I went to HS(actually grades 7-12) in an inner city HS in the south. There were, maybe 200 white kids out of 1400 in 3 grades. And I wasn't bussed, altho that was at it's height then, I lived there. I never saw a fight between a white kid and black kid. To me, Racism exists because of economic divisions, not because of color..

    Now for the real dichotomy as 911 said..

    Onery gal. I absolutely believe in Roe v Wade. It is probably next on my list behind the 2nd Amendment..Explain that.. I can, but you have understand the old Greek and Aramaic interpretation of the Bible as I was taught by my Father..The key word is "neishmea" if I remember how to spell it. It means "God breathed" As in it is not a human heing until "God breathed" for it. If it's not out of the uterus, breathing, it is not a human life..I do object to late term abortions and that needs to be clarified WITHOUT destroying RvW..I am conflicted

    Anon, Thank you for your very kind question and please keep reading us. Maybe I was too swift to take the sword to you..Maybe we can sway your beliefs..

    I say "Islamist" not as a religious belief, but an ideology, which I believe Hussein stands for..That is the destruction of the American way of life
    His association with a church that tolerates the preaching which we have been allowed to see and hear only confirms my belief. And may, hopefully, cost him the Whitehouse..Until I saw that, I had very little angainst him except that he has NO EXPERIENCE and I lived thru the last time we did this, Carter..(and I went to college at a school founded by the same religious affiliation as that so called "church") Had this not surfaced, I still would NOT have voted for him based on his LACK of experience..\
    Oh, and by virtue of my life experiences, I would not have hesitated to use the "N" word as in "sekret muslim N" if I wanted to say something derogatory..(I thought that was my middle name growing up..It is not sacred.) I do not hate the man as you Libs HATE W, which I do not understand. I would love to drink beer with Bill Clinton!! You, however, would not piss on W if he was on fire. This I do not understand

    RR, Thank you..I'm slowly circling in on who you are!..

    Sorry for such a long post, it is not my style..HTFU!!

  29. OldFart: I know W isn't a bad guy because he likes dogs. A vet friend heard through the vet grapevine that Clinton disliked dogs and kept Buddy in the basement, only letting him out for photo ops. I don't like W but I don't feel irrational hatred either!

  30. Dev, a very astute comment. Dogs don't love people who don't deserve it..
    I'd still love to drink too much with Bill..

  31. Hmm, oldfart, I can't help but analyze your recent remarks on Islamist ideology. Before I begin, let me first say that my political opinions are not necessarily represented herein. I am always open to reasoned argument, and I respect the right of every American to hold and advertise personal political opinions. So could we please cut lines like 911's "you are an idiot douchebag", even if people deserve them on occasion?

    Now: let's do it one step at a time. "Islamist ideology", you say, is for "the destruction of the American way of life". We of course know that there are many radicals out there who would love to see America- and indeed, the rest of the world- under Sharia. But there are over a billion Muslims out there. In fact, the current Jihadist beliefs can be shown to be a disturbingly twisted version of Jihad as it was spelled out in the Qur'an.

    Now, there are many people who hold radical views on many topics, but we tend to think of radical Muslims because of recent and ongoing events. However, I should point out that there is in fact such a thing as Christian terrorism. Check out; that ties in well with the mention of abortion here.

    But I digress. The point is not that Islamist ideology does not seek the destruction of the American way of life, though I could and would argue for that. I would like to instead talk about Obama. Obama is running for president. If he wins, it will be his duty to stand for America, and to protect America's best interests. Can you actually believe that this man, an educated person who lives in this country and enjoys the rights due an American citizen, would want to tear it all down? I can't. We haven't even defined the "American way of life" yet. We could say that it's "a democratic system in which we abide by the constitution and enjoy great personal freedom" or instead that it's a "culture in which we are consumers of a very high degree". If we use the latter, then yes, our day-to-day life may need to change. You can believe in global climate change or not, but regardless, we're straining our resources. Is that "destruction of the American way of life"?

    Also, there seems to be a great deal of attention turned towards the comments of Obama's pastor. I regard this with great suspicion. I would never agree with the comments themselves, of course, but it is that man's right to express himself. In doing what he is doing, he is taking advantage of the American way of life. But that's not the point. Can we judge Obama by the comments of someone he likely looked up to? Obama already condemed those words, anyway, and I do honestly believe him. Just because you don't agree with the political opinions of a person doesn't mean you don't associate with them, and that's often demonstrated here on MDOD.

    Also, I would think it to be highly inappropriate to reference Obama as a "sekret muslim". He attended a school that was affiliated with Islam because that was the norm in the place where he lived at the time. He later attended a Christian school. The Islamic school did not teach any radical politics. If anything, it gave him a unique perspective on our current situation.

    All right, this post is becoming too long, and who knows whether it will make it past moderation? Whatever. It was fun writing it. Yes, I'm a devil's-advocate type.

    BTW, some language trivia: I'm not sure about "neishmea," (in that I don't know Aramaic, not that I distrust it) but I can tell you that in modern Hebrew the word "breathe"...well, let's go back bit. Hebrew and Aramaic don't have vowels, as you probably know. So the Hebrew word for "to breathe" is לנשום (Le'nashum). I'm pretty sure the root of that is נ.ש.ם. (N.SH.M), which I'm again pretty sure is the root of נשמה (Neshama), or soul. In Hebrew and Aramaic you always find words related like that. You just play 'round with the vowels. So "God breathing for it" is just about equivalent to "God soul-ing it". This is supported in Halacha (Jewish law), which I'm almost certain defines death as the cessation of breathing. So effectively all orthodox Jews should be DNR ;) Of course, there's plenty of evidence to the contrary, for example Elisha in Kings II 4:34- that should be מלכים ב ד'לד for the obsessive Hebrew speakers among us. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. And now I've gone on a HUGE tangent.

    All that said, and who knows if YOU know Aramaic and/or Hebrew? Whatever. Still a fun thing to point out.

    Sorry for continually being annoying / beating dead horses; it's just my damned nature.

  32. dear anoying voice,

    point well taken with your statement that i tend to throw out the ad hominem attack now and then. i like to think of 'douchebag' as a word i use when i feel like people are beyond reasoned argument and, if i were to have the same argument with that person IN PERSON, that it might come to blows because that's all some people understand.

    i do not think, nor does Oldfart i venture, that Obama would set out to tear down america or the american way of life. we both think, however, that he might accomplish a lot of damage because he doesn't know any better, and, if he really believes that sitting at the table with dictators and avowed enemmies of our country will do anything other than make the situation more dangerous then he's no better than chamberlain.

    more later, but one thing i will say, even though you admit to playing 'devil's advocate', is that you seem to suggest that there is no real 'american way of life' or, to extend, american heritage, or tradition etc... i disagree.

    this country was built on Chrisitanity and to suggest otherwise is worse than a lie and takes some highly selective reading of our founding documents. take Christianity or leave it, but it is a religion that elevates the individual and the worth of every indivudual, above that of the group's.

    the left, the far left, is so into group politics that personal responsibility and consequences for bad choices are not something they back up with legislation. in fact, they seek to grow the government and increase dependecy thereon. the subtext is that most people are too stupid to look out for themselves and that the government can do it better. i disagree.

    obama's campaign has been chock full of magneticism and rhetoric but he won't put anything on paper. this criticism goes across the aisle, i know you can't get elected to major office if you state your position clearly because, mainly, group politics and the power of instantaneous, biased reporting in the MSM can make a crowd of thirty hippies look like the 140,000 man march.

    and obtw, if you have posted here before as you suggest, i do not remember it... at least under this screenname. we may disagree, but for the moment i will not use the ad hominem as you present a reasoned, rationale argument.


  33. 911,

    No, I haven't posted here before. I was referring more to how I generally tend to be. I suppose it was a bad choice of words. Response to the rest later.

  34. Not to throw gasoline on the Abortion Debate, but just consider, its been 35 1/2 years since Roe was handed down, figuring conservatively some 2 million abortions a year, that would be 70 million extra added to the 35 and under population. Again estimating conservatively that 1/2 would be Male, and 5% criminals, thats 1.75 million extra Criminals hanging out on your street corner.

  35. Back on point: everyone who loves freedom has grounds to celebrate the recent Supreme Court decision on the Second Amendment, regardless of his or her opinions about the private ownership of firearms. The reiteration by the Court that the rights described in the U.S. Constitution are the possession of each individual, not privileges granted by the government to groups or classes of people, is a great affirmation of the ideal of human rights, and reinforces a precedent that is protective of ALL human rights. Read the justices' opinion. This case was not about guns; it was about the nature of individual rights, and the need to inhibit government intrusion on those rights. This is a victory for everyone who loves liberty and believes in the ideals of inherent human rights, as opposed to ephemeral government granted privilege. The Court's decision was reasonable, balanced decision that affirmed the authority of government to regulate the behavior of citizens, but not to deny the rights of those citizens. Whatever your opinion about privately owned firearms, be glad that ALL of your liberties are a little safer today than they were two weeks ago.

  36. dear anoyingvoice..I think you are making my point for me..
    The Aramic for breathing by God is just whay I meant..Therefore, until a being is born AND breathing it is not a being. Therefore abortion is NOT killing a being..
    Are you really arguing for the destruction of the American way??!!
    I did not refer to Hussein as SKN, someone else did that. I don't think there's anything secret about it. And his relationship with his Church/Pastor for 20+ yrs, to me, shows his belief in the destruction of America..See "God Damn America".
    Obviously my Chuch teachings influenced my beliefs all thru my life and believe the same is true for him..Therefore, as a Christian and American, I cannot vote for him, as he stands for the destruction of America. Which he may accomplish in many ways thru changing laws of this Christian Nation via the appointments of Federal judges over the term of his presidency..
    My opinion..

  37. Countryrat: spot on. Seems like nowadays everyone loses the forest (inherent human liberties) for the trees (usually shootings involving heavy media coverage).

    OF: Interesting abortion stance. Not at all what I expected. And I said it before but 'twas lost in a blog glitch, if you circle in on who I am I'll shit a cinder block & 12 bags of QUIKRETE® and repave your driveway.

  38. Oldfart, you surprise me. I'll make this shorter than last time, though.

    First off, I was merely providing some more evidence for your stance on abortion based on the language. Also, I know the SKN reference wasn't you, but the point is the same- you yourself say that you believe the same without the "secret" bit. You know my stance on that whole issue, or at least what I've presented here.

    Now. Am I arguing for the destruction of the American way? No! I'm merely saying that it's a little strange to say that someone or other will destroy it without even giving a clear definition of the term. You say "this Christian Nation," and I'm not going to deny that this nation was born upon the principles of Christianity. Despite that, it was also founded as a place of religious tolerance. Let me ask you a serious question here. Do you really believe that this country should be run entirely by the principles of the Christian bible? I would assume not. I'm trying not to offend here, but let me just point out that it may be the case that our rich heritage isn't exactly pointing us the right way. I'm not saying that it isn't. I'm saying that it's possible. As long as we're talking about that, remember that slavery was part of that heritage, too. We did away with it, and I would hazard a guess that no sane person today would welcome its return. Yet at that time, especially in the very beginnings of American history, it was a part of normal life. Our definition of the "American way," like or not, changes with the times, and maybe it's time for another update.

    Once again, the opinions of the pastor were condemned by Obama, so if you'd like to assume that he is telling a barefaced lie in saying he does not share those views, and that he honestly is running for president intent on destroying the nation that gives him the right to do so...I suppose that's your right. 911 noted that he, and most likely you as well, believe that Obama will accidentally cause disaster, but what you've said most recently, regarding "his belief in the destruction of America" would seem to indicate otherwise.

    I might write more later if I get in the right mood. Sorry I was a little snappish here.

  39. Not at all, you are merely stating your opinion.
    I did read your post on my abortion stance just the way you intended. It supported my belief, and why I think that way, much better than I. Slavery? I would say that Christianity had as much to do with it's abolition as did economics. Hussien's church? Do really believe that he sat in that church for 20 yrs and did not hear that sermon in many forms over the years and not agree with it? If you believe that I've a great investment in some bundled mortgages for you!
    Keep on snapping..

  40. "CLITon". "Hussein Obama".

    You... actually make me slightly nauseous. It boggles my mind that somebody who must be educated and at least moderately intelligent could be so incredibly juvenile.

    I vote dem* - and dems are assholes - but I would never sink to that level, and I'm just a lower-middle-class white kid. If you're going to blog about politics, you could at least try to represent your party. Be polite, perhaps? Cultivate an image of respectability? There are independents reading this, and there is nothing more repulsive then a self-righteous circle jerk with petty name calling.

    *I am not a squealing obama fanboy.

  41. asc,

    go ahead and be fully nauseous.

    you are an idiot. here's the proof.

    you assail oldfart for being 'increcibly juvenile'. right after that you call him (and all of us here by implication) a "self-righteous circle jerk with petty name calling"... which, if you didn't notice, makes you 1) self-righteous 2) a name caller. you can't be a 'circle jerk' just by yourself, and i think you have shown us all here that you are not a master-debater either. that must be frustrating so keep trying.

  42. Hm? Of course not. I'm not a debater of any type. I'm just an outsider describing what I see; and what I see isn't pretty, so I use strong language. I don't find any inconsistency with this when used on people who go out of their way to be offensive.

    And 'circle jerk' refers to, yes, the regulars who don't object when he spews gratuitous epithets.

  43. dear asc,

    congratulations. you have completed the circle-jerk all by yourself.

  44. Bro' 911, thank U..

    ASC why are U here? This blog is not here to debate much of anything we don't want to. It's our blog, don't like it Fuck OFF!!
    We'll miss U terribly..

    CLITon wishes she knew where hers is and Hussein is a radical, leftist, communist, INEXPERIENCED POS!!(political operational snot) The worst is his inexperience in anything, much less how to run a nation. He doesn't even show for votes in the Senate!! Vote for him shithead, it's how we do business. If he is elected he will be my president and I will support him. Something YOU LIBS refused to do for W. If he is insulted by some third world snotrag, I will go to war for him. So suck my dick, you ignoramous..

    God I wish dueling was still legal..

  45. And now you're not even making an attempt at coherent conversation. I guess my work here is done.

    Bush lost my support when he started violating the constitution and basic human rights, and the GOP lost my respect when they didn't stand up to him. Try to remember that there's a difference between patriotism and groupthink.

  46. dear asc,

    i know you can't read fast so i'm typing very slowly.

    i did not know that bush had 'started violating the constitution and basic human rights'.

    that certainly changes things! and wow, how originally put and with such incontrovertible evidence!

    but that last one... i don't think i will ever be able to understand, even after my many years of military service, civilian service, multiple degrees, and continuing education, parenthood, and writing this blog, that there is a difference between 'patriotism and groupthink'.

    here's an idea, go start your own blog and the world will beat a path to your door. i kneel humbled in your presence.