Sunday, June 01, 2008


Hi Folks. Been in the Nation's Capitol with a 1000 or so of my closest friend's from the Socialist Society of Academic EM, you know, good old SAEM.
Rest assured that I'll have a few comments on the proceedings.
But first, the Keynote address was a "town hall" with the 3 candidates' Medical Big Thinkers. Surprising what floated over the crowd, but I digress.

Just 1 observation today. The dude representing CLITon was actually probably the best of the worst for ONE reason..Now before you start yelling that Oldfart forgot his asprin again..

He actually mentioned(not too stridently)that the time has come for the USSA to stop spendng 75% of our health care $$ in the last 3 months of life! You all know it will be cold day in Hell before I vote for a woman, if you can really call her that, I want DNA proof, but, let's face it. Rationing the $ that we spend flogging 85 year old hearts with LevemDead for days in the ICU and rescusitating nursing Gulag's 90 year olds, needs to end. And, I submit, it will be a Dem who will have to force it down our throats before it happen, if it ever will..Just think what we could do with THAT money back in our CURRENT HC System!!

Let's have a group hug and then get on with bidness..HTFU!!!


  1. Oldfart: That woman, or any woman? I would be an excellent president, BTW.

  2. Dev: A female should never be president. We would lose respect from several major countries...

    Have you ever seen The Kingdom?

  3. No, but I will. I actually hadn't thought of that--that's sad.

  4. What about Margret Thatcher? What about Golda Meyer (Forgive the spelling)?

    And White men have done such a bang up job so far?

  5. I had a comment that disappeared again. That's right, what about Gandhi, Aquino, Thatcher,and maybe not Bhutto?

  6. oldfart,

    i disagree in only one regard.

    the government has no business making these kinds of decisions for people. if i'm 99 and find being on the vent wonderfully fulfilling AND i can pay for it then bring it. as it stands my living will states to pull the plug after a week if my old squash is elsewhere, but i'm just sayin...

    as far as women presidents go i think ee was a little tongue-in-cheek with her comment.

    maggie thatcher had big brass ovaries and makes hillary look like verucca salt.

    i think "the kingdom" might grow a healthy respect for amercian womanhood with the impact of the first JDAM and the first few passes of some A10s.

  7. Dev, sorry, but I will never vote for a woman for president. (At least not at this time). And I realize there have been many very effective world leaders without a third leg..Do U still love me??Maybe you SHOULD run for office

    911..As long as WE are not PAYING for you to be brain dead on a blower, just pay your own way and electric bill!!..That's the point, FWad!!

    I can't take for this idea but, anyone who receives guvmnt $ for ANYTHING SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE!! THEY'VE BEEN BRIBED BY THE GVMNT!!!!!IT'S A TAINTED VOTE AND IT SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED!!
    (That is freakin GENIUS!!)
    Put that in your pipe and smoke it..

  8. oldfart,
    damn your logic! i think you lived a hundred years too late my friend.

  9. OldFart: Sure I do! I would indeed be an awesome president, but there's no background check, is there? If not, I'm all set.

  10. I don't like anybody these days for prez. Guess I'm SOL.

  11. But what about the remaining 24% of health care $$ that is spent on multi-trauma's that we peel off the highway? Is that any more appropriate?
    And in terms of the silver tsunami...what are we going to say? "sorry kids, Nana just missed the cath lab age cut off for treatment! She should have thrown that clot before her 84th birthday!"


    Great blog BTW. I want it.

  12. I'm dead serious. I would never vote for a female president.

    My "The Kingdom" point was in reference to the part where Jennifer Garner is not aloud to eat with the royal middle eastern family. I have a special place in my heart for that movie, my husband and I saw it on our first date. ;)

    "And White men have done such a bang up job so far?" They've done fine. America is FUCKED if OHB or HRC get into office.

    The Iron Lady is way cool. She did a great job and did well for the UK, but, I stand by my point that America does not need to have a female in the oval office.

    Also, you mention (I believe) Golda Meir, she was the first "Iron Lady" but, unfortunetly, I do not know much about her. Again though, I stand by my pointthat America does not need to have a female for president.

  13. EE

    I disagree. Unless you have a different definition to fine than I do. There have been vastly different types of Presidents throughout History. Some fine. Some in need of serious help. Remember the bay of pigs?

    Just because someone is a woman does not mean she will or will not be a good president. That is not enough information to make a decision. I would vote for Margret Thatcher or Golda Meir. I just would. I would not vote for Jimmy Carter. I would vote for Ronald Regan. But that is just me.

  14. Pinky: Once again you have missed my point. A woman would make a good president. A woman SHOULD NOT be president though.

  15. EE:

    Yes, I have missed your point and am now completely confused.

  16. EE: Not arguing, just seeking clarity here: You don't think it's advisable to have a female president only because you feel we would lose respect internationally? Why didn't this happen with Golda Meir or Margaret Thatcher?

  17. The UK has respect from the same countries as the US? I think not.

    And, once again, I don't know enough about Golda Meir to comment on her.

  18. So what does the Issue of a Woman president have to do with Hilary Clinton?

  19. Drackman.Game, set and match!!!

  20. Ditto what oldfart said! Drackie you rock.

    As Larry the Cable Guy once sang to the tune of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town":

    "You better watch out
    I think shes a guy
    Im not quite sure
    but something aint right
    Hillary Clinton's coming tonight"

    By the way oldfart: There's a town southwest of you that has a 70+ year old family doc...he came down to my town yesterday and covered the ER for a couple of hours. I think he wins the "oldest practicing ER doc" award. ;)