Thursday, June 19, 2008

Suggestions from the cheap seats??

OK, you MDOD readers, I'm soliciting suggestions for the place, timing, theme of the first meeting of the minds. We, the contributors to this mindless drivel of a blog, should meet, for the first time, and just see who is KRAZY..
Give me/us your suggestions! Maybe we'll do it!


  1. Boulder, CO. asap. tie-dye dress only. mucho ganja and bongo drums.

  2. For that type of festivity, I think
    Austin, TX is preferred. Ask Matthew McConaughey, he is the expert.

  3. Place: Hawaii
    Timing: October
    Theme: Basic nekkid doctor, of course. You're only allowed to wear banana leaves.

  4. I'm really short on cash, so how 'bout your ED, 3am, tomorrow night?

  5. I think my husband would feel really threatened if I told him I was running off to meet a bunch of doctors I met on the internet. I suppose it's ok as long as we're not playing doctor right?

    How's about Jackson Hole? Love it in the summer. Although this year, I'm too poor to go. We WERE going to go, but then life happens.

    What exactly would be the list of activities for such a meeting? Gross anatomy ala Etotheipi? English and experssion through the rant?

  6. Vegas, baby. Can I bring my new husband? And lesbian tripets for 911, of course. Corpses for Etotheipi, guns for OldFart and kitty litter for S. Cat. We'll have to keep an eye on 911's drinking, obviously.

  7. "We'll have to keep an eye on 911's drinking, obviously."

    "I'm really short on cash, so how 'bout your ED, 3am, tomorrow night?"

    Can't. Breath. Laughing. To. Hard.

  8. I think we should dress as a disease, or maybe how you GET the disease. I want to be a social disease.

  9. dev,
    already been done. etotheipi of course. at two consecutive halloween parties he went as...

    1. condyloma accuminata... he wore a red tracksuit with cauliflower sewed to it in bits and pieces.

    2. a vagina. he got two T bone steaks, sutured them together, wore them over his head and showed up stinky drunk with a cigar. that was not the first time that people hated on him and will certainly not be the last.

  10. I think we should guess each other's identities.

  11. you forgot that with the vagina costume I had dental floss in my mouth as the tampon string.

    Details, 911, details!

  12. I nominate Etotheipi's wife for sainthood.

  13. I suggest the Green Dragon pub here in Boston where I am currently living. It was considered the "hotbed of the American Revolution" where Paul Revere, Sam Adams, and other Sons of Liberty would meet to plan their overthrow of tyranny.

    Pretty appropriate considering most of our attitudes towards the current system of government. We can get drunk, mingle, and plan the next Boston tea party...maybe throwing welfare recipients and entitled ED patients overboard instead!

  14. "you forgot that with the vagina costume I had dental floss in my mouth as the tampon string."

    LMAO, Etotheipi, you may be my idol.

    - Gabe

  15. People, COME ON!!! I'm disappointed in you. I was counting on real originality here!
    Like, maybe, Borneo..911 could find the true love of his life swinging in the trees..
    Or Australia..89 would go crazy with that many sheep to pick from!
    Come on, get with the program!!

  16. OOPS! Meant 85 not 89..Too busy at work today..

  17. .
    How about New Hampshire?
    the experience of a lifetime

    Just your style. Perfect. ;-)
    Start packing.

  18. Yall are serious about the halloween costumes, aren't yall?

    Yall would get along great with my intramural team.

  19. The Isle of Capri in Italy, when Emporor Tiberius conducted his greatest debauches. It's pretty.

  20. Damn Devo, are you Psychic? We're screening "Caligula" at the Hideout next Friday.

  21. Evidently so! #3 and I were talking about "To Serve Man" about five minutes before you posted on it (and no, I didn't cheat by previewing your posts) Are you bugging #3?