Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Update from Washington

Couldn't get an audience here

Nobody home here.

Dumbocratic National Committee meeting at the Marriott

Beautiful Mt. Vernon

Well I'm back from DC (that's District of Communism). A man once said if I ever go crazy I hope its in DC..that way I won't stand out from the crowd. Truer words were never spoken. Tried to get an audience for my USSA proposal and also stopped by the IRS to discuss postponing my quarterly taxes for a few years. Got nowhere. Did some sight seeing on the mall, went to the zoo, and saw a large group of liberals protesting outside the Marriott(see above) to get their voices heard and state's votes counted by the DNC. Nearly vomited after hearing this at the subway stop next to the Marriott ... "Like, I, like think Obama should allow Hillary to run and, like, let the votes count, because, he's, like, younger and stuff and can run later, and, like, Hillary deserves a chance." (No shit, these people vote and affect my taxes, the amount I pay on capital gains, defense spending, diplomatic relations, etc, etc, ) I started to cramp up with an immediate visceral reaction, realizing I failed to wear my Friends Don't Let Friends Vote Democrat t-shirt. I must say, I did enjoy the pandas at the National Zoo, but I much more enjoyed watching the 20 somethings bang into each other on the Mall protesting things they new nothing about, but felt cool doing it (Darfur, war, the man, global warming). But it is good to be home.

911- Full time ends for me in 10 weeks, then will do some fill in until the new gig is up and running. Lofty, the wheels are in motion and rolling downhill. Paying patients, no nights, no ambulance diversions. Ahhhh A great weight lifted off the shoulders. Atlas can shrug all he wants now, I'm about to get off.



  1. Cat, we are very happy for you. Unfortunate that there will be one less great ER doc in the trenches, but fuck 'em. Your personal happiness and well-being comes first. Good luck and congratulations from The Zahari.

  2. Oh, and remember...

    Don't Mess With The Zahari

  3. 'cat,
    i can't get out as quick as you can. good on 'ya. working on a similar solution to yours. saw in EM Reports today that 'the uninsured are not responsible for increasing ER waits'. i guess they did a study or something. turns out it's our fault. i'm going to commission a study on the study. will you participate? clock ticking. need another gig and hoping to land one soon, preferably with the government so i can't be fired. i am going to become an honorary member of the ojibwa tribe then i'm locked.

  4. Congrats on extricating yourself Cat. Hopefully you'll be happier now.

    As more docs find alternate employment to the ER, things are going to get scary.

  5. Cat, where's the lesbian club pics? You're among friends here.

  6. Frank

    The wife wont let me post those. Also, I just realized I left out a k on "knew". I apologize to the National Spelling Bee readers.