Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Doctors and Nurses Quitting?

For what it's worth we're doing a poll of nurses and doctors seen at right. Please answer once only... You've got two weeks.

And OBTW, look at the political lines on which congress just voted to cut medicare/medicaid reimbursement. Are you quitting now?

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  1. hi-fucking-tech bitch!

  2. I guess the " waiting to win the Lottery" comes under the first choice.

  3. Ladies and Gentlemen, I know it's kind of 'in vogue' to be bashing medicine these days.

    I actually love what I do. I look forward to coming to work every day. I get paid well. I work with pretty cool people.

    I will quit when I have enough money put away to retire comfortably.

    I can't imagine switching to another profession entirely which would pay me the same, give me the freedom I have to set my schedule according to my family's needs, and which would be as rewarding.

    There you have it.

    I am definitely in this until I retire.

    Grass ain't always greener on that other side.

  4. I need to add this, too.

    What would you guys go do if you quit medicine?

    Start a business? Take a risk? Open a retail store based on your passion? Get an MBA and...????

    My good friend owns a wine shop...sounds romantic. He works his ASS off 6 days a week for about $70,000 per year.

  5. My Father in law has a Liquor Store, seems to do pretty well. Its probably just a front for his Gambling operation.

  6. Gosh, 911, if y'all quit, then who'll be left to take over? The CAM folk! Ah, respectability at last!

  7. lofty,
    i want to stay in medicine. i love the medicine... don't mistake me. i'm looking for the right spot where i can actually be a little bit in charge of the unimportant stuff, you know, like getting patients cared for in a timely fashion and labs ordered correctly and medicines given correctly. i think there is a place but it's not here.

  8. And I want you to find that very much my friend. Medicine needs guys like you. Etotheipi, not so much. ;)

  9. Best girlfriend I ever had: 3'6", no teeth, father owned a liquor store... you know the rest.

    I, like lofty, love my job. I too actually like doing something that I think is valuable to humanity. I believe 911 will find a place that fits. the current situation sounds dismal.

    If I quit medicine I would get an MBA and go into finance and make fuckloads of cash and retire and play golf all day and drink until i died of liver failure at 55. Oh, and I'd do tons of whores. Sweet.

  10. Oh, and I forgot, I would do tons of coke off the whores' asses.

  11. dr drack,
    etotheipi beat me to the punch. you married up dude.

  12. How is that different from your 4 years of medical school?

    You know, the best golf I ever played was during medical school.

    We played twice a week most of the time. The good old days.

  13. 83 in Zona Bitch!

  14. 89 in Sun Valley last weekend using someone else's irons...BIATCH!

  15. I've got a friend who works at a Shriner's Hospital. Taking care of kids and not having to f^ck with the insurance system or government. It's a cherry job if you can get it.

  16. I cut down from full time. ANd will never go back. IF I could make as much money as I do making drinks at Starbucks, I would be tempted to do that. Especially since everybody wants to litigate against the OB, the nurse, the food service people, the guy who washes the floor. Just about everyone is at fault if a baby does not come out perfect.

  17. Wait! You need another option. How about those of us that have already quit?

  18. That's my question...what the fuck do you do to make as much money as you did in medicine to keep the lifestyle you are accustomed to?

    The $$$ don't grow on trees.

    We'd all be garbagemen or baristas or own our own landscaping company if we could make a couple hundred grand with no hassle. You think that shit exists?

    Tell me how to do it and I'll do it.

    My brother in law makes 200K for Oracle, but is gone half the month from his family. Is on the computer answering email every fucking minute of his life.

  19. Notice the leading vote-getter is 'No, can't afford it'.

    I think that says enough right there.

    Go pour some coffee for $10 an hour. Let me know how that works out compared to your salary in medicine. We do well.

    I am not a lemming...but, we do OK.

  20. I love what I do, I'm in it until I'm too old to do it anymore.

  21. I love what I do, I just hate my job.

  22. Tell me how to do it and I'll do it. --Lofty Zahari

    Well, Lofty, you sound just like Congress. "How will we ever balance the budget, we don't have enough revenue to do that."

    You surely know that there are always two sides to every equation. You are only looking at the income side.

    I was a computer programmer. Many engineers hate their jobs. There is a small but significant movement in high tech fields to retire early.

    The biggest secret is to control your expenses. You can be happier with less. Years ago when I was making $100K/year I was less happy than I am now on $20K. It's all about perspective.

    Read this hilarious book. It's a quick read. My favorite parts are his stories about his ex-girlfriend, named 'Nasty.' You guys would love this book.

    I'm too lazy to go find his book to review the investing advice. I think it was wrong. If you don't know how to invest, I'll give you the only two things you really need to know. 1) Never, ever pay someone else to manage your portfolio. 2) Implement a plan like Scott Burns' couch potato investment plan by using low cost index funds from some place like Vanguard.

    You can trust me on this, I'm an expert on personal finance. At $20K/year I have to be.

  23. Heres what you should do 9-11..
    Well Ima packin up my game and Ima head out west, Where real women come equpped with scripts and fake breasts, Find a nest in the hills, chill like Flint. Buy an old drop top, find a spot to pimp, with a bottle of scotch, and watch lots of crotch. Buy a yacht with a flag sayin 'chillin the most' then rock that bitch up and down the coast. Give a toast to the sun, drink with the stars, get thrown in the mix, and tossed out of bars, On to Tijuana, start an escort service, for all the right reason, and set up shop at the top of 4 seasons, cause I wanna be a Cowboy Baby..