Thursday, October 23, 2008

Periorbital Ecchymosis and Traumatic Tattooing (on the campaign trail)

(latest... victim takes polygraph, results not available, nothing further... 10/24)

The victim of this assault will probably recover fully and without scarring. If there is a persistent scar there is hope that with proper treatment that it can be faded or altered in such a way as to make it almost unnoticeable. Luckily no one was hurt in Minnesota, just some property damage is all. And really, this thing up in NYC is just a lark... nothing but a lark.

Traumatic tattooing is hardest to fix properly in motorcyclists who are not adequately protected against road grit and grime (full leathers for instance and a helmet). The challenge, and the pain, comes from properly cleaning these wounds, and, in the case of ground in road matter conscious sedation is often needed. Conscious sedation can be read about in another case here

When one has to remove ground-in road grit a plastic bristled sponge is used along with wound irrigation under pressure. Meticulous wound care is also needed to insure infection prophylaxis. 

Periorbital ecchymosis is doctor-speak for a 'black eye'. It both eyes are involved it raises the possibility of a basilar skull fracture which complicates management and can be life threatening. 

Traumatic iritis is probable here, and there may or may not be an orbital blow-out fracture. On exam traumatic iritis and accompanying corneal abrasion would be picked up by flourescein uptake on wood's lamp exam,  and a constricted pupil on the injured side. 

A "blowout fracture" would be picked up on physical exam by a lateral gaze palsy and would likely be seen on plain Xrays and almost certainly by CT Scan. These often require surgical correction with plating of the fractured orbit to allow conjugate gaze. 

Now it may well be this alleged assault is a fraud of the Tawana Brawley type, the point has been made that it may have been self-inflicted. Such self inflicted wounds would indeed be possible and the backwards "B" either indicates it was done in a mirror, OR that the perpetrator was smart enough to do it backwards, or that he was cutting her whilst standing over her (after he punched her lights out), or that he was simply not very good with his ABCs. So far I have not seen N.O.W. demanding the perpetrator's immediate castration, but there's still tomorrow. 

It is also possible to give yourself a black eye as demonstrated by one of the Naval NFOs shot down in Gulf War I who beat himself up pretty damned bad before capture, evidently, to prevent being used as a television propaganda dummy.

If this is a fraud it is a despicable fraud, and one that will increase the flame under the boiler. If it is a fraud then a million dollars says the MSM ties it immediately to McCain's campaign sans evidence. If it is not a fraud, the MSM will let it quietly pass and focus on how Brave "O" is to take a tough stand against the perp and not even consider the possibility that it could be somehow tied to "O" (and I do am not suggesting it is, I'm merely pointing out the double standard). 

Both candidates response's are heartening. If Obama wins it will be interesting to see what happens to the perpetrator and if he will indeed be "swiftly apprehended and brought to justice." 

The ATM tapes would be interesting to see. If they show the guy doing it they will not be released. If they don't they will be. If she is a fraud you will hear about it here as soon as it is proven. This story is already in the MSM as you can see from the link and I'm stunned. If some pissed-off "O" supporter really did this however, you will have to look for the story on page 43  of the NYT right behind the pig manure sales ad. Forget that, they won't print it. 


  1. Let's not forget the incompetence of the news media. It's quite possible the photograph was printed in reverse. Whether self-inflicted or not, this kind of occurrence has got to stop.

  2. Let's not forget the incompetence of the news media.

    The media is a lot of things, but incompetence isn't one of them. When have we ever known the media not to get at the bottom of a story when they wanted to? The media is locked and loaded in willful bias, skewed toward their liberal agenda of electing their savior - The One.

    As for the bank thing, I'm dubious as to that girl's claims.

  3. If it's self-inflicted, then she's bat shit crazy.

    The "inconsistencies" in her story sound more like MSM trying to discredit her. How often do police go back to requestion the victim of a traumatic assault as details become more clear? Does no one repress things anymore? After her head stopped ringing could she have said to investigators, maybe the pin on my coat pissed the guy off, and it wasn't my bumper sticker. I don't really know? Expecting her to know which item pushed him over the edge is a bit strange isn't it?

    There's always more to the story though isn't there. That's an awful lot of pain and effort to go to just to discredit Club BO's fans.

  4. "backwards "B" either indicates it was done in a mirror, "

    That is suspicious though isn't it. Where's the damn ATM tape and why hasn't anyone trotted it out yet. If I was going to attack myself I wouldn't do it in the one place where there was guaranteed to be a camera. Maybe she had a boyfriend beat her up and she had to scratch the letter herself?

    I need more data.

  5. Okay,now Denise is smart...I had to drag my 96 year old father (who is still practicing medicine, by the way) so he could explain it to me...after a few minutes he looked up at me and said, "don't worry, he's one of us." I don't know what the hell that means unless you're a Republican and are in favor of John and that case, thumbs up...other than that, I'm lost in a tattoo parlor waiting for direction.

  6. Am I the only one who had the "Why are you hitting yourself" treatment from a Bully? OK, I did it to my little cousin once, but I was on the recieving end by at least a 5:1 ratio. You do present with self-inflicted bruises and contusions, but its not really your fault. Of course, any real american kid does like I did, and pulls the "why did u set your house on fire" trick as payback.

  7. frank,
    it's been a very long time since i laughed out loud at something i read. last time i laughed, and it was a sad kind of laugh, was when i saw Biden speak to the media last week. but you my friend are an ANIMAL, that story, about the cow? WOW, I WANT TO PARTY WITH YOU!

  8. So, if I am reading you right, you are saying that she probably did it to herself. However, you continue, you wouldn't put it past an Obama supporter to do this sort of thing. And, if said supporter did it, you are sure that the story will die of neglect.

    To conclude, if we don't hear much about this in the following days, it is a sure sign that these injuries were inflicted by a large black man who supports Obama, but has a poor grasp of his A B C's.

    Did I get that right?

  9. ^^^^^^^^

    Look you just put words in someones mouth. Hey, there is an anchor position open at MSNBC, they could use an upstart like you!

  10. matt,

    mostly right.

    this is a hand-grenade story. i linked to the tawana brawley mess to demonstrate that the affiliations and race of alleged perpetrators ARE HUGE STORIES if they lend themselves to forwarding a liberal agenda.

    i actually almost did not post this because i'm 50-50 on whether this happened.

    what DID happen, and continues to happen, is the norm coleman vandalism, the 'shoot sarah palin' art display, AND the expressed fear, here and on other sites, that publicly supporting mccain/palin can be risky, if only that folks might yell at you or key your car or spray paint your house.

    the ultimate point is that it is rebuplicans/conservatives who are charicatured as being gun-toting religious nuts prone to violence. i believe it is just the opposite, that it is the liberals who play the race card at every opportunity and elevate the group over the individual, who, perhaps without understanding this, sow hate like no other. michelle obama says we are a 'mean country' and that she's 'never been proud of America' until her husband was nominated. i could go on.

    but i do believe that if this woman was truly assaulted by a black man who supports obama (and did a coup de grace on her face based on her mccain bumper sticker) that we are not going to see a picture of him or hear a statement from him prior to the election because i do believe that there is a significant portion of our population that would have an angry reaction and change their votes.

    if obama loses there will be a story on how this assault cost him the election and how it was bought and paid for by mccain/palin, evidence be damned, because, for liberals, truth can be, to quote al gore, inconvenient.

    truth about socialism, centralized health care, raising taxes, national defense, and welfare/social programs.


  11. Argh, the idiot faked it.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid girl.

    She should face all the consequences for her actions.

  12. There is one glaring mistake in the story. There's NO WAY that girl is from College Station, Texas! Austin is more likely. But I'll NEVER believe College Station!

    Here's food for thought for anyone who believes the MSM is "fair".

    You're all familiar with the disastrous Sarah Palin interviews with Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson. At least disastrous in the way she was portrayed over and over again.

    How many of you saw any of the Biden clips on ABC, NBC, or CBS? Or saw them more than once?

    The one where he asked the representative in the wheel chair to stand up.

    The one where he espoused the 3 letter word "J-O-B-S".

    When he stated that the VP (the job he's running for) is a member of the executive branch of government when according to the Constitution, the VP is a member of the legislative branch (of which he's been a member for 36 years).

    When Biden stated "all you have to do is go down to Union Street with me in Wilmington or go to Katie's Restaurant...". Katie's closed over 25 years ago.

    Or my personal favorite the Couric interview where he stated that a leader needs to know what he is talking about and then stated that FDR went on television to explain the Great Depression to the American People (Hoover was president, and there was no TV then for those of you who don't understand the errors here).

    I think that if Palin had uttered any of his idiotic statements, the press would be having an even greater field day (at least they wouldn't be inventing stories about wardrobe costs).

    Remember that the press destroyed Dan Quayle for far less than Biden has said.

  13. Seriously? Do you believe everything Dick says? The problem is Dick changes his position on whether he is Executive or Legislative to suit his purposes.

    -As I am sure you know Article II of the Constitution states: "The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America. He shall hold his Office during the Term of four Years, and, together with the Vice-President chosen for the same Term, be elected, as follows:...."

    -On April 9, 2003: Cheney lauded a recent court ruling, stating, “I think it restored some of the legitimate authority of the executive branch, the president and the vice president, to be able to conduct their business.

    -On April 14, 2004: speaking in China, Cheney explained that President Dwight Eisenhower first gave the vice president an office “in the executive branch,” adding “since then the responsibilities have gradually increased.”

    -In 2001, Bush stated: “[w]e know the difference between the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch, but I do believe the President and the Vice President can play a part, a strong part, in helping advance an American agenda.”

    -The White House website notes: “To learn more about the executive branch please visit the president’s Cabinet page on the White House web site.” A click on the “Cabinet page” reveals Cheney to be a member of the Cabinet.

    -In 2001 Cheney sought to avoid a lawsuit over his energy task force by claiming that a congressional probe “would unconstitutionally interfere with the functioning of the executive branch.”

    The Senate also disagrees with the White House’s ambiguous position. Its website states: “During the twentieth and twenty-first centuries the vice president’s role has evolved into more of an executive branch position, and is usually seen as an integral part of a president’s administration. … He presides over the Senate only on ceremonial occasions.”

    But Whatever. What the fuck does the Senate know about the Constitution anyway.


  14. Anon: Seriously? Can you address the question? My whole post was devoted to comparing the media's treatment of Palin to Biden. I never used the "Dick" or "Cheney" word once.

  15. US Constitution, Art I:

    "The Vice President of the United States shall be President of the Senate, but shall have no vote, unless they be equally divided."

    So...what the fuck do YOU know about the Constitution?

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. OK, it's a foggy area. The Constitution gives the VP the authority to preside over the Senate as the President of the Senate, and a vote in the case of a tie.....these must be the legislative duties or powers ascribed to him/her by said Constitution....right?

    Now, I ask the previous anon to point out to me WHAT executive duties or powers are given to the VP in the Constitution? Article II as you quoted gives the VP no inherent executive powers. They are given to the President.

    Now, again to the crux of my original post which was the disparity of the handling of Palin and Biden by the media. You can disregard the executive vs legislative issue and address the other examples in defending (if you can) the media's double standard.