Friday, October 24, 2008

Spread it Around!

I was thinking about Obama's pledge to 'spread the wealth around' and I don't like it, BUT, I would be in favor of him 'spreading motivation around' as I am particularly lacking it at this time (as are many that will vote for him). In this video I see a whole bunch of guys who are obscenely overstuffed with motivation and I don't know where they got it from and it's NOT FAIR! I am looking forward to my motivational injection should the glorious one carry the day (and this will indeed be 'change'). HOO-FUCKING-YAH!


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  2. My kids never liked to go trick or treating at a Democrat's house. They just advocated higher taxes on anyone making more money than they did so that the government could buy the candy and disperse it as politicians and bureaucrats saw fit.

    They wanted to go to Republican's houses since they would just give 'em the damn candy bar!

  3. That video is awesome. Makes me realize who these guys are protecting us.
    Barney Frank went through dick sucking basic training, then got cut when they went on to ass rape. What a loser this guy is and you people in Taxapooshits keep electing him.

  4. You think that’s bad? Have you heard that they’d like to dip their fingers into our 401K’s as well? Be afraid…very, very afraid. Check it out here and out here

  5. Finally had time to watch the video. If you're interested in this kind of stuff, there's a great book written by Marcus Luttrell called Sole Survivor. It's a great story of his experiences in Afghanastan and the obstacles faced by the US military there. The first 1/3 of the book talks about his SEAL training. The book was so good that I gave it to all of my partners for Christmas.

  6. BTW Lynn, I saw that article on the Dem's Congressional hearings regarding 401K plans. They want to take 'em over and add them to the Social Security system. My favorite part of their plan is the 50% Death Tax that they are talking about adding to the plan.

    Did you hear Biden say in Colorado that he and BHO will go after the pensions of the executives whose companies fail? "Their pensions go first!" he proclaimed.

    I don't have sympathy for these executives, but REALLY?, the government is gonna take their pensions? Where is the authority for that?

    Liberals scare me.

  7. Barney F got his bypass surgery done at Bethesda Naval Hospital, on the taxpayers tab, of course. And guess what Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor he was taking? Thats right, the one advertised on the #27 car Mark Martin drove. Starts with a "V" and rhymes with Niagra.

  8. "Congressional hearings regarding 401K plans. They want to take 'em over and add them to the Social Security system. My favorite part of their plan is the 50% Death Tax that they are talking about adding to the plan."

    Picture me screaming in horror. It's not just for Halloween is it.

  9. I was listening to a BHO speech from last week. He said: "Evabody unnastaans that ya grow the econamay from the bottom up". (As I've stated before, that phony Southern preacher voice he uses when giving a speech really annoys me).

    I really hope that no one really believes that. To quote a line from O' Brother Where Art Thou: "that don't make NO sense"!

    How can you grow the economy from the pimps, heroin addicts, gang bangers, drug dealers, texas longhorns, and sleeplessinstlouis?

  10. tsk, tsk erdoc85,

    with hope and change and butterfly wings and cinammon and spice and all things nice. hold the puppy dog tails.

    anyone know a plastics guy that does good vaginoplastys? i'm just thinking that if strangers are going to fuck me that my ass will not be nearly as accomodating as a nice new vagina.

  11. Here ya go big 9:

    Unfortunately, the rose on the site is the most stimulating image.

  12. Thanks for the video...even as a woman, for some reason I love watching all the BUDS training and stuff they show in the History Channel. I have also read that book Sole was excellent. I just don't understand why Murphy's story was not all over the front page news.....I guess it does not arouse as much interest as Paris Hilton. How sad....

    I have also read about their possible intentions for our 401k plans.

    Either way you are screwed...they will tax you if you keep the plan....and you will get penalized if you try to move any of the money before they can get to it.

    BTW...did anyone watch John Stossel's excellent piece on 20/20 the other night...."The Politically Incorrect Guide to Politics". Youtube it if you have the is soooooo....worth it. I'm not sure if it will be everybody's cup of tea one here....I think most of you are Republicans and I am more Libertarian....but our basis complaints are the same

    My southern born and raised hubby's ideas about secession look better all the time!

  13. dear jennifer,

    love your avatar photo. most people don't want their photos on the net but... haha .

    i actually pan out on the 'politicalmeter' in the libertarian range.

    i describe myself as a strong conservative with libertarian leanings. i will take a tax hit and take my 401k money. they are not getting it.

    the overarching common theme for me these days is that coservatives and libertarians are practical and have a moral base. we enjoy fantasy and stories but recognize that as we live and breathe that utopia is just a story and that all attempts to acheive it here on earth have ended in disaster.

    much smarter people than the glorious O and that numbskull biden have tried.

    if i were running O's campaign i would put biden wherever they have hidden michelle and keep him there till after the votes are counted. what a gloriously clueless ass he is. would link you to the video of the NC newscaster pummeling him and his three year old tirade but it's already been taken down from the net. wow. the thought police are already efficient.

  14. 911 Doc....

    You have hit the nail on the head with the liberal's dangerous desire to attain a Utopian society. Maybe because of our jobs, we are more than aware of the imperfect-ability of mankind....really any job outside of the ivory tower of academia should impart that knowledge.

    Besides...I, for one, would never want to live in Utopia...the food and porn probably suck LOL.

  15. Jennifer, if the Libertarian Party ever becomes a valid political force in America, I'll be at the convention! Especially with the erosion of the conservative movement.

    I agree with your husband. State's Right's baby! Jefferson and Madison would be repulsed by what has become of their Republic.

  16. Knowing the Libertarians....that would probably be quite a convention.....there is a reason that Las Vegas has the highest number of Libertarians. LOL

    I'll meet you at the bar.....or at the Bunny Ranch:-P

  17. Sigh. I'm with you, ER85, I wish the Libertarians would get their act together. I don't ever call myself a Republican, but rather a conservative. Hell, who ARE the Republicans anymore? They're leaning pretty left themselves. Bah!

  18. Hey docs! I've was watching House MD today. I know MSM and fantasy, right?

    But inbetween pretending that 911doc is House, erdoc69 is Wilson, and I am the sexy and oh so intelligent Cuddy...I saw this commercial for the AMA's voice for the uninsured website.

    I briefly checked it out.

    I was wondering what you all think about this idea. Seems viable and smart to me. But is it just idea?

  19. Greta I've missed you and your invisible drapes. Welcome back!

    If the show didn't suck, I'd want to be House. But since it does, I'm comfortable letting 911 be the lunatic who's always right.

    To the AMA proposal. Medicine is my forte, not economics. The AMA is a very left wing group (I could explain why, but I'd digress too much).

    With those caveats stated, I have to admit that their proposal seems to have merit to me. I like the idea of giving health care consumers a choice. I certainly like the concept of competition amongst insurers (however, it's very difficult for people to know exactly what they're buying). And, I like a more efficient use of tax money within the private sector especially in the form of tax credits.

    I still would like to see the opportunity for more people to have the kind of plan that I have which is an MSA (Medical Savings Account) plan. I think that should be an option under the AMA plan.

    Others with a greater knowledge of the financial aspects of the biz may be able to comment further about the AMA proposal.

    What do you think Jack? You're on the $ side of the ballgame.

  20. House M.D. is a tea sipping narcotics abusing limey cripple atheist pinko. What specialty is he supposed to be anyway? What does he see, one patient a Week? Must be on a Med School faculty. How the hell does he do these MRI guided Gamma-Knife robotic biopsies when I have to sell my daughters into white slavery just to get an X-ray?

  21. My husband's last employer didn't offer health insurance, so we had to self-insure. It wasn't that difficult. We were in Texas and called 1-800-Call-Al, which was an insurance broker, and they sent out information which told you line item, by line item what was covered - and what wasn't. Was it expensive? Not as bad as Cobra. Cobra for a family of 4 was $780/month. Our self-insured policy was $450/month, and that was a top-of-the-line, everything's included and we had a $15 co-pay. We also got upcharged since my son has asthma and my husband was more than 20 pounds over their "ideal" weight. But when we hit an emergency - like my husband getting West Nile Virus and my son having uncontrollable asthma attack that required an ER visit - the insurance paid without a quibble. If there were more of these "brokerage" type of insurance places available, then people could get insurance at affordable rates.

  22. And btw, I just watched House the other night for the first time ever. You guys really think he's cute? He looked like he had a hang-over from a month-long drunk.

  23. Frank, I don't have any trouble getting X-rays.....are any of your daughter's cute?

  24. House isn't hot. There's just something so fabulously sexy about his self-centered, realistic, assholeish nature. Add in his intelligence, wit, and limp and it's instant droolfest.'s true. Girls love the bad boys. And don't be jealous erdoc...the show is far from suckage. :)

    Anywho…I like the AMA’s proposal. It’s kinda what I was hinting at in my latest post but I have absolutely no medical education. Mine were just ideas of an average American free thinker.

    NOONE wants to give what they’ve worked so hard for to someone who doesn’t even try. I’ve worked two jobs for as long as I can remember to take care of my babies. And thank God, they’re healthy. And we’re all so happy. And if I knew my money was going to someone like me, yet whose child or loved one so desperately needed that ungodly expensive surgery, I would HAPPILY hand over my money. Please, take my fucking money!

    But that’s not the way it works I suppose. And that’s sad. And it sucks.

    If McCain had used the old adage of giving people affordable, realistic options for fishing on their own, instead of BHO handing out the fish, I think it would have worked in his favor. But something that is REALLY affordable and realistic. Maybe it’s me being naïve, but I still think the majority of Americans WANT to work.

    And it can’t be that hard to understand health insurance coverage. READ, people! And then we could have health insurance agents going door to door like life insurance salesman. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

    Anywho…Fright Fest ’08 is on AMC. It’s my absolute favorite part of the whole season. And I do have to keep up on these invisible drapes. It takes a lot of work being as beautiful as a sunflower. :) Happy Sunday! Toodles!

  25. This week on House.....Orgasmodynia, It hurts to love you.

  26. HOUSE needs to tackle 'fibro' in all its protean manifestations. then he could lecture on 'hysteria', chronic fatigue syndrome, universal allergic syndrome, and misalignment of the chi. then i would have to shoot him (not really, shoot in the figurative sense, as in the television show 'just shoot me'- david spade at his best)

  27. Hahaha! Jealous little boys!

    You should add the option to your poll:

    Hell Yes! (As long as it isn't this blog.)

  28. There actually was an episode on mass hysteria. And he accuses people of being liars and making crap up all day. But the show is so damn medically inaccurate it's annoying. I do kind of like the House Wilson bromance though.

    On the topic of House the doc, Gotta Agree with Greta.

    About your poll, Is that like a yearly fee, or $50 per pop, and why would you need a panel of experts? Just for random questions or complex medical issues that need navigating?

    Wont you go all crazy feeling the urge to CYA just in case?

    On an other subject entirely, my friend's kid just got out of PICU after finally getting dx'd with a cleft, majorly infected thyroid. He bounced from clinic to ER to ER until finally somebody dx'd it. I guess it is really rare and a hard catch.

  29. i think $50 a pop. i think the discussion generated would be helpful to the patient and helpful to others. there's probably a bunch of reasons that this would be illegal or ill-advised, but the thought strikes me that people can not, dead-horse, because of EMTALA, speak to their physicians for more than a few seconds at a time.

  30. Amy, Infectious thyroiditis is a very unusual condition. I've never heard of an actual case of it at any hospital I've ever worked. Still, it DOES happen.

    As for the case diagnosis thing, where would we find experts?

  31. etotheipi is an expert... in dead people.

  32. Total zebra huh. They were in a rural area, so he finally got life-flighted to a major hospital a few states over. I think he was critical because the swelling started to block his airway. The only thing his parents are pissed about is the triple overdose on contrast meds that he got at the rural hospital during the CT. My friend even questioned the rad tech before she injected him and she insisted it was right. Kid's kidneys are fine. Poor kid he's just a baby.