Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Guest Film Commentary

Depressed about the economic crisis? Worried about the markets? Stressed about the real estate down-turn? If the answer is "yes", DO NOT watch Mama Mia or any of the High school Musical movies. Especially if you are already having self destructive thoughts. 

If you are forced to watch either of these films by a girlfriend or spouse, remove all sharp objects from the room, any belts or cords that could be used to strangle yourself, and any heavy objects that you might smash against the side of your face during one of the song and dance sequences. If you live above the 3rd floor in an apartment building or near any high bridges you are particularly at risk.

I made a mistake of watching Mama Mia the day the stock market dropped 800 points and I am still not hearing clearly out of my right ear.

I recommend you all stick to alcohol and sedatives and football and wait at least 6 months before even thinking about watching any of these films. 

Be safe!

(thanks to 911doc's brother for this bit of advice)


  1. i am offended. as a post bachelor's degree university educated mid 20's white married female, i really do adore HSM. (that's High School Musical, for the unitiated). and I don't care who knows it. sometimes a girl just needs a little pick me up.

  2. Well, I am offended that there are people in the world that actually need to be told that alcohol and football are better than Mama Mia and HSM.

    And, um, when "a girl just needs a little pick me up", there's ..... you got it, beer and football!

  3. "Livin' in my own world...didn't understand...that anything could happen...if you take a chance."

    "I never believed it...

    I love that movie. Just love it.

    And everyone poops rainbows.


  4. Hey, I resemble that remark! I LIKED "Mama Mia", you gotta see it in the Theater though, had to be a 15:1 MILF ratio. And that Meryl Streeps always good. HSM2 is better than HSM1, just like with the Godfather series, haven't seen HSM3 yet, but I will.

  5. My 13 yr old stepdaughter is having a sleepover birthday part on Friday with 6 friends, HSM and lots of screeching and clapping. I've never been so happy to be hearing impaired.

  6. Sebeka Sauvignon Blanc - about 1/2 a bottle, and a good James Bond flick. That's tonight's recipe for tolerable entertainment.

  7. A friend said he saw Mama Mia in Vegas and liked it. Then I remembered he had his balls surgically removed.

  8. and after Mama Mia I watch Sound of Music...backed by West Side Story...what a thrill

  9. I saw a bumper sticker on the back of a car that I thought you might appreciate: "Change happens at the speed of thought" If I think hard enough can I change the election results?

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  11. Hey, 911doc. I know this isn't really a chick flick, but I just watched a great movie called War, Inc. Have you seen it? I recommend it to anyone with thinking capabilities!

    And maybe you should just give seret testere a call.

  12. Dammit, 911, you OWE me! Hubby was waffling about seeing Mama Mia. Ok, not really. He flat out suggested that my DNA had rendered me incapable of sentient thought. But now you've gone and given him permission to blow up the TV should I dare play this movie in our family room. Dood...you better be checkin' yo backside for instant hemorrhoids - which will be caused from my foot.

    I'm sooo in chick mode right now.

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  14. Before my operation, I would have agreed with the article.

    One day Mrs Igloodoc suggested we go to the electronics store to get a new TV, and then Home Depot so I could get a new band saw. But she wanted to make one special stop before we got there.

    Now, I sit in front of the fireplace, and purr.

    And I can't get the ABBA tunes out of my head.

    Wait until you see Menopuse, the musical. I cried like a baby. Made my fibro flair up.

  15. .
    Hilarious Igloodoc!

    I usually like chic... ahem... romantic comedies, but I have no intention to see those two.
    And I don't make my husband watch those, I have girlfriends to go with, just like he has a set of male friends with whom to watch their favorite movies that go Kaboom, whatever the proper term for those is.

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