Saturday, November 01, 2008

"Nightstick" Fracture

A "nightstick fracture" is classically produced when a person raises their forearm to shield themselves from a blow with a blunt object (a nightstick, billy-club, or baseball bat for instance).

This injury is particularly painful and usually requires surgical repair, or as we abbreviate in the ER, "ORIF" for "open-reduction with internal fixation". This is because the radius and ulna have a proximal articulation that is very precise and will not work correctly without being very well aligned.

Since the advent of "tasers" and pepper-spray I see less of these than I did 15 years ago. And not everyone who sustains one of these fractures is fleeing from the police; some are the victims of robbery or plain old assault.

Based on the following video, however, I think we might see more of these soon. If you see a large crowd coming towards you wearing brown shirts I recommend running... fast.


  1. WHAT????? So who is that going to be? The Black Panthers or the Louis Farakhan Brigade? What the hell is he thinking?

  2. Kind of speaks to how he feels about our military. How much you want to bet this is code for weakening the military?

    Does this mean I get my own rocket launcher? It'll be great for all those soliciters. Maybe I'll mount it to the top of my car for those cornholes who cut me off on the freeway.

  3. WTF? A civilian national security force? This reminds me of SAVAK when I lived in Iran. They scared the shit out of me, and people I knew "disappeared." These were the folks who'd pay you a visit if you accidentally affixed a postage stamp (of the Shah's pic)upside down.

  4. Sounds like Hitler to me. hiel Obama. He's nuts. I'm praying for a miracle on Nov. 4th.

  5. Chairman Maobama, your people will do anything for you (tear falls from eye). Tell us what you want us to sacrifice for the state.

    Seriously folks, your local elections mean almost more than pres. If true conservatives can get ahold of congress, his hands will be tied, just like in 1865/6 when the Reps overrode Democratic racist and klan supporter Andrew Johnson 15 times when he kept vetoing their civil rights legislation. Get out their and vote for a conservative congress.
    If you need a ride the dems have A-SCORN buses lined up at all the crack houses, homeless shelters, and rehab centers, so just hitch a ride and tell them you'll vote for Obama for a pack of menthols. They'll let you on.


  6. Obamanation Abomination

    It is truly scary to envsion our some sort of civilian's brigade meteing out justice.

  7. Whew.

    Glad you gave me the chance to delete your blog from my list.


    descendant of those who got Bull O'Connor's nightstick fractures