Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our Gift to You

For you, our dear readers, I pondered over the Yuletide and finally found a great gift. You may find this at Sam's Club and I recommend it highly. There are so many uses for this and if you actually eat it I'll see you soon. If you use it in other ways I'll see you soon as well. Happy New Year and check back with us frequently as we may be launching a new partner site soon.

The MDOD Crew


  1. Just don't wander around the kitchen, naked, slip on a dropped grape or something and present to my ED with this thing in your rectum (sans any appreciable trauma) and tell me THAT story.

    Merry New Year!

  2. Wow, what a country. You could anoint yourself king with one box of Yard O' Beef in Somalia, and we got it by the truckload.

  3. "Yard O' Beef"!
    Isn't that the name of the blog site dedicated to the memory of porn star John Holmes?

  4. I don't even know what that is. People eat that stuff? It would make a nice baton to keep under my seat when I drive alone at night, though...
    But do tell us more about that new site.

  5. Day-um, makes my extra long "Slim Jim" look absolutely wimpy....
    No Transfats though!!!!!

  6. I didn't know you had an OB or a general surgeon on board? Using that in other ways will require one. Just don't do it New Years Eve or New Years on the 3-11 shift can you put that in as a disclaimer for me?

  7. I gave one of those to my best friend as a "get well" gift when she had an appendectomy, since she was told that she could be discharged as soon as she expressed some flatus. What could be better than a yard of it? Her boyfriend actually ate it, but the fact that he had an appreciable ETOH problem wouldn't surprise anyone, would it?

  8. Don't knock it if you haven't actually tried it...a little sharp cheddar, some Triscuits, a nice box o'wine...

    Happy New Year!

  9. Saw a product in the grocery store called All Meats 2000 That might go nicely with the yard o'beef.

  10. You all are so funny...GEE! :)

    But if that is the same stuff that we used to get at hickory farms in the mall..then we have ingested said product and liked it in little...Oh NO!"fried" cubes with different mustards.

    I promise you though said product only went into one body cavity and not because we were slip slidin on the floor. Just in case their is any doubt...it was the "O" cavity.

    Now that I said that... I am really hoping there isn't any potentially obscene body cavity that begins with "O" that is getting past me at the moment as I do mean Oral.

    Anyway...maybe my naivete is showing but aren't they just a bit too big for other "recreational" uses??... or do people really do things with things that big. In other words... do y'all have an ER "ass box" with used salamies or beef sticks in them?

    You got me a tad curious now and the sausages or whatever meat they are will never look the same again.

    Tis a good thing. Then again...we still eat cucumbers... but I digress. ;) *Thinking of one of Scalpel's posts. We also never used cucumbers in anything but culinary ways and I think maybe I will stop now and go take a nap and then maybe delete this after the extreme bloggers remorse I will feel when I awaken..or not. ;)

  11. Don't want to be the proverbial Turd in the Swimmin Pool, but y'all got EIGHT contributors, and only put out like 2 posts a week...and not to get too personal, but umm lets just say I think I hear Fonzie revving up his Motorcycle....a "Partner Site"?? sorta like "Laverne & Shirley"??


  12. I suspect the new site is in direct relation with 911's hustling...uh... charming personality and has something to do with making a buck while diagnosing/giving medical advice to people over the Internet. ;-)

  13. Ohhh more like "Joanie loves Chachi"!!!! can't wait...