Thursday, December 11, 2008


Well, the clinic is coming along and should be ready for occupation soon. It looks great. Still working in the ED for now, but will be going part time in Feb. No ambulances with self abusing patients allowed. Self abusing, OK, as long as you have cash or insurance, and if we need to send you to the ED, then you will get the ambulance ride. It will be weird being the dumper, and not the dumpee. For a time I will be both. I have always wanted to be the dumper, but I do have mixed emotions. But my partners in the ED know that if I send something in, we couldn't take care of it. Not that we were lazy or just didn't want to order a test as an outpatient.

On a side note, all of this may be put on hold, as I have been offered a job in IL to sell senate seats. I just have to change party affiliation on my voter reg. card and pledge allegiance to the Chi-town machine. We are still negotiating a "salary".



  1. I want to take a dumper right now - got a turtle-head poking out.

  2. I can not believe his arrogance. He knew he was being investigated and continued. Have you heard the tapes? I am not opposed to swearing, but I couldn't believe the way he talks!

    I am also naive because every time something like this happens, I am shocked that a person in such a public position acts the way they do.

    Come to Chicago...I don't live too far from there!

  3. If you need help staffing the place you can always use MDOD's un-official recruiter. =p.

    I'm sorry, I had to.


    You're gonna be a dooooccc in a boxxxx.

  4. Governor Blegs conduct seems pretty typical, surprised more of them don't get caught. Whats a Federal Crime is that HAIR!! At least when I looked like that it was 1982 and I had an excuse...Hope they throw the book at him.

  5. I look forward to being in a box. Beats being at work at 1 am like I am now.


  6. Whats a Federal Crime is that HAIR!!
    I heard a comment that said he looked like an evil Cabbage Patch doll. I'm betting his birth certificate said "spawned in hell."

    For those not in the know; Cabbage Patch dolls come with birth certificates

  7. If your STD clinic falls through, you should totally pledge your allegiance to the chi-town machine, Cat.

    We have political corruption, but it comes with a great soundtrack, and good deep dish pizza!

    Blago was like an absentee, crack head father to me. I miss him.

  8. Congratulations on the progress of your new business.
    Your 2nd job idea is not bad either. How much do those senate seats sell for nowadays, or is it on a best-offer basis?

  9. What is funny is if you ship your dump as dumper to your ER and receive said dump as dumpee on your coverage.
    Sell your seat; It will be simpler in the end.........