Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Doctor's in the House

We have decided to put up another blog aimed at helping regular folks out with their medical problems and treatment. The Blog is called "Doctor's in the House" and you can read about how we will provide this service by visiting the site at the link above.

After speaking with a few attorneys it is going to be a bit of a risk as there are folks out there who might try to 'game' the site to file a lawsuit. Malpractice carriers have, so far, refused to write a policy for us even though we have gone to great lengths to limit our liability. So, if you would be so kind, come on over and drop a donation so that we can get the site 'live'. Also, if any of you attorneys wish to send us some helpful hints about how we might do this with minimal risk to ourselves it would be greatly appreciated. In the meantime, if any of you wish to have your cases discussed on the new blog simply follow the instructions listed. We would also be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding any and all things medical.

I believe that this kind of service is badly needed as it is nearly impossible to speak with a physician these days for more than a minute or two. We hope to take your case and explain what the 'workup' is and what is next and, most importantly, why. Thanks for your support, and, if you happen to be wealthy or own a corporation, consider sponsoring us. We would, of course, provide free advertising for you and write only good things about you or your corporation. Better yet, if you are in the malpractice insurance game, consider taking us on.



  1. It is really sad to me that you are generous enough to be willing to help people like this and you are stopped because people like to sue these days. I wish I had a ton of excess money to help you out with this!

  2. Any chance you'll allow anon commenting over there for schmoes like me who don't have blogs? I have a 'dealing with an old school doc' kind of question.

  3. I knew it! I was right!
    I read somewhere not long along (if only I could remember where)about such a site being developed, now I wonder if you were in the interview... :-)
    Good luck to you, obviously, there is a market to be tapped into.
    All the best

  4. I found the site and it is not yours :-(
    Apparently, they opened very recently too:

  5. Your Future....I see...a Courtroom...
    or maybe I'm just seein My Past...
    Or maybe not, sounds like an interactive "I am Joe's Hemmorhoid"

  6. Damn, 911, be careful. We need you, remember?

  7. The best litigation is the lawsuit avoided.

  8. I think your official stance should be, no real doctors work there, and all cases are fictional. Then try to give the best medical advice you can.

    Also, on the first page, in big red letters should be to all people who ask questions: "List all medications, dosages, and how many times you take them per day."

  9. Will you ever have a open forum where people can ask random medical questions, that aren't big huge medical cases?

  10. Your site sounds awesome. I think you have to more explicitly state that people cannot assume that any of your proposed diagnoses are correct, and that they should not conclude or decide anything, on the basis of your advice. In other words, that your responses to people's questions are for entertainment purposes only. I know that sucks, but that's the world we live in.

  11. Heal Spieler,
    I tell my REAL patients that already....

  12. If I were a wealthy tort lawyer in a really small town, and I got really really sick, what should I do?


  13. gang,
    all questions are game. simply use the form and send it along. doesn't matter if it's not complicated. hopefully the site will become a reference searchable by symptoms and be helpful.

  14. dear jjc,
    don't tell 'em you are a lawyer... actually, might be good to tell 'em, they will transfer you immediately to the mecca.