Thursday, February 12, 2009

If You Look Closely You Can See the Cloven Hooves and Pointy Tail

As feel-good, childish economic policies are rammed up our collective behinds YahooNews has chosen this to headline their news service today... Angelina Jolie's Daring Dress. Can Jesus riding in on the clouds with heralds and trumpeters be far behind? How exactly it is 'daring' I can't imagine (she would look good in a burlap bag), but we have recently changed the definition of a bunch of words anyway so who am I to say? I mean, are you understanding what I'm writing? Is it daring?

Since the apocalypse is nigh and the topic sentence of this post has to do with the lower GI tract I thought I would mention that my friend, Manny Poopsalot is liquidating his business with a "poopstrong blowout sale". Clearing the warehouse will only take a few orders and remember, this charity is for the children, and those that don't get the joke are enemies anyhow... consider it multi-purpose survival gear.

* icing on cake, from the land of the perpetual 8th grader, this.


  1. Are you sure that's Angelina Jolie? Because I thought it was OctoMom, at some benefit to raise money for her 14 kids.

  2. Yes, that dress is daring; it's daring to prevent me from seeing the rest of Angelina Jolie!

    I had to look twice, as at first it appeared that there was wear at the knee.

  3. The students at Boulder High School represent the best and the brightest of the current generation.

    That's not saying much for the current generation.

  4. The students were part of the "Student Workers Club."

    Hmmm. IMHO they should pay taxes for 5-10 years before joining any group with "workers" in the title.

  5. there are two jobs in boulder for teens 1. pizza delivery driver and 2. marijuana crop harvester. anything that produces calluses or sweat is off the list.

  6. Hey...
    I use to live near Barack Obama High. It's quite fitting that Barry is getting a high school named after him.

    As for the "Student Workers Club", I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds the name dripping in irony. Now off little comrades, you have to go campaign for that name change and study for that Algebra test. Too bad they don't teach real history in schools any more(like how the soviet union collapsed or how any "worker's paradise" instantly becomes a tyranny of the worst order).