Saturday, June 13, 2009

Doc's For Patient Care

If you are a doctor or simply scared of the 'government option' go here and read our side.


  1. 911- the link is 404


  2. Wondering if you all have read this -- this cannot end well.

  3. I am a doctor too. I am for patient care. The current system of health care financing in the Inited States is responsible for excluding millions of Americans from preventive and diagnostic care, and rather than saying no to legislation that might correct this, the sponsors of this page should help develop the legislation we need.

  4. okay 'doctor', if you really are the james mulik md in cooperstown, ny... i wonder what responsibility patients have in your world to take care of themselves and not get their care paid for by others? i believe you have cranio-analcephally and right now there's no cure.

  5. First, I'd be interested to know if James Mulick is an "academic" physician or a private practice physician.

    "Academic" physicians who mostly teach and supervise residents (rather than spending all of their time in direct patient care); have a guaranteed income; paid malpractice; and the protection of a large multispecialty university setting are the ones who say things like are said in this post.

    The fact that he says that he's "for patient care" rather than "provides patient care" means he's either not a physician, or he's in a teaching hospital.

    I used to work in "academic" medicine, and it's a completely different focus and lifestyle. You have the luxury of choosing idealism over practicality.

    Second, I'll happily give you some ideas for legislation that would work to improve our healthcare system and expand the numbers of qualified applicants to medical schools.

    1. TORT REFORM! You'll never decrease medical care costs without it.
    2. Allow every American access to private medical savings accounts.
    3. Tax deductions for medical insurance expenses.
    4. Allow physicians to deduct non-payment by patients as a business loss.
    5. Penalties for frivolous lawsuits including the responsibility for paying the legal expenses of the defendant. Disbarment for lawyers who consistently bring frivolous lawsuits.
    6. Prompt pay laws for insurers which ALSO APPLY TO MEDICARE AND MEDICAID.
    7. Allow balance billing.
    8. Require "simplified language" insurance benefit synopses so that patients can compare policies.
    9. Slash the overall budget of JCAHO by 75%, the travel budget by 90%, and the paper and printer ink budget by 100%.
    10. Set up government run health care clinics staffed by physicians or other physician extenders (depending on the demographics) and in addition to payment, benefits would include reductions in student loans.
    11. Government program to pay a portion (or all) tuition and books for a certain number of med students committed to a primary care residency.
    12. Repeal EMTALA and replace it with a law which simply does what EMTALA was supposed to do.
    13. Drug testing for welfare recipients (which would include for tobacco).
    14. Enforce border laws and deport criminal illegal aliens.
    15. Abandon mandatory reporting and "pay for performance" before it is implemented.
    16. Abandon templates/flowcharts for treating diseases as mandated by the government to determine "quality".
    17. Make it a felony for nurses to walk the halls of a hospital carrying clipboards.

    Those are just a few ideas off the top of my head.

    It's so easy to say that all we do is criticize Obama-care, and have no ideas of our own. Not true. The reality is that no one is listening to our ideas.

    We have to point out the dangers of the Obama-care legislation (to the majority of physicians and patients who do not rely on "academic" centers) because it could soon become a reality and would damage our healthcare system irreparably.