Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lone Star State Kick's Ass Again

So if Texas punts on Obamacare let me tell you what will happen. First of all, they have managed to pass tort reform so there's a lot of physicians who have moved to Texas. Used to be the best place to make the most money in the ER, that's no longer the case. Supply and demand etc... If they opt out on Obamacare you will be tripping over physicians in Texas and folks from the other 49 will beat a path to their door. Hey Oldfart... got a job for me? I do own guns so mark that on my 'positive' side of the ledger (and so far they have not killed anyone though I am watching them closely).


  1. We would love to have you. My town is building 2 new hospitals, I'm sure they need er docs.

  2. Your Guns Haven't Killed Anyone??? What are ya 9-11 a friggin Pacifist??
    Almost took a job in Texas myself, except the Missus didn't like it... Her Objection??
    You have to have a FRONT license plate in Texas, and she doesn't like the way that looks...
    In fact, she didn't like the way the tags looked either, or that she'd have to giveup her personalized plate...
    But don't they pay you in Pesos???


  3. Every year, the trial lawyers try and try to bite into tort reform. So far, they have been unsuccessful.

    This past legislative session, they actually tried to get a bill passed that would allow them to sue for "damages" based on the billed charges, not the amount accepted as payment (if any).

    In addition, they tried to get a bill passed that would require a physician to apologize to a patient within a short time following an "event" (not defined), and then allow that apology to be used as evidence against the physician in a malpractice claim.

    911 is absolutely correct. Tort reform has been a huge success in Texas. To simplify the law, it limits "pain & suffering" to $250,000. There is NO cap on actual damages, even future actual damages.

    Frivolous suits dropped dramatically since the lawyers couldn't expect outrageous pay outs on silly claims anymore.

    Malpractice carriers came back to the market (we were down to 2 carriers in the state which would insure emergency docs, and the rates were astronomical). Once competition returned to the market, rates dropped (something called capitalism).

    Physicians have flocked to the many in fact that the wait to get a Texas license is as long as 9 months now.

    Health care reform without tort reform will not work.

  4. You can get a TX License within 3 months if you go to a rural area.

    And from the "Getting Doc's jobs" side of the table, I can say I hear at least once a week.

    "Going to TX cause of Tort Reform"

  5. But don't they pay you in Pesos???

    After inflation ratchets up, maybe that won't make such a difference.

  6. Not only are we paid in pesos, we only speak spanish.

  7. Frank,
    You just keep your front license plate under your seat and throw it on the dashboard if/when you are stopped. The law say it has to be displayed, not bolted down. :-)