Thursday, October 08, 2009

Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?



  1. "Posted by: Been There
    Oct 08, 01:10 PM

    I was brought up in war-time Germany. America, you have no idea the fire you are playing with."

    This comment about the story gave me chills.

  2. Aye, Amy. That comment is spot on. As a student of history I've always been interested in how Germany could be so easily duped. They basically let down their guard and allowed themselves to be. They where bribed too, after all everyone loves money.

    This is a very interesting chapter on the German Healthcare system. Such as this quote they use from an earlier book...

    "The ill-famed Dr. Ley, boss of the Nazi labor front, did not fail to see that the social insurance system could be used for Nazi politics as a means of popular demagoguery; as a bastion of bureaucratic power; as an instrument of regimentation, and as a reservoir from which to draw jobs for political favorites and loanable funds for rearmament." - Melchior Palyi, "Compulsory Medical Care and The Welfare State" (1949)

    We really are playing with fire. The best we can hope for is the funds will be horribly misspent on bridges to nowhere if it does go through.

  3. It just keeps coming, doesn't it? All these paeons to Obama. Any normal human would be embarrassed by the adulation. It's as flat out creepy as it gets.

  4. i'm going to bring back a phrase that is anathema to the left... un-American. it used to mean something and it can again. i think the parade of sycophants following BHO have no clue how un-American they look to a large majority of the population. UN-AMERICAN. it will not sell and if it is crammed down there will be push-back.

  5. Could you imagine the outcry from the Left if Nixon were in office right now, having American youth singing his praises on TV?

    There would be gnashing of teeth.

  6. nightingale,
    he would be impeached a second time and from the grave if necessary.

    thanks for your awesome comments.

  7. Wow... this is eerie... Are they still working on a motto and a salute?

  8. Guess their teacher did not get the latest directive. The new number is 30 million, not 47 million. Then again, heard Pelosi on NPR today saying how all those rich insurance companies could afford to be taxed on profits because they'd be getting 50 million new subscribers subsidized by the tax payers.

    Hopefully congress won't pass healthcare before taxpayer revolt in 2010.

  9. dear amy-65c,

    i was thinking about a new motto and salute and i think i have them. i just came up with this motto but it has a nice ring to it and i hope it will be properly attributed to me...

    "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need"

    as for a salute i recommend the following and i hereby dub it the BHO salute... in order please and with full miltary precision...

    1. attention!
    2. spread 'em.
    3. bend over.
    4. think of England.
    5. repeat.

    and by the way, it's not gay if you don't really enjoy it, and it is also not gay if you don't enjoy it at first but after an hour or two it starts to feel good in a strange, prostatic way.


  10. Ahh 9-11 thanks for reminding me of the early 70's when I had a framed 8x11 of Tricky Dick on my desk, right next to my Lost in Space Lunchbox...


  11. frank,
    i wore a nixon-agnew pin to a military function where such things were expected only because the commanding officer was a pussified leftist wonk who... oh my! had published a book about being a commanding officer. he was pissed but i did have my fun.

  12. It's funny the things that leave an impression on a young mind. My dad had a lapel pin with a picture of the backside of a farting jackass, with the words "LBJ has spoken" inscribed underneath. I don't know why I remember that.

    He despised LBJ. And Frank Church. And let us know often and at length.

  13. Oh my God, they are brainwashing these poor stupid kids. Is there a line in the song that lists all the nations where socialism has been a boon to the economy and lifted the masses out of poverty and not lead to mass mediocracy? I didn't think so. Oh I long for the days when the successful were looked up to and there was a desire to better ones lot in life rather than "level the playing field" by dragging everyone down.

  14. Apparently, you folks missed this version of the clip, that includes the brief interview with the kid:

    The kids aren't all brainwashed, just the dumb-ass teacher is.

  15. Yeah, ummm...Go Willie! That kid stuck it to 'em. I bet Pelosi and Obama were grinding their teeth after watching that.

  16. I get the feeling the "smart kid" was parroting its lines just like everyone else. 11-1 is still overwhelmingly "on point" with paying lip-service to opposition to reduce backlash.

    Speaking of "backlash" - there are untold millions of people in this country ready to revolt and party like it's 1776. Had a look at gun-and-ammo-sales numbers lately?

    It's fixin' to get mighty ugly, folks...

    God help us...