Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Health Care Crisis Solved (thank me later)

Since, in the current iteration, Obamacare will be funded by people who pay taxes (the top 50% of wage earners pay 97% of all federal income tax... look it up if you want on the IRS site), I wondered if there was a way to 'spread the burden', as his oneness might say, to include those who will be getting a freebie. And then it hit me... a national lottery. Problem solved. Good night.


  1. Everything will be OK,trust it.

  2. Oh HAY-yell yes, what a brilliant idea!!! Since the weekly jackpot would rival Power Ball, tickets could be five to ten dollars each. This would be fair, as it is tax on the stupid and lazy instead of those who work for a living. KUDOS!

    Pattie, RN

  3. What a joke, they'll fund it just like they did with Tobacco and Tanning Salons...

  4. This post is timely for me because I have been trying to teach my almost 6 year old about the lottery. He has an odd fascination with it and seems convinced he'd win. I think I finally decided that I will let him buy his own ticket and lose so he can concretely understand it. With my recent luck though, he'd win and it would reinforce his belief in it.

    My husband calls lottery tickets tax for the stupid. His words not mine.

  5. You have it all wrong. We need to tax them, but not necessarily in the form of money. Those with an abundance of money get taxed money. Well, a lot of the poor have an abundance of time. Lets tax their time and make them do community service

  6. Good gawd. America is now the United Socialist States of Amerika. I think I'll pull a Sleeping Beauty for now. Will someone please awaken me when the madness is over?

  7. LOL! If you make them do community service, it would be equivalent to slavery. Isn't that ironic? The government can't force anyone to work against his will, nor should it. And that is precisely why the government should not be in the welfare business. Nothing motivates a person to want to work like fear of starvation!

  8. make welfare extensions linked to community service as "incentives"

    Also I thought of the lottery idea a while back but the difference is make it a 5 number drawing with lower jackpots. better for the economy to have a few hundred people win 50-100 k a week, better odds of winning bring more players and a boatload of money to pay for health care.

    And legalize and Tax marijuana

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  11. Responsible health care reform should reward good behavior rather than corrupt politicians.
    Instead of modeling failed and/or inferior health care delivery systems in total while trashing our existing system; it would be more appropriate to identify the issues and apply a risk benefit analysis of the options.
    A basic health care reform bill should incorporate the following components:
    1. Reward healthy behavior and penalize high risk behavior.
    2. No penalties for pre-existing conditions that are not a result of high risk behavior.
    3. Mandatory modified medical flex plans.
    4. Indigent care clinics for the under-insured.
    5. National tort reform.
    6. Common sense overhaul of the FDA.
    7. Free market insurance coverage that is portable with no carrier restrictions based on state lines.
    8. Minimize and aggressively prosecute fraud and abuse.
    9. Design a program that is open to innovation and not static.
    10. Attract the best and the brightest to enter the medical field instead of running them off.

  12. Dear Black Ink,

    Please don't come on this blog and post sensible solutions. Remember, the "leaders" in Washington today say that all of us who are opposed to the current health care legislation have no ideas of our own!

    I have long been a proponent of Indigent Care Clinics. I know several physicians who have worked in rural and Indian Health programs for a few years post-residency in order to have a portion of their student loans forgiven. I believe this would be a great incentive to draw docs to these practice environments and would actually help solve the access problem faced by the poor.

    But Liberals don't want to provide incentives for positive behavior. They want to control behavior by punitive rules and regulations.


  13. 85,
    Check out my last blog post on STEALTH. It addresses the issue in more detail.....perhaps too much detail; but I would appreciate your critique.
    The whole health care issue seems simple enough if responsible behavior was rewarded instead of punished.

  14. All I know is my copays went from $20 per month per prescription to $40 per month per prescription. That's money I can no longer use for an economic recovery.