Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thanks Dr. O

"Students" on the quad, or whatever they call it, at CU Boulder yesterday.
Thanks Dr. O, I mean I know that when you were actively throwing your MD behind the 'medical marijuana' movement and I was getting very upset with you, that you were being sincere and honest. I'm glad you and your side have won because clearly this is a good thing. I mean, just look at all these happy people!

And I have a lot to learn because I did not know that marijuana was indicated for seizures, pain, and all these things! And think of all the revenue coming into state coffers! Maybe taxes can be cut.... wait, that's never good... never mind... instead, why not just lite up a fatty and relax?

Another nice thing is that when it becomes legal in my state I can set up shop and write prescriptions for cash and get flat out rich while watching television AND being stoned. Cool. And get this (this is really sweet dude!), when I have 'medical marijuana' patients they fully expect to pay me AND it's impossible to overdose on it. I can drop my malpractice and never have to take care of another screaming ER patient... I am DIGGING this. Again, thanks Dr. O.


  1. Don't forget to collect recipes for brownies and mahjoun (hash candy, with pistachios) and such. Offer mahjoun, they'll find a way to overdose on it!

  2. I've heard that people who smoke pot can't think too good and lose their train of thought and have flights of ideas and my dog poops on the carpet alot hey guys listen to this new song I wrote hey who wants to go to IHOP oh man this job sucks. What was I saying? Oh yeah. Go Pot!

  3. America with alcohol = "Remember the Alamo" and Pickett's charge.

    America with pot = "Remember the... uh... that's funny... remember the pizza!"

    i know lots of you would prefer number two and would continue to prefer it until sharia law was imposed by the conquering iranians and they cut off your nuts. only the twist-tops have succeeded in censoring 'south park'. smoke away.

  4. Howcome nobody protests for "Medical Heroin"??? You can smoke it to, not that I know from personal experience...


  5. Does the Food Stamp program pay for munchies?