Monday, April 19, 2010

Whistling Past the Graveyard

I get three or four of these a day in my email, and three or four in my snail-mail.

Guess what folks? There aren't enough doctors to cover ERs now, many of us are quitting, and not many kids want to go to medical school anymore. The solution, over the past ten years, has been to CLOSE ERs. This will eventually be a bad thing.

On the other hand, we don't have to worry about global warming anymore so maybe it's all a wash?

Dr. [911doc] :

____________ currently has permanent and locums opportunities all over the country. We have urgent need in:


I would like to assist you in finding a position that fits your needs in 2010. I will start looking for positions in the area that you are interested. Please send me a copy of your CV, so I can update your _______ file and start sending you jobs that would be of interest to you.


  1. In the early 80s I was learning Russian and getting around to actual usage, versus textbook language. Although a medical doctor could be referred to as a profyesor, that word had no place in common usage.

    To a Soviet citizen, when we would use the word doctor, they would use the word vrach; basically a PA.

    The future.

  2. I don't know what firm blasted out that email, but whoever it was was in the minor leagues.

    What the hell! There is so much wrong with that it almost makes me ashamed I used to be in that racket full time.

  3. Maybe that's why a hospital would lower itself to hiring a sanctimonious fuckwad like you.

  4. Anonymous:
    the only doctors hospitals hire are "Hospitalists", who do tend to be sanctimonious fuckwads.
    ER docs, especially Locums like me are hired guns, tough guys, individualists who are our own bosses, good for sexual herassmeant, bad when you have to pay 15% FUCKA tax...
    Now get back to that penis...


  5. Ahhh...change we can believe in.

  6. I believe!!!

    I believe it is bad.

  7. that's "board-certified, DOCTOR Sanctimonious Fuckwad" to you anonymous. and frank, it DOES look like he has a grip on something like a penis, only a lot smaller.

  8. dear superbadjack,
    there is a double need in MS.

  9. Of course there is. =p some of those non-city Hospitals were so desperate, one of my old colleagues used to mark some Job Orders (internally, of course) "Waddlers".

    i.e. "First Doc to waddle in and quack gets the job"

  10. Er, when I was re-reading that, it may seem that's taking Docs down a notch, but it's a total reflection on the Hospital only.

    I know you guys are constantly under attack by troglodytes so I wanted to make sure you didn't take that the wrong way.