Monday, May 03, 2010

The Hot Nanny State

I thought this was a stunning debate.

I see this busy body from time to time trying to push her anti-obesity agenda via legislation rather than education and persuasion. She believes that most Americans are incapable of making their own decisions, since most Americans do not fall into her definition of "thin".

While I occasionally agree with her message, I can not abide her methods.

She believes it is her right to force her opinion and agenda on everyone else through legislation.

She represents Liberalism in it's most pure and evil form. I'm not a Mike Gallagher fan, but I was cheering him as he took her to task for this idiotic proposal.


  1. bingo. when i was in the service i trained for and ran a marathon. right before i ran i got my verdict from the service... i was overweight and not by a little.

    besides, this chick needs more meat on her bones. 'rubenesque' is the term, i think. penn and teller do a great 'bullshit' episode on folks like this one... very much worth a look.

  2. I could see taking her up the dark pipe with a couple sticks of butter smoothing the way up her skinny ass!

  3. Carl's Jr doesn't bow to these food fascists. They should respond by creating an "Adult Happy Meal". It would consist of a double guacamole bacon cheeseburger, large fry, large drink, and a Meme Roth butt plug.

  4. I LIKE the obesity "Epidemic" but then I like anything that lets me feel superior to all the yokels who can't: drive stick shifts/whistle/throw curveballs/convert Fahrenheit to Centigrade in your head...
    maybe its cause every argument I ever had with a Fat Kid ended up with someone(Me) getting his face sat(and farted) on...
    And its fun to yell "Free Pie"! at one of those crowded All u can Eat Buffet Restaurants
    and watch the stampede...
    I used to yell "Fire"! but nothing happened, cause you can't really eat "Fire"...
    and whats with the Gastric Bypass/Alli/TPX90? Girls should stay skinny the way my daughters do, diet, exercise, peer pressure, and regular purging...


  5. I have a friend who is morbidly obese and paying the price as her quality of life deteriorates. They can legislate all they want ... it won't help.

  6. Good holy bran muffins. If this passes, I think it'd be great for McDonald's to close their stores in that city and tell 'em to pound sand. Oopsie, goodbye, tax revenue...

  7. Dear Government Goons,
    Please pass legislation to stop me from ingesting food that's bad for my health. And, next, please pass a law to prevent me from running with scissors, overeating, watching stupid TV shows, and reading in the dark. Only you can prevent me from irreparable self-damage. Thank you.

  8. I was in WalMart with my kids a few years ago, and they have a TOY aisle. And the toys are packaged in bright colored containers!!! How dare they appeal to children like that. Oh the "nag factor" that I had to endure. I actually had to say "no" to my kids.

    We should take steps now to force manufacturers to only display toys in black and white packages, and we should ban toy aisles in stores. We need more laws so that I won't have to parent my kids!

  9. This woman is an idiot. All I can say to parents who can't say no to their child, is GROW A PAIR!

  10. Personal choice has its rewards. I decided that I wanted to lose weight. I started running. I can now run 5 miles at 8:30 per mile without stopping. I lost the weight in the process. I have an incredible sense of satisfaction because I did it myself without any guns to my head, or regulations requiring it. I did that thing liberals are always claiming they want to do for everyone (excluding white males): I empowered myself.

    Size 10 to size 4. Yes!!!

  11. Congrats Amy,
    I tried running a mile a day this year, had to quit after a month cause I was 30 miles from home...
    Feel free to send any pics to my blog,


  12. amy,
    that's impossible. no one can lost that weight like you did because it's a disease and needs counselors and dieticians to help you fail... we need a law to make up for the evil plans of George Bush and all white males and Christians... or something... Dear Leader, help, society is making me obese.