Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lofty's 80-80 Rule

According to a Pew Hispanic Center report, in 2005, 57% of illegal immigrants were from Mexico, 24% were from other Latin American countries, primarily from Central America, 9% were from Asia, 6% were from Europe, and 4% were from the rest of the world.

So, if 80% of illegal immigrants LOOK latino because they ARE latino, and if 80% of people questioned about their citizenship status in Arizona (AFTER BREAKING THE LAW) are latino, then that's not profiling, right? RIGHT? That's perfect fucking common sense and perfect math.



  1. lofty, lofty, lofty,

    i love you like a brother, but you are way off base here.

    if you add in the hyphen, then you add the slow, but steady increase of 'proud, wise, latina women' who keep their last name and add their husband's, well, the permutations are WAY more than 15.

  2. уважаемый Lofty,

    The Uzbeks were a similar problem for us. Our countries have different methods for these things and I am not supporting, necessarily, one over the other. Let me simply say, however, that in Moscow today, we speak Russian.

    посмотреть на свой юг

  3. This is NOT the America I grew up in. It's sickening.

  4. Lofty, apparently, 911 wants you to understand that he loves you like a brother. I hope you got the point.

    Have you noticed how officials in the B-HO administration (including the Attorney General & the Secretary of Homeland Security) are now admitting that they haven't actually READ the Arizona law that they've been trashing for the past couple of weeks?

  5. Not the America you grew up in??
    Maybe cause you grew up in Pakistan??
    And who cares about names, the 9-11 hijackers all had different names(except for 2 "Ahmeds")and how much lettuce did THEY pick??
    I LIKE Mexicans, how else could I afford to maintain my pool? And whens the last time a Mexican flew a 767 into the World Trade Center?
    The most they might do is tear up your yard with their 67' Lowrider Impala cause you tried to pay them with a Taco Bell gift card.
    This is America Buddy, learn the rules, or take that PIA Supersaver to Islamisbad, ONEWAY!!!!!!!!
    God Bless,
    Frank Drackman, American

  6. No, no, NO...we must not let common sense into this discussion. I can't comment anyway because of pending litigation. I can't REALLY talk about it, but I know profiling and racism when I see it. Well, let me give you a hint....when is the last time you saw a short, plump white female with a lucrative NBA contract???? My Sisters and I are tired of the hate and repression.....anyone can see that profiling is the ONLY thing keeping us down!!!

    Pattie, RN

  7. dear Frank,
    did you see this about the twist-tops entering our fine land through the southern border?


    damn, you are onto us. but elena kagan... she could break into the NFL. i mean, can you see any dude running towards her? anywhere near her? can you see any dude trying to tackle her? no way.

  8. in fact, frank and patty,

    help me out here. i would say that NASCAR, the NBA, the NFL, and especially the NHL are anti-semitic. i have never heard of a scout from one of these leagues visiting the Yeshiva, and i have yet to meet a redneck jew who likes to fix up camaros and run liquor to the city (though frank may be the exception that proves the rule).

  9. No Jews in NASCAR?? Guess you forgot about #46, Jon Denning, and the Late/Great Intimidator Himself was originally named Dale Earnhartstein before he survived the horrors of Treblinka.
    OK, the NBA/NHL are just a step above Soccer, so you may have me there,
    But how can you forget NFL greats such as Lyle Alzado, Bernie Kozar, Adam, Bill, Charles, and Marshall Goldberg, Jay Fiedler, Matt Bloom?
    And for baseball, 2 Words, Sandy Koufax.


  10. frank,
    i'll give you dale. forgot he was fond of his yarmulke, but as far as your other names they are the exceptions that prove the rule... probably picked to play precisely BECAUSE they were Jewish... you know, just so the man could point to a few folks as counter-examples. this kind of thing is just what the man does.

  11. i wonder if i could get the good people of mexico to fund my CABG if i showed up in one of their ERs with 3 vessel coronary disease and chest pain? i mean, i know we do that for any person who shows up in one of our ERs, but i'm wondering about reciprocity. ok, never mind.

  12. 9-11, tell Lofty to stop sending those coded messages to Al Kaida or I'll report you to the Chief of Homeland Security, oh yeah,

    Frank, "The Greek is Bearing Gifts" Drackman

  13. My perception of doctors and the medical field has changed, and it’s all your fault.

    I’m only one person, but what I have learned, I will not keep to myself.

    I can’t remember how I was referred to this blog, but I’ve spent the last week or so reading from the beginning.

    And I discovered that I’m a hypocrite. Which really didn’t set well with me.

    Yesterday, I re-worked my household budget to try to make sure that when I have to juggle bills, the first one that decreases is not going to be medical and dental payments. We’ll suck it up someplace else.

    I loved reading your blog because I too have a problem with people that feel entitled, won’t take responsibility for their actions/choices and feel that the system owes them. Health care reform is a crock…and no-one is responsible for me and my children but ME!

    I am a single parent of 5 – three are still at home, two are in college. As my oldest daughter once put it, “Mom, according to the government, we can’t afford a cardboard box under a bridge.” For about 8-9 months years ago, I was on food stamps and Medicaid and found the experience beyond humiliating. I still qualify for just about every program there is, but we make do on our own.

    But I have been harboring a lot of misplaced resentment toward doctors/the medical profession because of the situation I was in. So when I had to juggle bills for the month, my attitude was that the medical/dental could wait because it won’t make that big of a difference.

    I was wrong, I’m ashamed of myself and I’m sorry. This is not who I am, how I was raised and is not how I’m raising my children.

    Thank you for helping me to remember.


  14. dear montanalady,

    welcome home. thanks, and thanks again.

  15. I had a student ask me yesterday, "Why do all Mexican's have the same last name?" The students last name you ask? Martinez.