Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cam Newton Was Not Evaluated in My Emergency Department Last Night, and I Will Not Play in the Georgia vs Auburn Game Today (bonus feature on the 'fencing response and concussions')

Just curious, since Frank and I have a bet on the Georgia-Auburn game today, if I can spike traffic to this site with a simple mention of "Cam Newton". I have never seen the sports media go so bonkers as they are with this story. But for those of you who feel cheated about getting here on a bogus search let me tell you two things... First, this is a medical blog and we are football fans, so, if you want to sound really smart when talking about concussions and helmet-to-helmet issues witness below the "FENCING RESPONSE", the video tells you what you need to know, the question, for those of us in the ER is, 'besides getting knocked the F*** out, what other injuries are present?' Then the question about long term consequences play out over the recovery period. Frank, get ready buddy. Second, Go Dawgs, beat Cam Newton.


  1. That Ain't No Hank Williams Song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Was that a SOCCER clip in there???
    and don't talk to me bout' No Sissy Cuncussions, my Mom used to give me Concussions 2 or 3 times a week when she'd miss a sign and drill me up side' da haid' instead of the ribs like she usually did...
    if there aint no Decerebrate Posturing you best shake it off if you want some PT!!!!!!
    and No Junior Rosegreen/Reggie Brown from the 05' UGA/AU game??? Jee-zus, Christopher Reeves moved more than Brown did after that hit...
    and Rosegreen was my Hero, probably the last Hebrew ever to play defensive back in the SEC...


  2. frank,
    that's the first soccer injury i've seen that may be legit.

  3. That was kind of horrifying to watch happening over and over again, especially when tackles and stuff are happening all around them. Do people more often than not do okay after this kind of thing happens to them? I've never seen anything about the fencing posture outside of a peds lecture.

  4. most recover without sequelae. some have cspine injuries. if you want more information search 'return to play sports medicine concussion'... as you will see, it's a very inexact science at this point.

  5. Student,
    do yourself a favor, go into something with a better future, I don't know, like 8-Track Tape Deck Refurbishing/Cadaver Prep-Tech/Faro Dealer in Tombstone...
    only reason I'm stickin with Medicine is I've got the Presbyopia and can't read the want ads...
    and as for your question, which has to be the stupidest question I've heard since I asked a Cardiologist back in 1987 if Estrogens were so great at reducing Heart Disease in Women, WHY NOT GIVE THEM TO MEN!?!?!?!?!?!
    I mean I'd take a set of Bitch Tits if it keeps me out of the Cath lab..
    and he just looked down his pointy Flea Nose and continued with his 50 page study on Idiopathic Hypertrophic Something or Other...
    There ARE such things as Stupid Questions, and you just asked one.
    I got concussions all the time growing up, in fact my dad would just say he was gonna "GUYH" me instead of the actual phrase "Go Upside Yo' Haid" to save time, and I played Baseball/Football/Basketball/ and the most dangerous, hitting/on/my/sisters/friends, all without a helmet, and look how I turned out...
    Just Peachy,


  6. dear student,
    please understand two things... 1. frank WAS actually hit in the head a lot as a child and 2. he writes at another blog (which is awesome). frank, lay off the new visitors will ya? woof woof M-f'er.

  7. Dear Student,
    Yeah, frankie is kinda messed up...please forgive him...must be off the meds or maybe too many days in a row...

    I had a traumatic brain injury on 9-12-01. Got hit on my mo'cycle....woke up a couple of days later strapped to a trauma unit bed. I still have problems with my short term memory. Can't remember names to save my soul. I can remember names if I met the people before the accident; but now after the accident....oy!

    As an aside...watching this video gave me the creeps...I have a feeling in my inner self that I did these movements right after the accident. No eyewitness has ever said there was any strange movements...but I have that "hair raising on the back of my neck" feeling that I did.


  8. dear steve,
    with the forces generated in a motor vehicle crash i am glad you have been able to recover as well as you have. the brain is a very curious thing and we just can't predict very well how folks will recover from major head trauma. it's very hard work for the patient. Perhaps you can tell us about the journey.

  9. frank,
    hell of a game. send the the pic frank. cam is a man amongst boys. heisman, beat bama please, win it all, then no one will care much if there's an asterisk (hope there's not).

  10. 911Doc,
    Thanks for the thoughts. Yep you're right; it has been a difficult journey. All exacerbated by my German heritage!!! Ha, my "gotta go to work at all costs" is dialed up to 11!
    I went back to work WAAAYYY too early. Should have stayed away longer then the 6 months that I did. Oh well at least I'm working; unfortunatley, I'm also paying taxes!
    I won't get into the gory details about the accident and how many times the helicopter crew defibed me. Lets just say that flourescent lights glow when I walk by.
    What I would like people to understand is this...when a person has a closed brain injury...that "person" changes. Emotions are raw, social filters are abraided, the basic personality is mercurial. The person that you think you remember, may be gone for awhile. To be lost forever...or to slowly return. AND that person you see in front of also wondering if "they" are going to return.
    Labial emotions, "don't give a damn" attitude, exhaustion. Are all part and parcel of the life I lead. But, I try to hide it from the family because quite frankly, they don't understand. Or they don't want to understand. Their world hadn't been rocked and they don't want it to be rocked.
    When people ask me "how you doin'", I just answer, "oh I'm only 80% of my former self...but thats better then most men on THEIR good days"
    After 9 years the nightmares have stopped, I can drive by the site without breaking into tears and I get to hug my grandkids. I guess the good Lord thought I was needed for something down here.
    Thanks for the chance to educate some folks.

  11. Steve,
    don't wanta be an A-hole, but watta ya expect driving a Motorcycle?? Did you ever try drafting behind a semi at 85mph to save a little gas and then he hits the brakes just to show you who's boss??
    Thats why I sold my Crotch Rocket in 1989.
    Umm OK, that and even Lloyd's of London wouldn't write me a policy.
    the helicopter crew DEFILED you???
    even if they did, I'd keep that kind of
    thing to yourself...
    Oh, "DEFIBED" you, sorry, damn Presbyopia... and its "LABILE" emotions, not "Labial", the Labia don't have any emotions, they just kinda sit there.
    Seriously, its like saying your Scrotum has emotions.
    and it's "De-fibbed" BTW, and whatever you did to make your heart fib, might wanta stop doin that.
    and you say "German Heritage" like its somethin to be proud of, and I say that as the proud son of a German born Mom who still does one of those Dr. Strangelove involuntary Nazi Salutes every time Energie Cottbuss wins a game...
    and its so frustrating, I mean if we hadn't let Amerika steal that Einstein guy, lost on the road at Stalingrad, and got that penalty at Malmedy, you'd be able to drive 150mph on the interstate...

    Herr Doktor Frank Drackmann

  12. Fascinating... I have never noticed that response before. Fantastic compilation... loved the fact that it opened with AFL, the rugby ump crunch was pretty cool too! Top work, 911 doc.

  13. You are right frank...I was ameanin' labile but was ahopin' for labial this weekend....but at her age it just kinda sits there!!!