Wednesday, April 06, 2011

ACEP* Consensus Statement on Non-Academic Emergency Medicine as a Career

*Atomic College of Emergency Physicians


  1. Dude,
    You should publish that

  2. Must have watched that movie 50 times when I was a kid...
    Cause we had one TV, and my Dad flew B-52s, and its like the only movie that depicts B-52s and Nuclear Combat realistically...except...
    1: Cowboy Hats were not authorized Strategic Air Command Flight Attire.
    2: Aircraft Commander not to leave the cockpit during critical phases of flight.
    3: Nicknames not permitted on nuclear weapons.
    4: The Mk28IS fusion bomb must be deployed from medium or high altitude to avoid collateral destruction of the aircraft.
    5: Altimeter not set to local barometric pressure.
    6: Protective anti-flash screen not in place.

    The rest of the movie was spot-on, especially about the precious bodily fluids...

    Frank "Dr Strangeglove" Drackman

  3. and frank,
    you and i both know flying with your O2 mask halfway on is VERBOTEN... no one ever does it right?

  4. What is supposed to be here? There is nothing but the movie spot??

  5. dear old and revered one....
    it is supposed to be that way....

  6. okay....
    i'm getting old so maybe this is lost on most... gotta know the dr strangelove plot. without getting into it completely... slim pickens here represents the community ER physician, trained up to do the dirty work in the ERs across the land... but the orders given are from ACEP (centcom) and they are from a BAT SHIT CRAZY General, in the movie, General Jack Ripper, in EM, ACEP... we are sent out on a fools mission to treat emergencies but there really aren't many... nevertheless, we are so dedicated that we will press on, and our reward is success in our mission, which, in the movie, means that slim pickens is able to release the nuke while he is sitting on top of it and he rides it into the ground.

    meantime, CENTCOM (ACEP) is sitting back in their 1000 foot deep nuclear proof bunker (or in academic medicine) and they care not a whit that folks like the intrepid major kong (or most community ER docs) are fighting the wrong battle with the wrong orders for the wrong people.

    sorry, been watching and reading a lot of CHARLIE SHEEN lately... he's so awesome.

  7. by the way gang...
    if you click on all the related youtube clips, you will be educated as if you had memorized the Bible.

  8. That's really deep and complex 911. Reminds me of Frank just a bit except there was no nausea, which, I sometimes experience after reading his posts.


  9. "Bat Shit Crazy"?
    I thought General Jack D. Ripper was quite reasonable actually, especially compared to my Dad. Fluoride kills erections, Alcohol should be enjoyed in its natural pure undiluted state, Military Affairs should be left to the experts and not Illegitmate-Sons-of-Kenyan-Chiefs-Who-Don't-Even-Have-A-Birth-Certificate-And-Wouldn't -Recognize-a-Threat-To-National-Security-if-it -Whopped-Him-Upside-his-Nappy-Haid.
    And wasn't General Turgidson's secretary smokin??????


  10. frank,
    can we simply acknowledge that the names Jack D Ripper and Buck Turgidson are examples of genius at work?

  11. 9-11(6-7),
    Agreed, and "Dr Strangegloves" the only movie thats made my dad laugh except for the Zapruder film, and watever you call the one of the naked Vietnamese chick running down the road after being mistaken for a North Vietnamese Infantry regiment...
    and...this is without actually watching the movie in some 30 years, cause I'm still pissed I didn't inherit my Dad's 20/10 vision and get to drop Napalm on naked Vietnamese chicks..
    Wasn't the Presidents name "Muffley", and the Russian was "Premier Kissoff" and there was Major Bat Gwano, and Group Captain Mandrake..and, and and....
    Oh, according to my Dad, there Survival kits really did contain a pair of nylon stockings...