Saturday, July 23, 2011

Spider Bites Part Deux

So it seems that there is very little that sells in the news business as well as bizarre and tragic stories. Here's one.

Now I'm kind obligated to mention this story since I waxed poetic on spider bites HERE.

I'm also obligate to point out that this particular site mentions that it is safer to fly on AIRPLANES than to be cared for in a HOSPITAL. And this, is, probably true... As true as it is to say that it is safer to swim in a shallow pool than a deep one. So what?

Now one thing is interesting about this story of the gentleman who died, apparently as a result of "19 Black Widow Spider Bites"... It seems that this may not actually have been the cause of death for "Jeff Seale, 40, noticed 19 bites on his foot two weeks before he died. His sister says he worked at a horse stable, and she wonders if that's where her brother might've encountered the spider."

So the Black Widow bite, as we know, is rarely fatal to adults, and a two week lag from bites to death seems a bit strange. Also strange is how the rest of the piece talks about the victim's impressive accomplishments as a baseball player.

I wonder if the ERs around Boulder county are seeing about ten or twenty folks a day right now who think they have been bitten by a Black Widow Spider. Nah, I actually  don't wonder... It's at least ten or twenty a day.


  1. 9-11,
    How can you post something as trivial as this after the tragic death of one of the greatest musicians of the last 50 years????
    No, not Amy Winehouse, who I've had a soft spot for since her debut album "Frank"..
    But that other genius,
    MEL EFFIN McDANIEL!!!!!!!!
    who's real name was Mel Rabinowitz, thats what Jews had to do in the 50's, change there names,just like Elvis and Merle Haggard.
    and I know your into U2, and WHAM!(with George Michael) but I'd rather listen to "Big Ole Brew" than that "Joshua Tree" crap any day of the week, even the Sabbath...


  2. You know 911, I forsee you getting bit somewhere most unpleasant by a black widow. It's just that you have seriously been beggin for it. Nobody will believe you either, just sayin. But I will, BFF.


  3. Where I practice medicine, we call 19 spider bites track marks. Just saying.

  4. I just got bit by a black widow three weeks ago and though I didn't feel it at the time I soon got swelling on the foot that got bit and back/shoulder pain so I took some enterics and went to bed and that was that.
    I find that things are not as easy as they used to be when i was younger