Saturday, September 10, 2011


An interesting thing.... fan-dom. I pick a team to cheer for, maybe because I went to the school... maybe because I like their uniforms. What is it, my psychology friends, that makes being a 'fan' so addictive? I actually think the answer is more in the realm of theology than psychology or psychiatry, but let me know what you think. And I understand all the pat statements about the attractions of a vicarious experience.... of being able to take some credit when your guys win and defend them (or not) when they lose.

All I know is that Frank Drackman is about to drop a post here about a game my team should have won and gloat about a game his team should have lost, and I'm 48 years old, and I didn't play today, and yet, on alumni weekends I see people thirty years my senior show up and yell and scream and, if you are a Georgia fan right now, cry (and I know Frank, Auburn fans don't cry, they go burn cars or get in fights or drink until they puke and all), but there's something here that is very interesting.

Good luck, Coach Richt, wherever you may land.

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  1. Jeez 9-11, c-c-c-c-c an't we just get along??
    Gotta save our Hatin' for the A-rabs, Nome Sayin??
    and I don't remember burning any cars or gettin in any fights after losing a football game. Maybe cause Auburn hasn't lost in 653 days 18 hrs and 32 minutes. HAHA
    OK I did puke a few weeks ago, my Aunt Ethel's special Sweet Potato Knish, with her secret ingredient...
    E. Coli O157 h7...
    She's a Bulldog fan BTW.

    I didn't even see the Auburn/Georgia games yet, yesterday was my day at the Free Filariasis Clinic, then had to prepare my Sunday School Lesson for today down at the local Honduran Church Boys Club...
    In fact, I like to just look at the Stats in the boxscore and see if I can figure out which team won, saves 3+ hours I can use helping the sick and poor...
    Lets see, Bulldogs got more first downs, 100 more yards passing, more return yards, time of possession and 42 points oughta be enough to win any SEC game, I mean unless there was a fake punt or something...
    I mean Auburn only scored 41 points and I'm pretty sure they won, no gloating voice mails from Aunt Ethel...
    And I'm only an Auburn fan by an accident of Geography, I was all set to be a UCLA fag, I mean fan, till Jehovah smacked me with his PCS stick.
    Look at it from my point of view, one day I'm in sunny Southern California, surfin, smokin pot, tryin to decide which VW Bus to buy, next week, I'm peddlin my Scwhinn in Montgomery Alabama, when that banjo playin cretin from "Deliverance" runs me off the road, and nearly brains me with a beer bottle, yellin "Rollllll Tide!' .
    July 27th, 1978, don't remember the exact time, not like I"m one to carry a Grudge..
    OK, yes, I did dance a little Hitler-esque Jig when Bear Bryant died, EVERY one did back then, he was a seriously Evil dude, cheated more than Ted Kennedy, alcoholic, smoked, and don't tell anyone but...
    I'm not sayin Bear Bryant was a racist, but he wasn't the most open-minded dude, like me.
    Anyway, congrats on winning the Stats, and I've got little Honduran boys to convert.