Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Confederacy of Losers

This isn't medical but had to post about it. As a physician and small business owner that EMPLOYS many people, I had to post about these"Occupy Wall Street" losers getting so much attention. That is because they almost made me late for Carrot Top in Las Vegas, what with their marching up and down Las Vegas boulevard. What a hodgepodge of jerk offs, slackers, weirdos, and losers. Got to admit though, it was entertaining. Almost like a pre-show show. Signs advocating economic justice?, education reform, repealing the patriot act, District of Columbia home rule, end of the two party system, make love not war.

"It's all related," said Dennis Dodson, an artist from Aspen, CO. "Everyone has one voice". One sign said " Tax the rich until they are poor-let them see what it's like". Let's just take that asinine statement to its conclusion. 308 million dread-locked fruitcakes foraging for food since no one works and no one is hiring.

This gem from USA Today- Debra Sweet, 60, a VETERAN PROTESTER (what is this?) who traveled from New York to push Obama to fulfill his campaign promise to end the Afghanistan War, acknowledged that the protests lack specific focus, but called it an " incredible phenomenon" that people across the nation are embracing the movement.

Translation- We really don't know what we are protesting, but we don't have anything better to do, and I remember tripping out on acid at the 1968 Democratic convention-boy what a time we had. Thought I'd come down and yell for a while.

Go home guys. Most of you are lazy, or live in your mom's basement. Money for nuthin' and your chicks for free. Your liberal arts women's studies or sociology degree can at least get you a fast food job. Contribute. Work your way to the top, then you can look back and make fun of yourself and your stupid protest friends when you were younger. Just don't hold up traffic and make me late for dinner and a show. Carrot Top doesn't like you being late.


  1. "CARROT TOP!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!"
    Golf Clap..Clap..Clap...
    seriously, you spent real money to see that talent-less hack?
    and this is from a guy who paid to see Def Leopard(Gunter,Glieben,Glauben,Globen)
    and I would have paid to see Tiffany, but it was free.

  2. frank,
    At least we share a dislike for carrot-top and his HGH freak body.... But good to hear from you 'Cat. Very nice.

  3. umm 9-11 its not Carrot Top as much as I just don't like physical prop commedy...
    give me a 1970's Bob Newhart monolog anyday...

  4. Just got back from Vegas myself. The protesters were a great Target to yell at in an alcohol fueled rage.


  5. 9-11, you left out our shared hatred of that Godless-Jorts-Wearin-Probably-in-Cahoots-With-Al-Kaida Football team from the South...
    the Gay-Tuhs...
    and there was this Homo Gay-tuh fan in my Med School class, damn Butt-Pirate wasn't even from Florida...
    and I've been a Gator-Hator since that fat slob Charley Pell coached in the early 80's...
    Even got him to look at me before the 81' game.
    "CHARLEY PELL!!!!!!!! CHARLEY PELL!!!!!!!!!!!"
    I screamed from the student section...
    and everyone high fived me as I was escorted out of Jordan-Hare...
    its even worse than the deep-burning-hatred we have of the Tide, cause we don't lose, I mean play the Gay-tuhs every year.
    But you wouldn't understand, bein a UGA fan.
    "Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party"??
    was Columbine a "Party"
    was the Batan Death March a "Party"
    Auburn Fans aren't happy unless we're using Tim Tebow's femur to grind our corn...
    That Sissy Urban Meyer's tears to...
    umm whatever you do with tears....
    and yes, we do cheer for Personal Fouls, but its gotta be a good one to be worth 15 yards...