Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Name That Trauma

All right all you gun-nut detective types. What am I showing you here.



  1. Kevlar helmet, HT radio or other small transmitter/receiver antenna, base from a shotgun shell, destroyed foregrip from a M-4 or similar model rifle.

    Condition of the debris might indicate extremely rapid deflagration or detonation near the equipment. Hopefully the owner of the stuff wasn't nearby when the damage occurred but as this is a DR. blog, not an equipment blog, I fear not.

    Or, it could just be some crap that was pulled out of some red-neck's trash can.

    Just guessin'.

  2. Remnants of a rifle grip and shell (or button), antenna from a transmitter (or an ancient cellphone!) and the helmet that hopefully saved a life.

    If they were retrieved during surgery (from me, of course--otherwise it would be just gross) I'd carry them around everywhere in a little knapsack.

    And a thumbs up to Capt. Schmoe on the redneck trash can!


  3. Reminds me of my (late)childhood friend Randy who bragged that his Speed Racer Helmet could stop a 22 round...
    Dammit 9-11 you finally got 2 hot female commenters and your creepin em out worse than NY Jets Coach Rex Ryan pretending to be a salesman at DSW Shoe Warehouse...
    Thats where Mrs. Drackman buys $600 shoes for $450, so its like your saving $150, or $500 if she gets 3 pairs.
    I know $150x3 is only $450, you gotta round up 6%, like with penis size.
    OK, now I'm creepin em out.
    And wheres Old Fart with his Poinsetta Bowl Pre-view? how am I gonna enjoy it without knowin who's playin backup gunner on La-Tech's punt team???
    Speakin of guns, Mrs Drackman got a nasty case of Notalgia Paresthetica from her Shoulder Holster...


  4. What is the question here? What was his rifle?
    Capt. Schmoe's reply gets it all then.
    His rifle wasn't a M-4, from the handle ie.

  5. this is all that was recovered from the explosion 911 faked to avoid the PRT.


  6. Thru and thru shrapnel/round on the helmet. Foregrip and guard of an M4 or M249, back of a watch, transmitter antenna for a Thales. Probably a dismounted IED.

  7. Awesome guys.... Though it is not obvious from the post, the "HINT" is a link that takes you to the story. And it WAS the back of a watch case and the helmet dings were from two AK rounds which were deflected. This dude went straight to medical... Two days later.

  8. Frank, Even I can't get excited about this game. "La Tech for home vacuum cleaner repair" or some such shit. We were completely fucked by the polls and bowls. At the bottom of that is the fact that NO ONE wanted a piece of these Frawgs. I will have to drink a bunch before the game to have much fun. I'm saying Casey Pachall goes 32 for 40, 427yds, 5 TD's, 1 int and welcome him to the big stage for next yr in the "12"
    And Merry CHRISTmas all you rag heads out there. I got some political correctness for ya', ya' hear me?

  9. 911Doc, I kinda figured. Anon from before about the Thales/Watch back. My watch shares the same setting, too bad about hippa. Have a feeling he was USMC. Thanks for looking out Doc.

    Semper Fi

  10. OK, I think we've led this proverbial horse to water and beaten the Bee-Jeezus out of her.
    And howcome 9-11 has better war Stories than Me when he wasnt even in a war...
    Thats what sucks about Desert Storm, only "Injury" I incurred was some pretty serious calluses on my "Dominant" hand, No'me sane?
    Oh yeah, my point.
    How'bout that Chick on the Kindle commercials??
    The one who's so sweet & innocent she could be a Mossad double-knot Assassi-n-atrix, infiltrating her way into Mah-mood Ahmanidejad's bed and leaving him nekkid and handcuffed to a wrecked pickup thats about to explode into a burning conflaguration like Mel Gibson did in the original "Mad Max"... Except Mel wouldn't leave a stick of Semtex up Mahmoud's Wrecked-em on time delay to inflict maximum secondary, Tertiary, and four-ter-nary casualites on the Towel-Heads-Who-Aren't-A-rabs...
    Well she's Amy Rutberg, graduated UCLA at age 16, doesn't celebrate Easter or Christ-mas, and even though I've seen 800 Law & Order Reruns somehow I missed the 2 she was in...
    And its almost enough to make me get a Kindle except I don't like reading books on a computer.
    Or real books, or even those &$%^@( Books on Tape, and its not enough I have to sit through 2 hours of "Eat Pray Love" and that creepy dude from No Country for Old Men doesnt kill anybody with his Captive-Bolt-non-Kosher-Cow-Killing thingie.
    I have to hear it on tape too...:(
    And yes, I'm out of my $4/month Prolixin.

    anyway, Merry Fake-Savior-Mas Suckers,
    and I won't be posting for a few days, gonna be pulling down some shiny Holiday/Overtime Shekels...


  11. Frank,
    Since you seem to have special knowledge.... given i worship a 'fake' savior.... is there a real one and if so, when and where should i look for his appearance. given your pseudo-delusional axis 2.5 personality disorder i imagine that you are going to tell me it's cam 'scam' newton. obtw, bet you look like Popeye with that dominant forearm.

  12. Merry Christmas 911.


  13. Looks like a SEAL helmet tho-

  14. Hey 9-11 no offense, just bustin balls about the most important choice a person can make about there soul, eternity bla bla bla...
    And I have no special knowlege, except my ability to determine the day of the week a future date, any date, will fall on, except I'm honest enough to admit it's a trick...(See Ehow.com)
    And for all I know it could be Moe-hammed or Budda at the Pearly Gates demanding to see my quota of Christian Scalps before I gets my 70 Virginians...
    That bein said, if it wasn't for the Virgin Mary makin a Cameo in Conyers in 1990, I wouldn't have met Mrs. Drackman, so maybe there's something to this Hey-Zuess dude afterall.
    So feel free to believe in that Bearded Man in the Sky, I'm not the kind of guy who tells kids theres no Santa Claus.
    Oh yeah I am.
    And as much as it puts my Prostrate into coniptions,
    and the Koreans down the street put up one of those menageries, you know one of those things with the 3 wise guys and the Baby Mark Richt...

    Frank "Bah Hum-bug" Drackman

  15. The person I celebrate this time of year is Tim Tebow.

    It all works out too, Tom Brady is god, Tim Tebow is his son.

    Now I know what you're all thinking, Tom Brady was 10 when Tim Tebow was born, fear not, Tom Brady is from California, and if there's one thing I know about CA it's that people start doing drugs and Californicating the second they're done with Sesame Street.

  16. Not a Seal helmet, just a brain bucket with the cover torn off it looks like.

  17. Also, since you mentioned .45ACP in the previous post. MARSOC/Recon? :) Not many carry a .45. USMC pretty much exclusively and exclusive to Recon/MARSOC units. Happen to have a tattoo of a skull with cross oared anywhere on him?