Saturday, December 10, 2011

Peel These Fucking Grapes, "Doc"

Since the trend in our once fine country is to punish achievement, take from the doers, and give to people who don't deserve it (and then survey them and ask them if they liked their free stuff), we are at an interesting crossroads. Not only have we taken away the stick, we have made the carrot solid gold. And guess what? People want MORE. 

Said to triage nurse.... "I want to see 911Doc NOW or I'm going to kill you AND him".

(Brilliant) Triage Nurse... "Of course sir, let me get you right in a room and get 911Doc right to you."

(places patient in psyche room with bullshit paperwork to fill out) "911Doc will be right with you sir, can I get you anything else?"

"No, just get his ass in here now and I need my oxycontin!"

"Yes sir! I will get some right to you!" (locks patient in room, calls police, "customer" arrested for assault).

Good thing we have concealed-carry here because I was looking over my shoulder for months after that. Entitled and stupid... it's the new 'in' thing so you guys go out there and make me proud! Love you Nurse R!


  1. Got my first CCW in Med School...
    And in Ali-Bama you had to actually see the Sheriff to get your permit to make sure HINT "Certain" HINT darker hued HINT shady Peoples didn't get one...
    Like me, secret was to go when he was on Vacation..
    Anywho, what are you packin 9-11?
    No, not that sawed off snubby thang in your pants, what you carry to exercize your constitutional right to keep and arm bears.
    I see you as a Glock or SIG man, one of those new fangled calibers like 40 S&W that doesn't carry the historical baggage of the 357 mag or 45 acp.
    Mrs D packs a Springfield Armory 45, Daughter #1 a S&W 357, although there not "Allowed" at that Panty-Waste Georgia Tech.
    Yeah Right, just like drankin's not allowed between the Hedges...
    And daughter #2 has to be the oddball, preferrring the 9mm Makarov.
    Of course she can't carry at her Pubic High School, damn metal detectors...


  2. .357 six shooter. It's big and ugly and if I miss 6 times it's a pretty good club.

  3. 357? 45? Concealed carry? Just exactly how small are you guy's dicks?

  4. smaller than my sidearm to be sure. but only just. and dear fucking asswipe anonymous troll, can you drop by one evening about two in the morning.... just come on up to the front door, I have something I would like to give you, six things actually. troll.

  5. Dear god, you're worried about that!? My dad was working in a certain ER a few decades ago when a crazy frequent flier came in and shot the place up -- killing a resident and a patient.

    He kept a loaded shotgun in his office (in the ER) for several years after that. He wasn't overreacting.

  6. Dear Hannah,
    It's very easy to hate guns, until someone says they are going to kill you. Thank you for your comment.

  7. I don't hate guns -- I shoot both pistols and rifles, my daddy taught me well -- and I have had people threaten to kill me...I have working experience in the ER.

    I just thought it was funny that you're so upset about something that a patient said -- that I'm sure you've had numerous patients say over the years -- and it's dad actually had to deal with someone who actually shot up an emergency room. With a real gun.

    Bless your heart.

  8. @ Annonymous...
    Kudos for the Likes Guns=Small Dicks stereotype, well I like Watermelon, Menthol Cigarettes, and Fried Chicken, and I'm about as black as that kid in the "Home Alone" Movies...
    And My daughters are bigger gun nuts than me and I'm pretty sure they don't have Peni, cause I've seen their nether-regions.
    Not recently, but I changed my share of diapers, Nome Sane?

    Frank "Make My Day" Drackman

  9. @'ll like this.
    Took my daughters to the Uchee range in the Tuskeegee National Forest. Its exit 42, but finding it's a little tricky, and you have to buy a $3 range pass at the Truck Stop, which is right out of Deliverance(good Cappuchino though).
    But you can shoot Pumpkins, Watermelons, TV's, or my favorite, BOOKS. Heck, every so often the libraries GIVE em away, and its an easy way to check if your hollow points really expand, much easier than diggin em out of a dead deer.
    And the range is minutes from the Macon County Dogtrack, and if you leave early you can make the Matinee...
    Oh yeah, my Point, we were cleanin up, actually, thats the great thang about shooting fruit, ITS BIODEGRADEABLE, Books too.
    And this Lee County(thats the County the 2010 SEC/BCS CHAMPION AUBURN TIGERS play in)EMT came up with his hot little Girl friend, probably 100lbs soakin wet, with the skinny jeans and Ugg Boots that the girls like, and he had some kind of short barrelled 12 gage pump shotgun with the pistol grip, and he was showing her how to cock it, and she timidly pointed it at the remnants of one of the Pumpkins, and we were smirking, cause Newtons Second law is a bitch...
    SHE HANDLED THAT THANG LIKE SARA CONNER IN TERMINATOR 2!(Probably the 2d best movie of all time BTW)and theres probably small pieces of that pumpkin in the stratosphere...


  10. Frank,
    You rock for a redneck Red Sea pedestrian.

  11. My concealed carry is a Kel Tec 380 in an Uncle Mikes number #1 pocket holster. However, if you mess with me while I'm in my truck you get a much meaner .45 that lives under the seat. Lately I've really got bitten bad by the black rifle bug myself and am considering doing a economy build and keeping in the lock box under my back seat. Never know when you're going to need to put a few 30rd mags downrange.

    Frank, that's some scary shit going on down at Tech here lately. I know we all joke around but in all seriousness I hope she's packing at all times and not afraid to make the front page defending herself. That "gun free" campus just means the students and staff are the only folks in the area unarmed. Something is going to have to happen to deter the criminal element down there.

    Oh, and would the last coach out of the loveliest village on the plains please turn out the lights. Thanks.

  12. @ Dawg
    A .380?? Not a bad round, and even if you miss the killzone the glare from the nickle plating might blind the bas-turd. I just don't like the obligatory clear-heeled platform shoes, floppy hat, and extra charge for the "Huggy Bear" personalized license plate...
    I'm an AK man myself, noone builds em like the prisoners at the #69 Factory...
    Didn't know crime was any worse in Midtown than the rest of the Escape-from-ATL area, I just don't want her hookin up with any Student Ath-a-letes until I've completed DNA/Background/Family History back to the 1600's...
    And thats what we DO at the 2010BCS/SEC-CHAMPION AUBURN TIGERS when we don't win a National Championship, and Chiziks next...
    Y'all lose to LSU by 32(hey that rhymes) and give Herr Richt a friggin bonus...


  13. Frank,

    Don't own an AK myself, sticking with the AR-15 platform. Ammo more readily available, cheaper, and easier to find parts. That said the AK is damn near indestructible and having at least one can't be a bad idea.

    Yeah the .380 round isn't a big time powerful beast. However I'll ask you what I ask everyone that scoffs at it, you going to let me shoot you with it in the chest from a position less than 20 feet away? Didn't think so. It's a good compromise for those that want to carry but don't want a dirty harry on our hip for everyone to see. And don't knock the clear platform shoes till you try them. . . .they are FAAABULOUS.

    Only athlete at Tech I'd feel good about your daughter going out with would be Urban Meyer's daughter on the volleyball team. I'm a Dawg but that Utah/Florida/tOSU chick is something else. UGA destroyed Auburn by 38 pts and then lost to LSU by 32. Does that mean LSU is 70 points better than Auburn?

  14. @ Dawg
    I've got an AR-15...
    and if I can ever find the Buffer Spring Detent I might be able to shoot it...
    Thats the trouble with AR's more confusing pins than a Kasparov/Deep Blue match...
    And I'll just say that a Gwinnett County Phone book stopped my younger daughters 9x18 Makarov, which is slightly more powerful than your .380 BTW...
    And I've given up tryin to fix my girls up with chicks...
    Did you see the game?, LSU is 170 points better than the 2010SEC/BCS CHAMPION AUBURN TIGERS...