Friday, June 15, 2012

MDOD v CAM Challenge ('Detoxing your body')

Can anyone, ANYONE, show me ANY credible study to support THIS CRAP???


  1. Study/Schmudy, of course attending College a mere 2010 BCS CHAMPION AUBURN TIGERS/HEISSMAN WINNER CAM NEWTON TD pass away from Tuskeegee* has always kept me away from participating...
    Y'see there was this creepy PhD(redundant)student who was doing "research" and would pay $100 per "Specimen"
    OK, it was sorta weird that he insisted on "testing" the sample himself imediately afterwards...


    * Study of "Untreated Syphillis in the Male Negro" (lower life expectancy, no nobel prize winners, DUH)

  2. Sounds like not just BS, but dangerous BS to me.

  3. 100% crapola in my book. A couple of days ago I was driving down the freeway and I passed a jeep with "Who is John Galt?" in big letters on the back window. It made me think of you, so I had to come say hi :D

  4. Oh look who stopped by! It's Amy - whassup?


  5. Amy, long time, no see,
    "crapola"? ahh, White-Bread Americana...
    and my OWN study of CAM, with an "N" of 1, and NNT> than the number of elementary particles in the Universe, indicates, conclusively, without a doubt, with a "P" of <0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000001

    20% topical Capsacian cream does NOT improve outcomes with thrombosed external hemmorhoids...


  6. Frank,
    Pepper cream in heorrhoid an the Tuskegee study in one comment section?? *golf clap*

  7. All my pseudo-hippie friends totally believe "detoxes" are not just helpful, but necessary.

    It is naturally unproductive to point out that the liver does that for them and while a lot of water and juice might be good for you (or at least not harmful), they're not removing any toxins at all...

  8. dear sigvald,
    do you think they would go for the best detox product on the market. i mean, me and Frank, well, we have detoxed A LOT in our lives... who better than two MDs with lot's of detoxing experience to come up with a $400 a pop guaranteed detox. what say you?

  9. @9-11
    thanks dude, and have you ever READ the Tuskeegee study??
    lets just say "NNT" didn't always mean what it does now...
    And it took 3 years of sittin on a stool,I mean Anesthesia training to learn this, but...
    The Hot Peppers are supposed to deplete all of the ummm forget what it's called, whatever that chemical that makes you go "Ow" when you get kicked in the balls. And sidebar, do you think Obama's ever been kicked in the balls? I think not. Takin one in the family jewels gives a man a certain cynicism in looking at the world, the ability to laugh at inappropriate things, like that chick who lost all her appendages to that flesh eating bacteria from hiking...
    See, if she'd been sulking in her room, like MY daughter, listening to Death-Metal-Rap, cause her mother wouldn't let her go to an all-nite party, she'd still be able to count to 20...

    Anyway, when all of that pain-causing chemical is gone, you don't feel the pain anymore, which is nice.
    Of course whatever disorder that caused the pain in the first place is still there, and you're(:) short cutting 5,000 years of Evil-lution that developed the pain response, which is the American way, sort of like the Ba-zillion Ga-zillion National Debt that my grandkids will have to pay, if my daughters don't turn lesbian...


  10. 911: Naw, they all seem to have the idea that "drinking some juice and stuff" qualifies.

  11. Frank,
    you continue to amaze. would i know you if i ever met you? i mean, do you have an 'edit' function that works for your mouth? do your daughters talk to you? i thought one daughter was dating some Asian engineer at the GIT?

    dear sigivald,
    but it's 100% organic, couldn't possibly be more organic. it's charcoal. but only the finest free-range cruelty free charcoal. what say you now?

  12. Umm, 9-11. remember that part in Austin Powers 1, where he's awoken from his cryrogenic slumber, and he says something about how he hopes he hasn't actually been speaking his internal monolog out loud...
    Its like that, with todays Politically correct Work Space if somebody opines that the Holocaust was bad, I'll merely raise a single eyebrow and remark in my best Spock, "Perhaps"...
    And my daughters think I'm the best thang since sliced bread(whats so civil bout' war anyway)cause I take their side in every Mother-Daughter Cat-fight, High Heels at age 9? Great!
    Make up that would make Amy Winehouse roll over in her grave? Who Cares!
    Of course, alone with the Missus, I change rolls like 2-Face, we Jews are good at that, dontcha know, thats how we control the World...
    And the oldest daughter IS dating some dude who's parents my Dad probably dropped Napalm on...


  13. Slice o' Life from the Drackman Compound.

    Mrs. Drackman:"That guy she's dating looks like the Virginia Tech Mass Murderer"

    Me: "Mee-Oww............."

    Mrs. Drackman: (walks off in a huff)

    Me: "Honey! They ALL look like that!!"
    (Soliloquy) "Looks like another weekend with me and my hand"...


  14. It's amazing what you'll try when a doctor tells you "sorry you have cancer." That being said some "alternative" care can be helpful, if it is truly "complimentary." It's nuts to forego chemo for "detox," which BTW I do think is BS; but some supplements can be helpful. My oncologist was recommending things like lysine to help prevent mouth sores from chemo. But when he wanted to put me on an aromatase inhibitor for 10 years, I politely declined; my cure rate after chemo was 94%; I didn't need the side effects of the AIs. 3 months later he offered the AI for 5 years; that was after a big study reported more women dying from the side effects of AIs (if used for more than 5 years) than from cancer. That made me wary of regular health care too. The study also combined the patient outcomes of high risk and low risk (breast cancer) together; big mistake, as separating the data would have found that high risk patients would benefit more from the AI, and low risk patients (like me) would benefit little, if at all.

    I question everything now. I listen to my regular doctor and try to make informed decisions. I listen my alternative doctor, but if it sounds funky, I question that too. No one is above scrutiny.

  15. Palliative Care Doc10:00 PM, July 03, 2012


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