Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hmm, Universal Coverage?

Critics of Obamacare point out that companies will drop coverage as the law takes effect. Now if that happens, who is going to be the provider of coverage for these newly uninsured? Hmmm.


  1. Well my Pawnshop's not dropping Health Insurance for our employees...
    Mainly cause we never offered it in the first place, but at least we don't ask embarassing sexual history questions(unless you're a hot chick), and could give a damn if you smoke or not...
    Is it too soon for a little Post-Aurora Humor??
    I could never do what James Holmes did...
    for one thing, I prefer the middle of the week afternoon matinees..(Rimshot)
    And my favorite Batman Villian was the terrifying "Bookworm" played by that Alpha-Male Roddy McDowall...
    and what was Holmes thinking? you wanta waste a bunch of annoying a-holes just wander into your local Interal Medicine "Grand" Rounds (What's so' Grand bout' Grand Rounds anyway?*)
    And the warning signs were SOOOO Obvious, buying large amounts of ammunition, the Orange hair, thinking a PhD in "Neuroscience" was a viable career choice...


    * Guns & Roses "Civil War" reference...

  2. oh, frank, can you tie the Holmes freak in with that Sandusky freak in a humorous and black comment?

  3. Lawyers on Fox debating the merits of the lawsuits that are now being brought regarding the movie theatre ... Went like this ...successful lawsuit against the theatre? Not likely. Against the movie company itself ? Not likely. Against the doctor (although no one on that panel even knew if the guy was being seen or treated by a doctor ). YES...that suit has merit.....the doctor should be following him to make sure he complied with the meds etc. Even the Fox news guy thought that was crazy...how is the doctor to know if this guy didn't take more or less of what might have need prescribed. Still the attorneys said worth at least one million out of the docs pocket,

  4. *been prescribed. (typo)

  5. why not! who else has money? and what better to make up for a bunch of murdered folks than money? whatever we do, though, let's not blame the perp. there is not an ounce of anything i have seen or heard or read that argues that he was psychotic.... somone should have killed him on the scene. i hope someone kills him in jail.

  6. @9-11
    can you read my mind?(re Sandusky comments)
    cause I have it on good AW-TOR-I-TAY that the 2010 SEC/BCS CHAMPION AUBURN TIGERS are lookin to schedule a few games with Fudge-Packer-U,
    I mean Line-Backer-U(Thats Penn State, you Non-College-Football-Fan-Homos)
    Pros: Penn State still counts as a BCS opponent, even though Northwestern will be givin em' the Sand-usky for the next few years...
    Cons: Fact that game will be televised brings back memories of the SHOULD HAVE BEEN SEC/BCS CHAMPION 1993 AUBURN TIGERS, but hey, if that year's Georgia game was on TV I wouldn't have had the great experience of blowing $1,500 at the Cheetah...(That was alot of Money in 93')

    lets see...Offensive Jeers..

    umm thats as far as I got with that one..


  7. more of the stand up routine...

    Hey how about that terrible crime...
    HOW could this person slip through the cracks???
    the Shocking Red Hair,
    the Blank Staring Eyes,
    the Utter Disregard for the Lives of Others...
    Yeah, that Rebekah Brooks is a Real Monster....