Friday, October 26, 2012


Just had to put this down on paper.  This was a revelation, similar to that which came to John.   Could have just been a spicy burrito, but it seemed so real that I woke up in a sweat and something said to write it down.

This is the revelation to S. Cat.

I found myself rowing in a rowboat on what seemed like an endless sea.  Skies were dark, and hunger pangs followed every row.   In the distance I see a large, shining, golden ship with the skies opened above it.   I rowed faster and faster and finally reached the beacon.   The ship was called America, and as I got closer the gold was wearing off in many places and in others was being covered over with spray paint by two men with overalls that said "guvment wurkers".   I climbed aboard up a steep ladder.  
Reaching the top deck of the America I am overcome with the smell of pot, patchouli, and feces.  Smelly people are relaxing and "occupying" much of the front of the ship, while periodically someone with the aforementioned overalls comes by with a cart of granola bars, clean needles and condoms.

After nearly passing out, I moved further onto the bridge.  A huge golden box labeled "goodies" with an eagle on the top sits at the center of the deck with guards and a lock.  It seems this box is periodically opened, but only after an amount of begging and a promise of allegiance to the captain.   

To my left off port side is a large hot tub.  There seem to be laughing kids and one older gentleman, whom they call Uncle Barney, but I heard a man with sunglasses refer to him congressman Frank.  Suddenly I saw bubbles in the center of the tub and out from under the water came two gentlemen who were hi -fiving each other and Uncle barney.  The one they called Bill-mar said to the one called John S, "ha, and you said on your comedy show I couldn't smoke Barney's hog for 3 minutes underwater.  Where's my 5 dollars.  I would have done it for free ya know."  

After vomiting in my mouth, I moved towards the bow, where a scene of sheer horror was occurring.  Blood and screeching were seen and heard where the free abortion clinic was set up in a tent.  "Nancy, I love doing these.  It is their right but I just love it!" said the older plastic appearing lady.  A frightened young girl with a Planned Parenthood flier told me her name was  Barbara the Boxer, or something like that.  

In the center of the deck was the captains quarters.  I had noticed from the moment I got on the boat that  it had been listing to the left and we were turning left.  In addition,  ships that I saw way off on the horizon were now getting closer.   Standing at the window was a mocha appearing man, whose behavior, cadence, seemed to change depending on who walked in.  There seemed to be a parade of mob bosses, Black Panthers, guilt ridden white people, and CEOs whose pockets were bulging when they left the quarters.    Standing behind him was somewhat of a clownish character with white hair, licking an ice cream cone and hitting a paddle ball.  The man at the wheel, whose name I learned was Barack,  just kept saying "settle down, Joe, we'll be there soon".

The wheel house was directly adjacent  to the captains quarters, and in it there were 3 or 4 snot nosed college kids struggling hard to turn the gigantic wheel to the left.   Chants of "yes we can" and "Obama" kept emanating from their mouths like  zombies  asking for more brains.    I could tell the ship was listing hard to the left, and yelled at them to straighten the course, but my reasoning fell on deaf and brainwashed ears.   Not only that, the cries of "Allah Akbar" could now clearly be heard from men on the ships that were on the horizon but were now very close.  

I hurried down the stairs.  The patrons on the lower levels we hard at work shoveling coal into the beast of the engines.  These were people who, despite what was going on up on the deck, continued to use their resources and talents to keep the ship afloat.   But as the ship continued to list more and more I witnessed a mass exodus from the ship to  the lifeboats.  The persons responsible for making the ship move were leaving, taking their coal with them.  I knew then it was time for me to leave as well.

As I boarded a life boat I, I saw a mad scramble on the deck.  "I was afraid they would catch on eventually.  We'll, for the others it is too late.  This one's for you dad, she's going down..." said the mocha man leader, then suddenly. POW!  A huge explosion tore open the side of the ship, planted by one of the foreigners.  Everyone on the upper deck was either too stupid, stoned, or self loathing, because they didn't seem to care that this mighty ship was going down.  They just stood behind the golden box, which, during the explosion, had come open.  With the bow now rising high in the water the scene resembled an adult birthday party with a huge golden pinata  spilling food stamps, birth control pills, disability rating cards, social security cards and many freebies I didn't even recognize.  What a horrible scene to watch as the ship sank slowly under the water.

This is  the revelation to S.Cat.


  1. Boy I've missed reading you, so glad you're back! We've voted, don't know why. We're drowning in the sea of illegal gimme here in AZ. Do miracles happen? Even if the boat rights itself, it won't last long. We worry for our Grandson.... Welcome back. Barb in AZ

  2. Thus endeth the Gospel according to St. Cat...Let us pray...


  3. were you getting some second-hand ganj there bro? nicely done.

  4. Sorry 'Cat - Randoms at work. I know I couldn't make it through that post without an assist, so hey, maybe after I retire I'll read it. I'll save the link, I promise.


  5. SCRN,
    you perplex me. love ya, but you perplex me. can you help me understand you? help me, help you.... Jerry? Help me.... HELP YOU!!!!

  6. Awww 911, you are too cute!

    Love you too!


  7. I wish I'd had a golden pinata spilling birth control pills when I was a teenager.

  8. Bodies in the streets on Staten Island. Shelters overflowing and not food available. Where's FEMA. Pres Obama hates white people and wants them to die. Mayor Bloomberg is an idiot child molester. Climate change? What a stupid little man.

  9. Staten Island is a Republican haven. You know, the smaller government, pull yourself up by the bootstraps people? What, they want a......government agency to bail them out now? You think they would ban FEMA from entering SI. What hypocrites.
    And the only person on record for despising a group of people is Rommney. 47% is a pretty big group of people to insult and dismiss.
    And why would Obama hate white people? He's half white. Unless you practice American apartheid or the one drop rule.

  10. I formally hand the "obtuse" trophy to 'Cat.